Danish Saab dealer offers royals “7-seat Saab 9-4x”

A Danish newspaper reported the following yesterday:

With the royal family expansion also includes the need for a bigger car, and retailers offering free luxury models.

They’re referring, of course, to Prince Fredrik and Princess Mary of Denmark adding to their royal brood with two new babies a few days ago (named Swade and Elvis, we believe).

The royals currently roll in a Saab 9-3 SportCombi, but that’s obviously going to be too small for the expanded family.

Danish Saab dealers, Andersen and Martini, have stepped in:

– They’re happy [owning] Saab, so we have plans to offer them a Saab 9-4X, which seats seven people. The problem is that the first models come in August and it’s not certain they can wait that long, “said Peter Hansen, CEO of Andersen and Martini.

The other problem is how they’re going to source a seven-seater Saab 9-4x for the royals because Saab don’t – and won’t – make a 7-seater Saab 9-4x.

When I first read this story, I thought Mr Hansen might have some insider info about a 7-seat version coming down the pipeline. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I checked with Saab in Sweden and the confirmed that the Saab 9-4x will remain as shown at the LA Auto Show, with 5 seats only.

That leaves just two options:

  • A dealer installed rear-facing seat in the back, or
  • A dealer installed seat, facing whatever way they want, on the roof!

It’ll be interesting too see what happens with the royal transports. Personally, I think they should go for his-n-hers Saab 9-5s, with all the girls in one vehicle and the guys in another.

18 thoughts on “Danish Saab dealer offers royals “7-seat Saab 9-4x””

  1. Well, well. There you go. I presume they’ll supply the blueprints to SU? Or do I have to buy a 95 V4 to get my own SAAB 7 seater?

  2. THIS is the car I also want….then we could get rid of the Zafira and add a ‘friend’ for my Viggen 😉

  3. Swade.. you are wrong on one thing. Why all the girls in one car and all the boys in one? We do not have to be that old-fashioned right? 😉 So no – I rather say the princess and the young boys in one, and the crown-prince with the girls in one, or keep the twins in one and the two older in one. We do not have to let the grow up in a world with “girls over there and boys over there”. 😉

    • God I hope not!
      The laguage compartment is a crumplezone wich, besides to store things, is intended to absorb force from another car crashing into the rear of the car… Why would anyone want to seat kids there? Ok, you are a good and resposible driver… But is the one behind you?
      No, the trunk is a deathtrap. I remember when working as an Opel salesman and people asked how safe the two rear seats would be in a collision… I said then as now:- It´s not at all. (Sold the cars anyway) Placing kids there is iresponsible. Seating two grown ups who knows about the danger is fine, but not kids.

      No Troels, I was not bashing you for wanting a third row in the worlds safest car. Just wanted to point out the danger.


      • That’s fine with me, but there are 4 kid families in the world, with daddies who do NOT want to be seen in any of the Voyager/Espace/Zafira alikes… So what’s left for us then? 🙄

        • Jos, I´m also a father of 4. It´s a dilemma, I know. But when going all 6 of us within the city we take the bus. Going further it´s either by train or bus. If we doo need cars, well then we either lend or rent a second car.

          It´s not fun, but the automotive sector only see familys of more than 5 as a Van or large SUV family.

          Chrysler and some other american manufacturers had cars for 6 occupants, but no more. Remember Chrysler making one that had a sofa up front only 10-12 years ago. Can´t remember the name though. Looked like an oversized Sebring.


      • Oops, I was ofcoarse talking about the Opel Zafira wich at the time (-00) had a 4 star Euro NCAP rating over all.


  4. Maybe a third party solutiin, pending trunk lenght and load bearing capabilities of the cargo rails? Could also apply to the 9-5 SC with it deeeep trunk.

    Jos: Mercedes E class? (not sure). But then, there is no space left for luggage. Get a 9-5 strech limo from this UK hearse company (only used ones)

  5. How about adjusting one of the last 9-7X’s. Not a true Saab, but probably way more interior room than the upcoming 9-4X to place a third row. Otherwise they should just go back to the original Saab 95 from 40/50 years ago.

  6. I know many here will probably disagree with this but, I wish Saab had a 7 seater SUV (something along the lines of the Buick Enclave). I would be in line to purchase one. I regret that I couldn’t purchase a Saab when looking for something in this size. I bought the Enclave which is a very very nice vehicle but, still would have bought a Saab if one were available.

  7. A 7-seater Saab 9-4x would be great. In Austria most of the 7 seaters are “vorsteuerabzugsfaehig” – which means if you buy the car as a company car you will get the 20% sales tax back. 20% less on the car, less on every gas-bill for that car, 20% deduction on shop bills, tires etc.

    If you buy a regular Saab 9-5 station wagon f.e. you won’t get back any of the 20% sales tax (not on gas, tirees, shops etc.). That’s why many business owners or self employed folks buy a VW Sharan, Ford Galaxy because the get much more car for their money or more miles for their money when pulling up at the gas station (or at least at the end of the month when you pay your taxes).
    In Austria a company’s car should be priced below € 40.000. Then you can – if you lease the car deduct everything. If a car is priced € 1 above € 40k you have to pay a monthly luxury tax for the car (same price if the car costs 120k or 40.001 €).
    So you want to buy a new car for 39.999 if possible.

    This summer / fall I guess I will have to replace our Saab 9k (271k and still going). Having my own business, driving many miles a month I’d prefere to buy a tax deductable car. If the Saab 9-4(x) could have 7 seats, a diesel, automatic transmition, and is shorter then 5m (the new Saab 9-5 is tooooo long for parking spaces in a city like Vienna) I’d love to have one.

    If Saab-Folks read it: Please think about making one… at least for the Austrian market. 🙂


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