Saab ‘Bigfoot’

I am going to (un)officially give the name Saab Bigfoot to the Saab 9-5 Coupe.

The Saab 9-5 Coupe doesn’t officially exist and whenever I’ve asked about the potential for a Saab coupe/hatch, I’ve been told it just wasn’t going to happen.

And yet there’s this:

The SaabNL Twitmeisters don’t post things without good reason. And to whet the appetite a little more, it’s apparently been seen twice in the last 5 days.

There was no photo to go with the sighting, though.

I have to force myself to remain skeptical about this. First of all, I’ve asked about this body style in the 9-5 range a number of times and it’s always been a (very) negative response. Second, whilst it would be a very attractive car, the number of sales would be limited and I find it hard to believe they’ve got limited sellers in their core business plan. And finally, until there’s a photo, and without knowing the source myself, one just has to remain a little skeptical.

The Saab 9-5 Coupe – it’s our bigfoot. Someone hunt it down or disprove it forever, please!

31 thoughts on “Saab ‘Bigfoot’”

  1. Could possible be a “mule” for the upcoming 9-3. As it is shorter than the lengthy 9-5, they might have been forces to take out two doors.

    • Would not be the first time we are confused by some mule made up from strange looking camouflaged body parts.

      And a 9-3 mule sounds quite plausible but IIRC those 9-5 test cars had only front doors for real. Maybe they’re testing some new stuff on one of the old mules, just without camouflage.

  2. “And again a prototype?

    In May of last year in France had a number of prototypes of the 9-3 spotted by our special reporter (his post at the time you read this), cars with hybrid technology and the new frugal diesels, now what our reporter else on the track. You can read his findings once again below!

    “While today the official premiere of the Saab 9-4X at the Brussels Salon takes place, there are several developments under way in Sweden. The new 9-5 sports state is already in the wings waiting for his spotlight moment but there is still much more going on. The 9-1/9-2 is developed, from very good source informed that these sometimes share his technique might go with the Mini DS3 Be it the Lemon. the DS3 was a particularly good candidate because that the next version of the Mini may also share this technique. ”

    While your reporter rode through Sweden he was tipped off about a never before seen in the wild car. What sketch his surprise, he indicated that there is a 9-5 on a similar two-door car drove into the wild. Dimensionally similar to the 9-5 sport sedan, but clearly with a sportier character. Equipped with XWD and as the spotter told, a good speed potential. Your reporter has seen the car in a flash, and was impressed. The coupe line (as it should be understated) makes the design more beautiful than the four already in shape.

    Would still be tested 9-5 sport sedan? In the corridors already caught your reporter on the type designation 9-6. Two years ago, he had already a prototype coupe based on what was then the 9-5 had to be seen somewhere in England.

    To what extent the 9-5 sedan will actually make his entrance, is still unclear. Knows that your reporter seriously looking at this portion of the premium brand market.

    We will keep you informed.”


  3. I recieved a phone call a couple of days ago by a friend telling me he saw a Saab 9-6! heading for the test track in Arvidsjaur.

  4. As the subject of new development comes up, I remember during the K-egg “era” that some hopes where put on the Cargine concept.
    For curiosity I went to the website, to see if some news have emerged. Actually, it was saying that during 2010, a SAAB 9-5 had run the so called “Miller Cycle” (don’t ask about the meaning of this term). Some work on Volvo models were also undertaken, but since May, no real update of the site seems to be undertaken. Some persons from Volvo is also sitting in the mgmt, none from SAAB. Is this something that SAAB is still interested in, or will the resources be spent elsewhere?

    • I don’t know for sure that it’s the same car as the one they’re referring to, but I visited Koenigsegg last year and drove a 9-5 fitted with an early version of Cargine’s system. It was an older 9-5, though. A wagon.

      As to whether Saab are interested in it, that’s a matter purely for Saab. They won’t have any privileged access to it. Cargine will sell it to whoever wants it, including Saab. Christian said they’d had a reasonable amount of interest.

    • Miller cycle is a turbo/supercharged version of the Atkinson cycle (as seen most notably in the Prius).
      The basic idea is that intake valves are closed late, which makes the compression stroke effectively shorter compared to the expansion stroke. The engine is thus able to extract comparatively more energy during expansion (relative to the energy used to compress the air/fuel charge).

