Friday Snippets – Fire edition

I was quite distressed last night to hear about a fire being deliberately lit in my favourite hotel – the Scandic Swania in Trollhattan.

Most people who have visited Trollhattan would be familiar with the Swania and I know a bunch of SU readers have stayed there over the years during Saab Festival and other events. It’s great views, wonderful rooms, exceptional staff (and great breakfasts!) make it a wonderful place to stay when you’re visiting the land of Saab.

Thankfully, no-one was hurt in the fire. I hope they catch the bastard that lit it and that the Scandic group can rebuild the damaged sections of the hotel soon.


Saab fans in south-east Pennsylvania should look in on the SE Penn Saab Club forum and check out the Independence Day drive they’re organising for February 20th.

The plan at the moment is for a light brunch around 10am and then a drive to the appropriately named Victory brewing company for a tour and a lunch.

They need to book the tour, so check in at the forum and show your interest.


Speaking of Saab gatherings, the Saab Swiss Fondue meeting was held last weekend in Switzerland. Around 60+ people and 30 Saabs were there for the weekend and it looks like there was a good time, and plenty of cheese, had by all.

They got some good media coverage, too. This is just one of many…..

The event was organised by, who sell wonderful scale model Saabs (and a few others).

There are plenty of photos here and even some good video over at Saab Actu.


Hilton Holloway from Autocar has published a review of the baby of the Saab 9-5 range – the 1.6T petrol version.

It’s actually quite a positive read but the same problems with UK tests persist – a ride experience that’s less comfy than it should be. It seems 18 wheels with 45 profile tyres aren’t doing the trick and if some other setup is available, then UK journos should be getting that alternative.

HH quite likes the 1.6T engine in most instances and the overall finish of the car seems to have improved in his estimation.


All you advocates of a high powered Saab ought to get your thinking caps on in preparation for the weekend – the SU Hi-Po Challenge will be on.

17 thoughts on “Friday Snippets – Fire edition”

  1. About the comfort I think he’s right. We had te opportunity to compare the Aero4 and the V6. Although I would chose feedback over comfort anytime, the ride was a bit harsh with the 4 cylinder Aero as if the springs where too stiff or the compression damping too high. The V6 was totally different which I tribute to the higher weight of the car. This results in a bigger difference between sprung- and unsprung weight (wheels, brakes, suspension et cetera)

  2. What about if the Brits would stop complaining about bad suspensions and started complaining about their bad roads?

    BTW, in MY 10 Saab was selling this car with 17″ wheels. Those that fit better with the British road reality have disappeared from the catalogue in MY 11.

    • Well said, they are almost as bad as the roads we have here in Vancouver. ๐Ÿ™‚

      HH’s review is, as usual, fair and its nice to see that the perceived quality of the 9-5 is improving.

      • You have NOTHING on the terrible Pennsylvania roads…. only thing missing from them is IED’s, but just as dangerous.

        • Is the Schuykill Expressway any better? I remember slamming my head against my sagging roof-liner in an OG-900 years ago. Those potholes were huge.

          • you mean the “surekill” expressway…. no, they are all horrible. Rte 611 being one of the worse.

    • Gotta be careful, here in Germany we might need 15″ wheels after that winter, too. Went to Dresden on christmas and the right lane was partly one big pothole.

  3. “SU Hi-Po Challenge” ???

    I had a strange week with night shifts, reviews and more than foot of snow to clean up. Did I miss something?

  4. 245/45R18 profile(110mm) is not that low. it is almost identical as 205/55R16 (113mm), which is pretty regular nowadays. Maybe SAAB should start using Nokian Z from scandinavian friends as OEM tires which is known to be comfortable, smooth, silent and still UHP.

  5. Please tell me that tattoo is a removable/washable one! To me, nothing quite says commitment like a tattoo on your noggin. Talk about “band loyalty”, sheeesh.

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