Local Saab Support in Germany

Radulf Jetter runs Soonteam, a corporate culture and design business in Germany.

He’s also a big Saab supporter, working with local Saab dealers in his area around Münchwald. As well as SoonTeam, he also runs a Saab support effort called SoonSaab.

Radulf has sent over some brochures his company has put together recently. Click to enlarge:

The soonsaab real life ad campaign: We recently produced 7 highclass tourism catalogs with validities from one up to three years. In each of these catalogs we have integrated an independent Saab ad which leads to soonsaab.com (and soonsaab.com leads to saab.de … etc). These catalogs are published with a total print run of 150,000 copies. They contain absolutely no other third-party advertisements. One of those small steps to bring back Saab into the minds of German buyers. (Saab Germany got info in advance.)

Radulf’s support hasn’t been limited to his field of expertise…..

Each customer of Soonteam cc received a (Brekina scale model) Saab 96 as a Christmas gift and an offer for an extremely cool Saab deal: If he buys a new Saab before the end of March, he gets “Schwacke Listenpreis” (= official German pricelist of used cars) for his used car plus 5,000 Euro in addition + Soonteam work worth 500 Euro.

….and it doesn’t stop there, either. Check out the new addition to the SoonTeam driveway:


Radulf was also very connected into the RescueSaab campaign back in 2009, so this isn’t a one-off thing for him.

That’s what anyone would call going above and beyond the call.

8 thoughts on “Local Saab Support in Germany”

  1. Amazing! There are many heroes walking around out there doing incredible stuff. Great that they can be brought in the light here on another heroes site.

  2. Unbelievable! Absolutely amazing! This is the kind of support by enthusiasts Saab needs. Really clever marketing with more personal advertising and incentives. I think this has great potential for Saab to connect to their (potential) customers.

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