Congratulations to Fred and Mary on their new royal Saab owners

Given that the Crown Royals in Denmark are:

a) Saab owners, and
b) one half Tasmanian

…. it seems appropriate to note the birth of Princess Mary’s twins – a prince and princess – who made their royal journey through the royal birth canal, arriving earlier today to be given a smack on their royal bums to get life started.

Mum and babies are apparently all well. As you can see from the video still-shot of Fredrik, below, the bubs were approximately the size of a juvenile salmon.

Names have not been chosen yet, but given they were born on Elvis’ birthday, there’s a high chance that one might be named after The (other) King. Last time Princess Mary was back here in Hobart, she promised me she’d name the next one as Swade, so I guess there’ll be some royal therapy bills whilst a little girl adjusts to being called Princess Elvis.

The bigger question, now, is what are they going to do with the royal carriage? Below is a picture of the current royal whip – a Saab 9-3 Sportcombi – and yes, newspaper reports say Mary was conveyed to the hospital, safe and sound in the Danish winter, in this very car.

Hmmm, pre-2008 model. Looks like they were due for an update…..

I’d like to suggest that the Saab prototyping people get to work on a rear facing seat for the new Saab 9-5 wagon. It’d be a great way to make a splash for the car in the Scandinavian marketplace. Just image pictures of Fred and Mary loading up Christian and Isabella in the rear-facing seat whilst Swade and Elvis are tucked in safely behind mum and dad.

It’s a marketers dream!

Again, SU congratulations to the Danish/Tassie royals.

29 thoughts on “Congratulations to Fred and Mary on their new royal Saab owners”

  1. Congratulations to the safe birth of the two youngsters. And of course a Saab 9-5 SC would do good there. The question is.. which color? Laser Red or?? 😉

  2. Congratulations to the royal couple having doubled the size of their family overnight and for owning the best car on the planet! Never thought an Aussie would have it in her to be royal though. 😉 Have to admit though the Scandinavian royals seem to be a bit more down to earth than the rather uptight misplaced Germans that inhabit “Buck House” in London.

    Swade, two possible reasons why they haven’t updated the “royal Saab”. 1/ A new 9-3 costs as much as a house in the USA or 2/ they are waiting for the 9-5SC to come out next summer.

    • Congratulations to the royal couple having doubled the size of their family overnight

      Well, actually the couple has “only” increase by 50%, as they had two kids already. ;o)


    • About pricing. The Royals in Denmark often don’t have to pay for their cars, as they get them as gifts, from the brand importing company. This is also the case with the Saab 9-3’s – they were gifts from Saab Denmark…


  3. will he grow up to be “King Swade I” then? Or is it “Swade II”? hmm didn´t sound so bad, sounds like a war-king, worrying for us neighbours.

  4. They actually swopped the Convertible for the SC when they had their first child.
    I now belongs to a member of Saab Klub Danmark

    Regarding the price of a replacement car, royalty don’t pay taxes, so no problem there.
    Instant saving of 180% taxation, which brings the price down a little.

    Regarding the royal families:
    The Danish Royal family IS the royal families of Europe. And Russia.
    Christian 9. is the father -in-law of Europe
    Nothing new there.
    The Royal Danish Family is German too.
    Actually from The House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 🙂

    We don’t need a War King anymore even though Swade II sounds good.
    Skåne, Halland and Blekinge is coming back by itself.

    • khrisdk! Sorry we stole 1/3 of your country back in 1658 (freden i Roskilde). by the way the danish king name was Fredrik III and our king Karl X Gustaf.

      Our two countries have fight alot in the passed but not anymore. We stick together
      quite well nowadays. Sorry but i like history and the Danish hawe beat the **** out of us alot of times, but thats another story.

    • 🙂
      Yes, but the winters are getting colder, perhaps stora and lilla bält will freeze over again?
      Nationality is important, but I choose whichever royal house who drives Saab.
      I don´t know if our king has any Saabs, but I saw this autumn that our crown-princess´s “man of the people” sold a classic 900 convertible in very good condition.

      • Shall we take the rest, you mean? Just kidding!

        Our king is quite fond of cars but no Saabs what I know of.
        Viktoria was getting married the same day the 9-5 had “Sverige premiär” 19/6-2010, I think she owes us to buy atleast one car cos their wedding took all the attention from Saab that day, dont you think?

    • As born and raised in Skåne, or East Denmark as I call it, I look forward to when Skåne is reunited with Denmark.. 😉 😉 But then Denmark has to adapt to the car taxation system in Skåne.. 😛

    • Up to 1967, Greece used to be a kingdom. At that time King Constantine II was married to princess Anna-Maria, who is a Danish Royal family descent!

      Queen Sofía of Spain, the wife of King Juan Carlos I, is a member of the Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg dynasty. Her brother is the deposed King Constantine II of Greece and her sister Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark.

      So The Danish Royal family IS the royal families of Europe!

      • No not realy. And if you look real close inte family lines you will find that they are almost all related to oneanother. The Swedish royalties are both British, French, German etc etc.
        It´s good to see that new blood is brought into the familys like Frederiks- Mary and Victorias- Daniel.


  5. I’d like to suggest that the Saab prototyping people get to work on a rear facing seat for the new Saab 9-5 wagon

    Hear hear… Have it ready by september 2011, please… 🙄

  6. Nice touch Swade – & congrats to the royal family in Copenhagen. I must say that the image of Princess Mary in her 93 went a long way in this household. Saab could even perhaps do a limited advertising run on the topic:

    The 93 SportCombi – every princess should have one.

    As for the vintage of the car: c’mon Swade, the truly wealthly, old money types only ever buy cars when they absolutely have too. New cars are far too conspicuous when you already own a few castles.

  7. Dealers heads up! Where are those parchment interior show room 9-3s? I only ever see black or grey out there. Why? There’s no extra cost. I thought they where in the business of selling Saabs.

  8. Not as glamorous as the Royals perhaps, but the new Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who just recently took office, is a known Saab driver too.

    He drives (drove?) a 9-3 SC. I remember that in the Parliament some jokes were made that he must have put it on Ebay since he now has a chauffeur and state-provided luxury car, probably an extra safe BMW or Merc.

    In a marketers dream, Mark Rutte would drive (be driven in) the best equipped 9-5 available, as world’s first prime-minister-worthy-Saab, handed over by VM personally. But contrary to the Royals (apparantly), such gifts would never be accepted…

  9. Somebody has thought along the same lines:

    For you non-danish speakers, it relates that the largest seller of Saabs in Denmark has offered the couple a 9-4X. They are just worried that a delivery date in august is a little too late. But a good way to have the name of Saab brought forward.

    Wouldn’t “By appointment to the royal courts of Scandinavia” make a nice tagline? 🙂

    BTW both the first kings of Greece and Norway were originally danish princes, so how about a king or queen of Tasmania?

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