Saab Club Taiwan end of year celebration

One of the great things about the Saab Support Convoys back in January last year (was it really one year ago????) was the fact that you got to see people supporting Saab in countries that you may never have thought had a significant Saab following.

The amount of support coming out of Asia was a real eye-opener for me and one of the great expressions of support came from Taiwan, where they assembled a massive 180 vehicles for a heartwarming Saab Support Convoy.

The Saab Club of Taiwan had a gathering on December 31st to see in the new year, with a still-impressive 40 vehicles and around 60 people attending.

Happy New Year to you Saabnuts in Taiwan, and thanks for the photos and video! I hope you all have a wonderful 2011.



28 thoughts on “Saab Club Taiwan end of year celebration”

  1. Nice one; the video even has a Taiwanese Saab taxi @ 09:04….pretty rare and exotic!
    Happy New Year to the Saab Club Taiwan!

  2. These people seem to be a small hardcore community of Saab nuts as Nate 9-3 already mentioned. I guess specially the one who rides also a Saab-bike is deeply coloured saabish.
    The brand can be proud of having such nuts far away from Sweden.


    The management team will be strengthened with the addition of Mr. Rob Schuijt as Senior Vice President Corporate Development of Spyker.

    Victor Muller, Spyker CEO states: ‘Rob played an important role in the acquisition phase of Saab and has since become a key member of the senior team involved in the implementation of the Saab business plan. I’m very pleased that he will join – subject to approval of his appointment by the General Meeting of Shareholders – the Management Board and continue to support us in achieving our objectives’.

  4. Does this blog ever get visited by our Taiwanese friends?
    Please don’t let the language barrier stop you. Most of us are not native English speakers and our writings are far from perfect. As in any international community communication is the most important, perfectionism just gets in the way. Even the Tasmanian dialect is accepted here!

    • Do not worry. It’s just a Swedish “car industry expert” that is an professor in Copenhagen that has been interviewed by a newsagency and are all over the media sites. But what he says is just crap. I notice several comments on sites who has published the news that he is wrong and so on.

      • Go you Taiwanese Saab nuts!!!

        Aaah, Professor Christer Karlsson.
        That guy said that nobody would ever buy Saab and that Saab was dead when GM said Saab was up for sale. He was wrong then and is wrong now. I find it strange that he would disgrace himself again like this.

        Do not worry.


        Ps. Robert Collin at Aftonbladet says that Volvo has to rebuild the suspension of the S/V50 because the car has lousy handling. Ds.


    • “Bad news about SAAB all over media in Swden!”

      You mean Christer Karlsson interview where he says that Saab needs “billions of dollars” to engineer future models and that Saab will survive 2-3 years max? ;P

      • You mean “hundreds of millions of dollar”. So, better start rebuilding awareness of the company and the products and start selling cars for a profit. Not that difficult in the end imho with a descent lineup from the most Nordic (and best) car manufacturer in the world.

        SAAB UP!

    • It’s utterly retarded by Swedish media to publish this sort of “news” without any critical questions ask. I googled the “expert” and found out that he made similar statements last year: that GM would never sell Saab, that (after the reconstruction) Saab would immediately go bankrupt, that all production would end up in Germany, that a small car company never would have the money to buy Saab etc. He was actually kind of right on the Koenigsegg deal, but since then Spyker has proven that yes, in fact a tiny car company can buy a much bigger one.

      In my opinion, if an “expert” is wrong on almost all his previous statements, he’s not an expert 🙂

  5. I agree and know Tompa. Its just sad that TT publish this once again without SAAB gets to comment it!

  6. Swade will probably have a take on this matter. Lets not continue the discusion on this thread.

    Saab will prevail Henke 🙂


    Once again, good work Saabers in Taiwan!

  7. That Danish “expert” better be more specific or I might draw some conlusions about his intentions with that quite heavy statement.

  8. People, the comment has been derailed! 🙂

    GO TAIWAN! As I’m ethnically Chinese, I’m extra proud of you guys!

    Do you know that the NG9-5 are sold pre-Hirsched in Taiwan? What a great idea.

  9. My wife it Taiwanese so I’ve been over there a couple of times (2006 & 2009). Taiwan isn’t exactly flooded with Western cars but Saabs were noticeably popular – I spotted quite a number despite not exactly looking out for them (first time to a Far Eastern country so there was plenty new to look at besides the cars).

    The Taiwan Save Saab convoy photo has to rank amongst the best Saab-related photos ever 🙂

  10. This activity is taken in southern Taiwan, orgainized by a hard core saab owner who lives in Tainan (means south of Taiwan). I think there is another activity in northern Taiwan that time but no camping.

    Kind of like Pink Floyd concert, in Taiwan you can find saab hard core fans in all ages and all ranks. No matter classic 900 or aero X, they all enjoy driving saab. I think part of the reason is that boss of saab Taiwan distributor himself is a hard core saab fan. As a saab car owner in Taiwan, I can feel his enthusiastic to saab.

    Happy year of rabbit to y’all saab fans around the world.

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