Charles River Saab Named Top US Retailer of New Saabs for 2010

I received this press release from Charles River Saab over the weekend. I just wanted to recognise this achievement here on SU.


Press Release: Charles River Saab Named Top US Retailer of New Saabs for 2010

WATERTOWN, MA – Ray Ciccolo’s Charles River Saab of Watertown has been recognized by Saab Cars of North America (SCNA) as the nation’s number one leader in volume sales of new Saab’s for the 2010 calendar year.

The dealership, which is part of the Village Automotive Group, is located on Arsenal Street and is the oldest Saab dealership in the United States, having recently celebrated its 54th anniversary.

“This is very exciting news,” said Village Automotive Group President Ray Ciccolo. “It’s a great acknowledgment to the hard working staff that we have at our dealership. As a dealership group we have had a solid presence in New England for over 50 years. In providing positive customer experiences, something we pride ourselves on, we have been able to expand while maintaining our core values that keep clients coming back to our dealerships and referring family and friends,” he added.

Ray Ciccolo has been an auto dealer for over 45 years, and his dealerships have accomplished impressive goals while being a vibrant part of and a major contributor to the communities in which they serve. Ciccolo’s Village Automotive Group locations include, Boston Volvo Village of Brighton, Honda Village of Newton, Charles River Saab in Watertown, Hyundai Village of Danvers, Cadillac Village of Norwood, Hummer Village of Norwood, Nissan Village of North Attleboro, and their most recent acquisitions, Porsche of Norwell and Audi Norwell.

For more information on the Village Automotive Group visit


I’ve got to know a couple of dealers over the last 12-18 months and all the ones I’ve met are hard-working people who love the brand.

I guess you could say that SU is not a mainstream presence – people have to look for something extra-Saaby to find it – so the fact that some Saab dealers would be aware of SU and then reach out to say “Hi” shows that they might be a dealer that cares a little more about their product.

I spent 4 days in Boston in August 2010 at the invitation of Charles River Saab in order to attend and speak at their Saab and Volvo exhibition, Swedish Car Day. It was an incredible event and it’s a wonderful testimony to the management of CRS that they’re willing to organise and support this event every year (and it must have been a tough decision in 2010 given that Saab dealers have had to cut budgets to the bone).

I just want to recognise their achievements here on the site. These guys are aces and I’m really pleased to see their efforts rewarded.


12 thoughts on “Charles River Saab Named Top US Retailer of New Saabs for 2010”

  1. Another thank you to Charles River for making Swedish Car Day happen each year – and congratulations to everyone @ CRS. Well done!



  2. Congratulations. Even though I work for a different dealer in the area, it is nice to see a local shop with a long Saab history win the honor. A rising tide lifts all boats and Saab is moving in the right direction for 2011.

  3. Grattis från en galen Svensk!

    A bit of nostalgia!?!?
    To the “handy man” I wish a could fix this beauty and had some space over in the garage ( but the bike comes first actually). I was really not sure that I should share this with you cos a want it so bad myself. Check it out! The price is $3550 for a 2-stroke 54, just to putt it together and swear a bit I guess.

  4. In the past, I have sent e-mails to Pierre to privately thank him, and Charles River Saab, for their involvement with Swedish Car Day. Let it be known that I am now thanking them publicly. Any year of running a business is not an easy one, and I am sure that this past year has been the worst, from the standpoint of making money, which is what being a dealer is all about. But Swedish Car Day gets better every year. Going to this event is one of those few ocassions that make you look forward to the next year. Thank you! Ed Lorenz, Oneonta, NY

  5. And “thank you” to all the rest of the volunteers at Swedish Car Day that spend their day having not quite as much fun as the rest of us. Ed Lorenz, for the last time.

  6. My first Saab came from Charles River Saab, so it fair to say that they started my Saab journey. Congratulations!

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