Saab 900 Convertible gets emu art treatment

I think it’s going to be a convertible themed month…..

As some of you know, my wife does quite a lot of watercolour painting. At her first solo exhibition, held back in November 2010, she had a painting of some emus in a Mini Convertible. This prompted a few people to ask “what about a Saab convertible?” – and she even received one commission for such a painting.

I thought I’d share the finished result with everyone here at SU….

The emu paintings aren’t all she does, but they are extremely popular as they bring such a big smile to people’s faces.

Putting them in a 900 Convertible will hopefully bring even more smiles.

12 thoughts on “Saab 900 Convertible gets emu art treatment”

  1. Nice art work!
    My wife does some painting as well. No Saab motives though – yet. Showing her this might inspire her.

    Vh Jesper

    • I can paint paintings again. They won’t be exactly the same because they are originals and watercolour paints react slightly differently each time. I’m happy to take orders.

  2. Delightful! I think this would make a great SU-themed t-shirt/sticker/greeting card in the Saab Design Shop…

  3. I do not like large flightless birds in the 900. The mess and the smell are unbelieveably difficult to deal with afterward.

    I’ll have to pass on this one simply because I can’t afford to encourage the emus that are plentiful around these parts.


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