Housekeeping: Comments (again)

I got an email from a Saabs United reader earlier today, which included the following:

I don’t read all the comments nowadays as there is so much negative talking in there.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen this. It’s not even the first time I’ve seen this in the last three days.

People seem to think that just because they can comment here freely, that they should. Comments become a place for throwaway lines, online comedy auditions, needless over-reactive negativity and/or the idea that “Saab will die if they don’t [do what the commenter thinks is important]”.

There have been a few other transgressions recently that have necessitated action. A number of racial comments have seen one regular relegated to a moderation queue. And a visit from someone whose sole purpose was to declare that Saab Is Dead has seen the same action.

This is an enthusiast’s website. I don’t mind discussion or polite, considered argument. I don’t mind disagreement. But the purpose of this site is to support Saab and document current events happening with the company and the ownership community. It’s not to prognosticate or prophesy on what could be the direst possible consequence of any given action.

I want this site to reflect positively towards the Saab brand. I want people who come here to see the picture that I see – an innovative company in a tough position, but working as best they can to proceed, and making progress towards that goal. I want it to be a positive experience for people who land here.

Some guidelines to commenting here:

  • Read the comments policy.
  • Read the comments policy again.
  • Consider whether what you’ve got to say actually adds to the discussion.
  • Be prepared to accept the viewpoints of others. They might well know a lot more than you do about a given situation.
  • Don’t look at a story in isolation (e.g. the recent, small recall on fuel pumps). Consider the big picture.
  • Recognise your own limitations. If you don’t know the circumstances surrounding a decision (i.e. the big picture), admit it. If you don’t understand the consequences of, or obstacles to your proposed idea, either hold it, or if you proceed to share your wisdom, admit it.

Saabs United is not all about you. It’s not all about me, either. It’s all about Saab. Please consider the ramifications of what you want to say before you say it because it might well have a negative impact on the experience of others here.

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