SAAB at the Brussels Motor show

Saab will be hosting a press conference at 10:30 am(GMT+1) at the Brussels Motor show. So if anybody gets some info about that press conference, feel free to post it here.

Saab will be there with the 9-4X, being Brussels the official European presentation of the car, and the 9-3 ePower.

It seems that this is the first really post-GM Motor-show as Saab will be surrounded by BMW, Alfa Romeo and LandRover.

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  1. This is a (google) translation of the 94X presentation at the Brussels Motor show

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Like rivals Audi, BMW and Volvo, the Swedish Saab comes with a
    compact SUV on the market. Victor Muller and Jan Ake Jonsson, the chief executive of Saab in Sweden, showed the new Saab 9-4X Friday for the first time in Europe at the Brussels Motor Show.
    “We have incredible progress to ensure the survival of this company to guarantee.
    Since this is an example of 9-4X”said Muller. The head of the Dutch Spyker Cars
    Saab that one year ago, saved from destruction by the company to take over the 9-4X looks like an important next step in the rebirth of Saab as an independent car producer.

    The new midsize crossover, a cross between a wagon and an SUV in terms of
    size between an Audi Q7 and Q5 , is intended primarily for the U.S. market. But
    Russia, China and Australia who will do well”, said Muller. For European and
    Dutch car market is less suitable. That’s because the 9-4X is only offered with
    two heavy six-cylinder gasoline engines, not diesels. One is a 265pk 3.0 liters with the
    Another strong a 300hp 2.8 turbo.

    That the car comes not with a diesel, because the 9-4X is based on the Cadillac
    SRX of the American General Motors, the previous owner of Saab. Diesels in the United
    States are less popular than heavy gasoline engines. “The GM diesels we found inadequate, which we would not have,”said Muller.

    The 9-4X and Cadillac SRX half brother in the same factory built in Mexico. Saab get from
    GM crossover models this year, nine thousand.

    Saab Director Jonsson is very pleased with the Scandinavian design of the car and
    driveability. “He has the same size as a Volvo XC90, but because the 9-4X is lower
    he drives better. The 9-4X is in May in the U.S. market and in August he stands in the Netherlands in the showroom.

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