      Miller and Atkinson cycle motors can have higher peak efficiency, but generally not over the whole load/rpm range. They also generally suffer from poor driving characteristics, although hybrid drivetrains can help to mask this.

      In theory, having variable valve timing over a wide range will allow for the creation of motors that only use the Miller cycle when it’s beneficial (low load, constant speed, battery recharge), and use a traditional Otto cycle and/or HCCI at other times.

  5. As already mentioned, 9-5 coupe would never give money back, it must be some sort of technical mule for the next generation 9-3, so they can test the new powertrain early on before rest of the car is ready.

  6. Coupe should be good but only as alternative to M6, bentley continental etc… Not a 9-5 with 2 doors with 1.9tdi

  7. JAJ and VM have consistently said that these variants are too costly to develop because there is a completely new set of testing and certifications for safety, etc. for many of them.

    I wouldn’t put it past a few clever engineers to come up with ways to use the same test data for the 2-door as for the 4-door., so I think objection may be easily overcome. It may not be, but it certainly plausible.

    Prototype? Sure, could be a one-off that is used by someone in the Saab family after the project is suspended. However, don’t you think that person would be a proud owner? Proud enough to show his/her friends and colleagues? I think so.

    I think there’s something up with these sightings. I think that the “mule” concept is a valid one. I also think that the idea that it’s a future consideration — perhaps for future 9-5 generations — is valid. Finally, we know that Saab is working on a small car with BMW. Perhaps BMW shared a few other bits from their parts bin to make a car like this more feasible? Pehaps the same is true of GM? Perhaps GM is developing a two-door version of the Buick LaCrosse and the structural similarities are enough to transfer?

    Interesting to watch. Let’s see.

  8. I am a believer in the old saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” And these are good fires!

  9. While I’ve only been a Saab fan for the last 8 years, I believe the upcoming years are going to be the most interesting ones in the history of Saab, for any Saab fan! I can’t wait until we start seeing mules, camouflaged cars, and spy shots of the upcoming models. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super excited over here!

      • +1 Now is the time to be a “Saabnörd” . Has it always been like this on SU? If, then I have missed alot of fun. This is my first 12-14 month in this community.

        • TrollhattanSaab and Saabs United did go wild when:
          * Dame edna pics and mules started to show up
          * XWD TurboX was exposed somewhere up north
          * Speculation of the 9-6x with subaru underpinnings
          * 9-3 facelift was known but small elements still coverd (LED light)
          * Opel mules with SAAB steering wheels hit the news
          * Test 9-5 was exposed in south europe and up north
          * 9-4x in winter testing

          So, yes, we have hade good times over here.
          Thanks Swade!

  10. I think a coupe would have a benefit beyond its sales figures. Style it right and it’s a real image builder for the company.

    From a personal standpoint, I would be more interested in a coupe version of the 9-5 than in the four door. There’s just something magical about a big two door. Of course, I used to own a 1970s American “personal luxury car” (bought it when the car was already old enough to vote), so I’m a sucker for the genre.

    My ideal 9-5 coupe would have a 4 cylinder turbo, great fuel mileage, a hatch (though not an obvious one), and styling that sets it apart from everything else out there. What it shouldn’t have is 20″ wheels, a chrome package, and more creases than an origami convention.

  11. Sure if it exists, it is probably a mule, but VM knows the coupe market pretty well and there has been a resurgence in the number of big coupes offered. I would love a big, safe, 300HP I-4 or V8 stick shift coupe from Saab. The one coupe that VM has admitted to being interested in is the Aero-X coupe built by Spyker, so my guess (very unlikely) is that Bigfoot is 9-5 body panels attached to a Spyker platform. The Spyker platform makes it so fast that no one can get a picture of it.

    As to Buick, there will probably be a Regal (Insignia) coupe, but I would be surprised to see them spend the money for a LaCrosse coupe. For that size they would instead use the Camaro (Holden Commodore) platform.

  12. Personally I would like to see a 9-5 combi coupé (99 combi coupé / OG 900 style)! LIke the autoblog rendering but with a full but visually hidden hatch. That would be exciting in itself, what an enormous luggage capacity that would give.

    But I am probably just dreaming a very Saaby dream.

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