More on Saab’s Independence Day edition for 2011

I first wrote about this special Saab Independence Edition last month, when it was mentioned by a couple of Djup Strupes that there would be a series of cars to commemorate Saab’s sale from General Motors (Saab were sold to Spyker on February 23, 2010).

What I got right in that post:

  • The Independence Edition will be happening
  • It will be limited to 366 vehicles for 2011

What I seemingly got wrong in that post:

  • The edition could have both 9-5s and 9-3s included

From what I’ve seen today, it seems that the Saab Independence edition will be focused completely on the Saab 9-3 Convertible.

The car will be based on the Aero Convertible and will have the 220hp 2.0T Biopower engine (from the 9-5) under the hood. It will also have a number of unique features:

  • A new color will be used – Sunset Red
  • New parchment seats, with center strip and piping (a-la the 20th Anniversary convertibles from a few years ago, but more pronounced and in orange)
  • Orange turbo instrument needle (a-la C900 and Turbo X)
  • New 18″ wheels
  • Hirsch leather instrument panel and other other Hirsch interior appointments
  • New ‘Super Sport’ steering wheel

That 366 number is a worldwide number, not a number for each market. Each car will be uniquely numbered via an etching on the rear left window showing what number out of 366 it is.


The one thing I don’t know yet is if the specifications mentioned above are the same for all markets. I’ve received this from one particular Djup Strupe and what’s here is accurate for the market DS works in, but I don’t know if it applies to all.

31 thoughts on “More on Saab’s Independence Day edition for 2011”

  1. Super Sport steering wheel? I may be in the minority but I feel Saabs steering wheel diameters are a touch too big. Hopefully this is a smaller “unique” wheel.

  2. They should have them styled based upon some of Spyker’s special edition cars.

    Like that orange C8 for example, I’m sure you can visually translate the design to fit with a Saab.

    • Wow, look at that front-bumper. That’s different from the current Aero-frontbumper. Alloy wheels are different too… Are we looking at the MY11.5 refresh here? Different bumper (more in 9-5NG-style) and new Aero-X-like alloy wheels…

  3. “…and will have the 220hp 2.0T Biopower engine (from the 9-5) under the hood…”


    • GerritN

      I’ve noticed from the majority of your posts that you seem pretty pessimistic towards Saab’s progressions. Perhaps you could be a bit more encouraging and appreciative of their efforts? If not, why do you post here?

      • Saab Loyalist, we can all have our opinions. I think GerritN is a Saab fan and is wishing Saab the same success as we all do. I just think he like bigger engines and/or more power. I also miss the V6 machines in the 9-3 line up. I think that this machine is a good choice for this edition though. I like it in the 9-5 so it should give the 9-3 cab a good push though keeping down the fuel consumption and could be considered a green car which is in line with the independent Saab.

      • I feel honored that one of your few (or only?) comments here is dedicated to bashing me for expressing my opinion.
        I’m not pessimistic about about Saab latest movements, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like everything they are doing. The new 9-5 and the 9-4x don’t appeal to me for personal reasons. I ventilated those reasons a couple of times last year and don’t engage in any discussions about the 9-5 and 9-4x anymore because my comments will not be very objective.
        My particular remark about this independence day edition is negative (I admit) because it has the Aero label. Traditionally Aero’s have have always been the highest powered Saabs. This special edition version is mostly about cosmetic changes, a 220hp engine, imho, is just not powerful enough to warrant the Aero label.
        This doesn’t mean that I’m a proponent of an only high powered Saab line. We had quite a bit of snow here lately and appreciate our 180hp 9-5 much more when it’s slippery than my Viggen. However, I think that Saab is in dire need of a halo model with top of the line performance.

        Btw, does your name ‘Saab Loyalist’ mean that you are loyal to Saab as it was established under GM. If not, then I suggest you change your name, I think we are more in favor of some revolutionary changes for Saab here.

        Thread closed, thanks – SW

  4. Will the really redo all the homologization for just 366 veichles? And are the engines possible to move between the different platforms without major changes? I don’t think that we will see the new 2.0 DI engine in the 9-3 until the new ng 9-3 appears.

    (At least this was the reason for not putting a diesel engined in the 9-4X. And that they should do this for 366 SAAB 9-3 convertibles seems extremely odd!)

  5. Saab is one year part of the Dutchmen and the colour is… ORANGE! (Well yes, sunset red). I can not say that i am extremely surprised 🙂 Great to have the excellent new 2.0T engine under the hood of the 9-3!

  6. Yet another very positive Swedish test of the new 180TTiD in the 9-3:

    Old Saab 9-3 has a new and sensationally good engine.
    I must admit I was skeptical, after all we’re talking about a car that has some years on its back. But I found myself feeling comfortable in the car. Not just because the car goes really well. […] But also because it actually is a comfortable car with fabulous seats.

    Not even the old dashboard feels outdated and I like the extra stuff like the button you can push to activate the night panel and then only the speedometer is illuminated.
    But anyone who is looking for a big, strong, fast and safe clean car with good luggage space should definitely give the 9-3 a thought .

    • 🙂 It´s easy to like a Saab, you just have to drive it. Nice to see someone sceptic turn around like that. He points out exactly the things I like, performance, style and ergonomics.

      • …but his only comment as to how the 9-3 actually is to drive is related to the engine power.

        He says nothing about how nice a 9-3 behaves on snow and ice.

        The impression left with a casual reader is thus: Old, but still “kinda” looks OK compared with the newer and fresher competition. And it still performs OK, especially given how old it is. Old.

        Anyone want to guess how old that car journo is? Could we perhaps set up a vote for him to be replaced by a newer model? Newer is always better, right?

        • Or the impression is this: “Before I sign the contract to buy that Audi/BMW/Volvo maybe I should check out that old 9-3 with the new diesel engine.” A test drive later and Saab has sold one more car.

          • “Jag vet förstås inte hur många som väljer att köpa en gammal 9-3:a när det finns nyare modeller hos konkurrenterna. Den kanske känns för gammal att titta på, även om jag tycker att den designmässigt står sig mycket väl gentemot många konkurrenter.”

            How is that not a giant load of FUD? It is at the very least a backhanded compliment.

            But the revised 9-3 with 180 bhp is such a good offer that it is difficult to oversee once you are aware of it. I just can’t help but notice how that “journalist” went out of his way to not mention how the 9-3 behaves on the road, but rather chose to focus on the age of the 900.

            If “this is an ok car” helps sell Saabs (or lead to test drives), then surely Saab would have sold millions by now?

            But ok. All publicity is better than no publicity. Should not look a gift horse in the mouth, etc…

  7. When i hear a new kind of red and parchment interior I think of the first generation convertable.
    This timeless beauty in some kind of bordeaux with beige lether seats and that unique black spoiler going all araound the rear.
    In good shape they’re very expensive today. Some 15k € around here.
    If Saab can come close to that I’ll buy a ticket for the lottery ………..

  8. I hope they can do the limited edition numbering somewhere other than the rear window. Windows are prone to breakage and replacement with non-OEM glass. I’d rather see that number placed somewhere more permanent.

  9. Is the new Direct Injection 2.0L 4 cylinder engine (220hp) for the SAAB 9.3 more fuel efficient than the old 4 cylinder engine(Like the one I have in my 2009 SAAB 9.3 XWD). Is the newer engine a twin scroll turbo or single scroll? Sorry for all the questions. I hate the turbo lag in my present 2009SSAB XWD.

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