Free Shipping at State of Nine until January 31

Just a quick note…..

Site sponsor, State of Nine, is running a Free Shipping offer from now until January 31st.

The offer is available to all Continental US orders over $50 and International orders over $499 (and if you’ve priced international shipping on some stuff, you’ll know that’s a pretty decent offer).

My own personal winter recommendation would be the custom floor mats they offer – a huge range of custom options that will protect your interior in the winter months.

They also do a great range of Thule accessories, clothing, books, car covers and more.

My thanks to Dan for his continued support of SU through State of Nine.

5 thoughts on “Free Shipping at State of Nine until January 31”

  1. Actually I have been looking for some proper Mats, the Weathertech All season Universal mats I have have been causing me tons of issues while I am driving. Keeps on getting caught on the clutch etc, does anyone with a manual have the set of custom mats from State of Nine? I need one that won’t interfere with my clutch. I have emailed SON as well waiting on a reply.

  2. Hi kanundrum,

    We have made a custom pattern for the 9-5 manual trans because of the early catch on the Aero clutch. The photo on the product actually shows the automatic pattern, but for the manuals we have been shipping a pattern that leaves the dead pedal area exposed. This plus the anchor grommets makes these mats way better than WeatherTech in my opinion. The pass side gets great coverage too. The water gets caught in the cups and doesn’t gather and make waves on turns unlike WTech mats. I had a set in my 9-5 at an SOC show and a customer bought them used out of my car… – Dan

  3. Nice collection! No problems with the pattern for the 9-3 either.. I’m sure you will like the mats, if not, we will exchange them for something else. Thanks!

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