Saab Austria to run ‘XWD Days’ in February

UPDATE: Extra dates and online registration now available.

Saab Austria have added another weekend to this event, such is its popularity. The original dates were (and remain) Feb 18-20. I’ve been advised that another event has now been added for the weekend before – February 11-13.

Also, the XWD Days website now has a separate page for online registration.



This sounds like a rather special Saab event.

Interested parties in Austria are able to book themselves in to “XWD Days”, which will be run between the 18th and 20th February 2011 at Mayrhofen – Tyrol.

SaabAndee tells me that people interested in going along can book through their local Saab dealer. The XWD Days program will see a number of side activities such as skidoo and sledding, as well as a night in a mountain cottage (other accomm is in a 4-star hotel).

The focus of the event, of course, is the opportunity to test vehicles equipped with Saab’s XWD system in some of the conditions they were built to handle.

The best part is the price, at just 249Euro per person.

The information page is here.

6 thoughts on “Saab Austria to run ‘XWD Days’ in February”

  1. Sounds like a splendid event.

    One question: Do the test rides include some sort of instructions? Or are they just pure test rides without any goals of improving people’s driving skills? (something I obviously lack)

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