Four Seasons convertibles – Santa Edition :-)

It’s been a little while since I’ve featured the work of some 4-season convertible drivers. It’s been an unofficial theme for this month and we’ve had quite a few people write in sharing images of their convertibles being used top down, all year round.

Today’s images come from Simon P, in England, who got up to a little yuletide fun with his 9-3 Convertible last Christmas. OK, there’s no snow on the ground here, but Christmas in England isn’t generally considered to be warm.


I often drive my convertible with the roof down in very cold weather, sometimes as low as -5.

Here are a few photos taken this year and last at Christmas, just for fun with some friends and my children. I love the looks of disbelief that we receive.

All the best



Thanks to Simon, and if you’ve got any topless Saab winter pics (you know what I mean), please feel free to send them along…..

9 thoughts on “Four Seasons convertibles – Santa Edition :-)”

  1. How does the kid who rides in the car seat (in the back of the convertible) feel about the top being down in the winter?! 🙂

  2. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, the body of the 9-3 convertible is just so very tasty. Since it is a two door the whole vehicle looks slightly elongated compared to the normal 9-3 sedan (which I love as well).

  3. In reply to Chris Carrier, my son in the back, felt cold, very cold. Did he complain? No. The people waving, children pointing and the general fun kept him going and a glass of Hot Chocolate when we got home warmed him up in no time.
    Yes Santa has a Saab.

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