I love it when people make a considered decision to buy, restore and preserve a classic Saab. I love the idea of these cars staying on the road where they belong. There’s nothing quite like going to a big Saab gathering and seeing a range of classic Saabs alongside the 9-5s and 9-3s of the last decade. It warms the heart.

For some of you, it’s not so difficult to find a classic Saab. You might live in reasonable proximity to a whole bunch of older Saabs. Of course, it gets harder for everyone when the model you’re looking for is a bit older. But the hunt need not be too long if you don’t want it to be.

Some of us have it a little tougher. For someone here in Australia, or Asia, buying anything older than a classic Saab 900 can be quite a challenge. I’m still waiting to see if my own personal circumstances will allow me to get a Sonett over from the US. I even found the right car, but it takes some serious commitment to source and then import a car from halfway around the world.

Then there’s a completely different class of Saab buyer – the one who sources the exact car he wants, regardless of where it is, regardless of whether there might be a model nearby that’s oh-so-close to what they want (but not exactly the one).

That’s Marko.

Marko lives in Finland and was after a particular car. The right color. The right year. And in the right condition – rust free.

Marko started his search in March 2010 and ended up turning to the classifieds over at Saabnet to get the right car from California. The fact that it had a troubled transmission and some reasonable miles didn’t worry him.

A few months worth of negotiations and arrangements didn’t worry either him or the seller. In fact, they were both of the same mind. Marko didn’t want to buy just any car and the seller didn’t want to sell his pride and joy to just anyone.

What Marko ended up with is a rather rare Saab 900 Convertible from 1991 in what I believe is Beryl Green (I could be wrong) – a car that he’s using the Finnish winter to tidy up prior to enjoying in the summer months, including the 2011 IntSaab in Finland.


That’s dedication to getting and then preserving the right car – and there’s something about it that’s very, very admirable.

I really hope I can make it over to IntSaab later this year and see this one in person, and shake the hand of a like-minded Saabnut.

22 thoughts on “Determination”

  1. That is determination for sure!!

    Hard to think that someone were so much after an KIA or Hyundai 🙂 Saabs are truly special – as some of us Saabistis, apparently.

  2. I love that colour! They should put it back in the lineup. It’s elegant and dignified enough to appeal to the “silver and black” crowd as well.

  3. 🙂 Reminds me of my own searches within last 5 years for:
    – 9000 Aero manual with certain option, found locally (just from Moscow), happy ride, then BANG…and 1 year search for the same model/ option again, found in Germany, brought into Russia in parts, rides even happier;
    – 9000 CD auto with certain colour and the option, found locally (from UAE with almost no local mileage), what a beauty, then BANG… and 1.5 year search for _almost_the_same_, found in Moscow, satisfies in all but fuel consumption.

    Now I start thinking about 9000 Anni auto with that same option… While nothing right appears locally, where shall I seek to avoid the BANG in the middle???


  4. My dream is when I get out of college to:

    Get a red or blue 1964 gt850 (last year of the two-stroker, but has the most updated engine, and therefore still has the bullnose that I adore)

    And get a 1993 900 Commemorative Edition

    Both must be in pristine condition.

    But… I’m 13, so it’ll be a while. Don’t disappear from me, my beauties!

    • Jake, good luck on finding the cars of your dreams! The 1964 Saab 96 is indeed the perfect bullnose Saab. It was also fitted with the 4 speed gearbox from that year, wich makes it more drivable in todays traffic. I sold mine (not a GT though) a couple of years ago and I still miss it.
      When my kids grow up I`ll go after one again, and next to it in the garage I will have a 1993 900 Aero.
      23 years separating us, but still the same dreams!

      • @ Jake…. your comment

        Both must be in pristine condition.

        I hope you meant
        “Both will be in pristine condition when I am done restoring them”

        because that my friend is all the fun of owning a classic car. I started when I was your age about 13-14-ish. I built the 3.8 liter Buick V6 to install into my 1980 Monza Spyder ( Chevrolet)…and man what a feeling to do your own work and show it off.

        Best of luck and BTW, excellent taste in cars…. just keep the fart pipes off them.

