Saab at the 100th Anniversary of the Monte Carlo Rally

RedJ covered the press release relating to this story yesterday, but there’s a little more that I wanted to share with you today.

Peter Backstrom, from the Saab Museum, is heading down to Riems, in France, today. He’s taking Erik Carlsson along with him and together they will salute the chief editor of Oldtimer Markts magazine, Peter Steinfurth, as he drives off to compete in the Monte Carlo historic rally.

This is significant as Mr Steinfurth will be driving a replica of Erik Carlsson’s Monte Carlo winning Saab 96 – a car the magazine staff have been building especially for this race.

You can see some video of the two-stroke engine being fired up for the first time here.

It’s also significant because this year’s Monte Carlo historic rally celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the original event, which began in 1911. Erik Carlsson won the Monte Carlo twice in a Saab 96, in 1962 and 1963. Lesser known is his 4th placing in 1961 in a Saab 95, which had he placed three spots higher might have been one of the only times a rally of such significance was won by a driver in a station wagon!

Peter Backstrom has his camera on hand and will hopefully share some images from the event when it’s all done and dusted.


A pre-start event was also held in Stockholm a few days ago, and Jörgen from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team was on hand to get some photos and video.

The cars were waved off by Bo Hellberg, the former director of the Saab Rally Team and there was a very nice two-stroke Saab 96 amongst them.

Jörgen and Bo Hellberg….

Some of the starters in Stockholm….

And some video of the Saab 96 two stroke of Fredrik Ekendahl leaving from the KAK club in Stockholm….


5 thoughts on “Saab at the 100th Anniversary of the Monte Carlo Rally”

  1. Those were the “Good ‘Ole Days,” When Saab was gaining real notoriety in Britain. The Monte was big sport back then.

    I recall going to a Saab party in Northfield, Minnesota, to see one of Erik’s red Monte cars, which one I don’t remember, it was about 15 years ago.

    • Close, but correction needed. The car in question was from the RAC Rally in the 60s and was returned to Saab. Whether it went to the Heritage Museum or Trollhättan I do not Know.

  2. Very nice engine sound from the Saab 96 two-stroke in the video! I recognize it from many of the cars in the Midnight Sun Rally that passed through Trollhättan during the Saab Festival last year. 😀

  3. Sounding very cool… would love to have one of those for a local car show around here. I am sure it would turn a few heads of open minded car people but would be shunned by the snobby crowd.

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