Images: Brussels Motor Show

I’m not sure what was said in Brussels, but here’s what it all looked like when they said it.



Of course, the feature of the show was the European debut of the Saab 9-4x, which once again looks very good on the Saab stand.

The images were sent over by Sofie from Saab in Belgium, and she was very happy with how things went at the show, which is great to hear.

Thanks for the pics!

10 thoughts on “Images: Brussels Motor Show”

  1. Very Nice pictures and very Nice stand! Congratulations Sofie and the rest of Saab Belgium. I regret that i wont make it to visit their stand.
    I might consider a roadtrip to Geneva though 🙂 I looked a bit in sales numbers and am i correct to say that mini Belgium was the 3rd or 4th country in Saab sales in 2010? Isnt that amazing?

  2. That is great, Saab’s first non GM european motor show.
    Nice to see brand new 9-4x in Europe. I hope Saab will return in Russia very soon and I’ll be happy to own one of this icy crossovers.
    The only question is why they’ve presented American spec with orange elements in the headlights? Saab has only one showcar? Or this spec is standard for European market?
    I think that ice block blue headlights looks beter without them.

    My guess is that yes, it’s the same show car as LA. – SW

  3. If you look close, you can see the new Land rover next to the SAAB 9-4x on the first picture. Also in white.

    In my opinion the new SAAB SUV is the prettier of the two.

    So let the visitors judge 😉

    • I agree, but the Land Rover is not that bad either. “Looks very saaby” was actually my first reaction to the car. The windscreen and some parts of the front embrace some Saab design features in my opinion. The Saab clearly looks better however. I want the Saab!

  4. Wow. I need to volunteer a little more vociferously for Brussels auto show duty next time around. Beer, mussels, chocolate, frites and Saabs. I may never leave.

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