Poll: Your planned automotive activity for 2011

I asked the question as to what people were planning in 2011 last night, but with nearly 150 comments on the article, it’s difficult to get a quick feel for what’s happening.

I figured a poll might be a good way to get a snapshot of what SU readers will be doing this year to satisfy their automotive itch.

In recognition of the fact that some of you might be doing a few things, you can select up to three separate answers in this poll. As such, this will be a measure of ‘events’ rather than just what’s the most popular option?

Thanks for your participation!

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29 thoughts on “Poll: Your planned automotive activity for 2011”

  1. sell vintage Corvette to buy vintage Saab….. maybe this year if the classic car market picks up around here.

    • I’d buy your ’74 Stingray if it was a year older… and if I had the money πŸ˜› Hope you get the price you want for it, IF you decide to sell.

      As for the topic, I’m in maintenance mode…

  2. Since I own a Sonett I’ll be doing restoration whether I want to or not.

    If my 2001 9-5SC makes it through the year (no reason the think she won’t) no plans for a new car. If not, well, let’s see what the NG 9-5SC looks like.

  3. I have to vote “nothing” . . . Last payment on 2007 Dame Edna 2.3T sedan coming up in February! So far 96000 effortless km, mostly cruising long distances (just came back from a 7000-km return trip to Florida). Another (older) vehicle is our daily city car. I need a few years without car payments then I’ll change categories! This was our first SAAB and we’ll be back–best car we have ever owned (the past list includes BMW, VW, Alfa, as well as various Ford and GM “family” vehicles before the nest emptied).


  4. Just (on the 7th) bought an 2002 93 Convertible + a used set of snow tires! Hopefully it be around for awhile.

  5. Since we bought a new Saab in 2011, I put “buying a new Saab…” Although, shoot, there’s a possibility that my wife will insist we sell my 9-3 and buy another, a 9-4x, because the new 9-5 back seat door roof is so low, it’s hard to put a 30 lb. toddler in a safety seat. I say if she’d just work out more and strengthen her back…

  6. This morning I managed to break the passenger side mirror on my 9000 while backing out of a garage.

    So I will be replacing that at least…

  7. I checked Upgrade and Used Non-Saab. I’m planning on doing some suspension upgrades on the 9-3 so I can corner like my inner 17-year-old wants to. I also want to buy an old BMW motorcycle, and, if I can save enough, an old Miata.

  8. I bought already a new SAAB this year (2011).
    All new SAAB 9-5 Aero – fjord blue, estimate delivery: end of february.

    SAAB – Made in Trollhattan

  9. Unfortunately I don’t see any Saab related automotive plans for this year apart from some good drives with our 9-3 Aero 2.8Tconv.:-) The 9-4x is too late and no diesel, so it will be Range Rover Sport TDV6.

  10. At the moment the ones planning to buy a new Saab is 22%. That is Realy good!!!

    I myself will sell the 900SE manual and by a 9000CDE Automatic. ItΒ΄s not going to be a daily drive.


    Ps. Congrats Jim! You must be one happy camper. Ds.

  11. I checked “Buy a Vintage Saab, although I bought my Saab 95 -1969 the day before New Years Eve. I think it counts. πŸ™‚
    That brings my Saab ownership to five cars; A yellow Saab 93B -58, a blue 96 -61, a red 96V4 -68, a green 96V4 -69, and two white cars 95 -69 and 9000 CD2.3 -90. Only the white cars are road ready.
    The 9000 is one of our daily used cars and what a wonderful car it is. The 95 will mostly be driven to meetings and such. πŸ™‚

  12. My spouse is due for a new car in 2011. There is zero chance she would go for a Saab. The dealer experience is very important to her and Saab has a lot to do in this department. We are likely to replace our 2008 Volvo V70 with either a XC70 or XC60. I’ve got to admit, the Volvo loaner program is very convenient at our local (Don Beyer Dulles) dealership and Volvo’s Safe+Secure program runs circles around Saab’s plan. I’m just hoping the D5 option is available by late summer (doubtful but Jacoby has gone on record saying diesel powered Volvo’s are coming to America soon).

  13. Not too clear as to the difference between “Used Saab – Vintage” and “Used Saab – CPO” County Prosecutors Office? Compulsory Purchase Order? Christian Party of Austria?

    So I chose “Vintage” and “Restore” as this year I’m going to be looking for a 3 door Viggen as well as dropping my 9000 Griffin off at a reputable bodyshop for a little TLC.

    • “Certified Pre-Owned”

      It’s when a dealer sells a Saab that’s been checked over, is given a good warranty, etc. They’re usually recent model trade-ins or lease returns.

      You’ve filed your Viggen appropriately πŸ™‚

      • @ Matt, CPO Saabs offer a lot of value for the money. Our current and first Saab, a 2006 SportCombi Aero is CPO and it is the reason I am now a lover of Saab and SU.

        • @Swade and @74Stingray: Thanks for the CPO clarification, another name for what they call (or used to call?) “Saab Approved Used” here in the UK. Unfortunately my budget won’t stretch as far as an “Approved Used” Turbo X, but a Viggen that’s been fettled by Abbott Racing looks like a strong contender.

  14. Maintenance mode for me too. My 2001 9-5 Aero Sportwagon still looks so good and drives so well I can’t bear to part with it (certainly not before I see the NG 9-5 Sportcombi). Same for my 1993 C900 ‘vert. Too bad for Saab that they make such long-lasting cars!

  15. I ticked new Non Saab. I have placed an order for a new RenaultSport Megane 250 Cup. Unfortunately Saab don’t offer anything like this and I fear the new 9-5 Aero would be too expensive for my budget.

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