Friday Snippets – CRS edition

It’s a Charles River Saab -ish edition of snippets tonight, though it’s not intentional.


First of all, Pierre’s set an unofficial goal for Saab dealers in the US and I think it’s a pretty good one, actually – conduct at least 100,000 test drives (amongst the dealer body) in 2011.

That’s 1.5 road tests per dealer, per day, which should definitely be achievable. I’d love to see them tally these up.


Seth, one of the service guys from Charles River Saab, is selling his Saab 99 on Ebay.

——, sellers of fine Saab scale models, have a fantastic new Saab 900 model in stock. 900 models are the one scale model I’ve never seen much of, so this one is a very attractive item to me. An order will be placed.

They have a new red convertible which looks the goods, too.


Speaking of convertibles…..

We’re featuring Saab’s four-seasons four-seater drop top all this month with Winter Convertibles in focus.

It’s great timing, then, that motoring website Pistonheads has an article celebrating the development of the Saab Convertible.

I’m going to reproduce a special release from Saab on the Convertible shortly, which will give their own take on the car’s background.


Road tests……

City AM drives the Saab 9-5:

It’s a lot of car for the money whichever way you look at it and a breath of (Nordic) fresh air if you like to be different.

Autocar, one of the British mags that didn’t like it’s first drive in the TiD, drives the Saab 9-5 TTiD Aero:

This new engine is much more responsive than Saab’s regular, single-turbo 2.0-litre diesel. Performance below 2500rpm is much less lethargic than it was in our road test car, and engine refinement below 3000rpm is better too. The 9-5 hardly feels fast, even in this guise, due to those tall gear ratios – but at least this one’s quieter and easier to drive at normal crank speeds…..

….This new version of the 9-5 proves that, if you dress it with the right options and go for the latest diesel engine, you can make this Saab meet most class standards.

11 thoughts on “Friday Snippets – CRS edition”

  1. “Spongy, lifeless steering and a determinedly unexciting chassis mean it’ll never be a driver’s car…”

    Could somebody explain to me how journalists can have so very different opinions about this car? In Sweden journalists agree that it is the most fun car in its class, they even say it´s a better car from the drivers point of view than BMW 5-series! Í drove the 9-5 myself the other day in snowy Sweden and to call the chassi “unexciting” and the steering “lifeless” is simply not fair. Has he ever driven a Volvo…
    Anyone who can help med with this?


    • I’m passing these German “driver’s cars” all day everyday in my low hp diesel Saabs the minute weather is less than perfect. Can just imagine what it would be like in a 9-5 TTID XWD. Must feel really unfair sitting in the Saab 😉

      If you likes more steering response go for the FWD (was that mentioned, no). These guys must have something to moan about every time don’t they?

  2. The “test drive” initiative is an excellent idea. SAAB is going in the right direction. The stock price is currently up 7% today. It has been a good week!

  3. A quick look at the websites show, that there is quite a difference in pricing for similar or same features against a 525d or an E225CDI. Absolutely not to understand why the the article downplays the differences of several k £.

    • looks like it’s going to sell on the cheap… reserve has been met!!! bid away 🙂
      it’s a great little car and should fund my next project!!

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