    • Jake – I think you should start looking for your bullnose soon – they are small and don’t take much room, and it takes a long time to find all the parts and pieces to make one pristine.
      I have had my ’64 GT 850 for 23 years and it is still not finished. But it is beautiful.

    • You guys gave me fantastic ideas!

      I doubt that my parents will let me, but perhaps…
      1. I can buy a junker gt850 for an extremely cheap price VERY soon (as in the next one I find)
      2. Slowly, but surely, work on it, until it’s drivable when I get out of college, and then…
      3. Get it pristine, baby!

      I’ll commence begging my parents shortly. 😀

  5. Denmark was SAAB:s fourth biggest market in December!

    Total sales of SAAB was 150 in the month and the market share was 1%!

    SAAB 9-3 83
    SAAB 9-3 X 18
    SAAB 9-5 49

    Total sales in Denmark 2010 was 360

    SAAB 9-3 224
    SAAB 9-3 X 25
    SAAB 9-5 110
    SAAB 9-7X 1

    The revival in markets like Denmark is crucial for the survival of SAAB!

  6. I am also considering one of these icons before I buy my first New Saab in 2013-ish. Perhaps something like this 900 or a late 96.
    Off-topic: I found this article about the launch of the 9-5 in Singapore… But… You should check out the pictures of the interior!! Has someone seen THIS before? That looks like marble!

  7. Yerrun-

    That dash has been covered.

    We’re not sure what is means. Pre-production cars had the nice dashes, like the original 9-5 presented at Geneva and NY, and this one.

    It has also been said and wished for by many (including me…) that the issues and kinks with the suppliers have been settled, and this is the final product.

    Hope this answers your question.

    • Thanks for clarifying! I am aware of the wonderful “facia” dash from Geneva last year but I hadn’t seen this one yet. It looks good but I like the Geneva-look better.

  8. Love IT. I thought the same thing… sold my blue 6spd 2006 9-3 Aero SC to “simplify” and replaced it with a towed it home, got it running, stripped it for paint, now time to play 93 900 Turbo vert…. also blue…. I love remembering what it was like to drive before cupholders…. there is an article there – life before cupholders…. and I wish mine was an SPG!

  9. Congrats! Great car. Looking forward to see it in 2011 Int.Saab meeting.
    This story reminds me of my search for 900 T16S years ago. In 1998 we drove ´93 5dr c900 Classic (yes, the one with Classic stickers – a dealer special) and I desperately wanted to have Aero. When my wife gave green light for the idea I started hunting for a good example. It had to be either slant nose, Black Aero 84-86 or Talladega Red T16S 91-93. After 13 months of searching and few testdrives we finally found what were looking for. A beautiful 1991 T16S in Talladega red with all the extras you can think of back then, like original 185hp kit etc. We still have that car and it really is my pride and joy. Though it needs some work to be done. I´m hoping to get it finished in 2011, it´s 20th celebration! we´ll see about that.
    Here´s couple of old pics of my T16S:

  10. What a beautiful car I love the colour, Volvo do a very similar colour called Mistral Green it looks like stormy sea mist and is almost dark green/grey on a greyish day and silver in the sun-a really nice subtle tone.
    I’m still not sure what my holy grail is…I do have 2 1990/1991 Classic 900 Carlssons in Talladega Red and a black classic 900 T16s Aero but my wife doesn’t like them so I’ll probably end up selling them which is a shame, I’m more prefer black too so I may keep the t16 and my Black 9-3 Aero which is back from crash repair after my argument with high curb, with one shiny corner and everything else in need of a polish (I hate it when that happens). The Saab 900 is a real icon but someone once said, don’t forget the 9000’s either-they may look less interesting now but if no one bothers with them eventually they will be the rarer car-an interesting thought. If I am successful in divesting the “too many Saabs” I have right now then I will probably report to my dealer once the 9-3 is ready late next year, it’s a day I have been waiting for, and I have waited 10 years… it is important to look in both directions…forward as well as back.

  11. Awesome green, Marko!!! Nice to see one rescued from US. A bit like selling ice to Eskimos. 🙂 .
    It reminds me of some seventies SONAB (Carlsson)speakers on Ebay AU that I was interested in. I think they was sold to a Swedish buyer and auktion ended early. 🙁

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