PA Saab dealer running ‘Covered Bridge Tour’

For those in the area who might be interested in going for a spin…..

Don’t click on the image to RSVP. That’s just a screenshot.

Kelly Saab are running a Winter Covered Bridge Tour, on Saturday, February 5th.

Bring along a navigator to help you find the roads and answer questions about sights along the way as there will be prizes awarded!

This is a great opportunity to see old and new SAABs alike, meet the Kelly SAAB staff, and see the beauty that is Lancaster County.

Return to home base (Kelly Cadillac SAAB) by early to mid-afternoon for SAAB trivia (with more prizes!)

Date: Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Tour Start: 10:00 AM

Address: 1986 State Road, Lancaster, PA 17601

R.S.V.P.: Call 717-898-4000, ext.1032 or by email.

This will be an all-weather event, but in the event of a true weather disaster will be re-scheduled. Call Kelly Saab for an update if conditions are looking particularly poor.


As an aside, a friend has remarked on the photoshopped 9-5 in the image. Alan reckons that deep red, which isn’t available on the 9-5 but was popular with earlier Saabs, should be back on the palette.

I have to agree. It looks quite distinguished.

16 thoughts on “PA Saab dealer running ‘Covered Bridge Tour’”

    • Check the door handles and the area around the foglights and you see that the image is manipulated. I think that the color is very nice, however. πŸ™‚

  1. Six cars in our family (3 Saabs) and four are red. Never understood all the gray/silver cars on the road. Photoshpped or not I like the color. Bring it on. Perhaps they should call it “Covered Bridge Red” in North America.

  2. I’m looking forward to the event. As I’ve said before this dealership understands hospitality and rapport! Guess I have to read up on my SAAB trivia for the prizes.

      • Wow what a difference over the 4.7 and 5.3. We weregoing to lease one in 08 but were unimpressed and hadn’t driven aero at the time. Not only is the LS2 engine a beast but the ride and suspension so much better. Headed out for tiring shopping- the OEM Eagles aren’t suited for our winter. It’s an08 off lease weve had since this past June. We had looking for an off lease turboX combi Non had hit the market off lease yet. Then we noticed the aeros were turning up. With SAAB having been in flux it was less costly than the 08 trailblazer SS. Heck the dealer had a 5.3 GMC envoy w more miles for more on the sticker. Great value. Wife always wanted a GMC typhoon back when she first got her license. Much more GMC and Chevy DNA than SAAB but an amazing SUV.

        • Ahhh the Typhoon, cyclone and all those other GMC beasts of the time…

          my heart still belongs to a Grand National…

  3. Sounds like a fun time for all. I will be working this day hope to be selling more Saabs πŸ™‚

    Some of the roads on the run back in October in Bucks County were crazy, can’t imagine doing them with the snow especially the last bridge we covered!

    9-5 looks fab in red

  4. Certainly in 2007 (since I have one!) and I think the year before and after, the 9-5 (Dame Edna) was available in Chili Red, a darker metallic shade, much like what is in the poster. When our car arrived from another dealership, the manager promptly requested another from the factory. Even back then I asked why there were so many shades of black and grey or silver and the answer was simple–people (in No Amer) want them (regardless of the brand). At the same time, SAABs look terrific in saturated colors and having them on the lot might be the best way to catch people’s eyes.

  5. I have been at that bridge, and a Classic CV in front graced the cover of NINES some years back. For those who can attend, those back roads in Pennsylvania offer both picturesque and enjoyable touring.

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