Carlsson’s Sonett

This would be soooooo cool.

The story in TTELA is that of Johan Josefsson. Aside from being the tech guy who helped out the Saabs United Historic Rally Team in the Midnight Sun rally last year, his primary claim to fame is a beautiful orange Saab 99 service vehicle and a collection of other Saabs.

TTELA asked him about one very special part of that collection, which sounds like a relatively recent acquisition, too.

This silver Sonett II is not just one of the incredibly rare two-strokers, it was previously owned by Erik Carlsson himself!

And how did they find this out? Well, Josefsson is apparently one of those true Saab geeks, and he knew the chassis number of Erik’s car. Carlsson later confirmed it and signed the vehicle for him last summer πŸ™‚

The car still needs a restoration, but is a treasure just as it is.

Click the link above and do a Googletrans. It’s well worth the effort.

Thanks to Tomas for the tip!

3 thoughts on “Carlsson’s Sonett”

  1. What a piece of Saab history πŸ™‚ I’m sure I am one of many jealous readers!

    In other news, BMW released a new 2.0L Direct Injected Turbo 4-cyl for the mini-SUV, the X1… Could this be good news for Saab who also love the ~2.0L turbo 4-cylinder engines? 245hp/258ft-lbs is exactly the kind of power a car like the 9-5 needs as an entry level to compete with the big boys. I found it here: so no guarantees on accuracy.

  2. Very nice and it is indeed a treasure just as it is!
    Maybe I can get Steven Wade to sign my Sport Combi next time he’s in the United States……. There are not too many SC’s around and one signed by Swade is even more rare. πŸ™‚

  3. the absolute funnest Saab I have ever driven was my friend’s # 27. Vintage race car that could still kick butt at the racetrack in almost stock, original condition. The sound level of that car was excellent.

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