UPDATED – Saab Festival in 2011?…….NO.


I’ve checked with Peter at the Saab Museum and can pass on to you all that there will not be a Saab Festival in 2011.

It seems someone on the Facebook team might have jumped the gun a little, which is fine. A good excuse to show the video 🙂

Festivaliers should therefore keep their eye on the 2011 IntSaab gathering in Finland, where registrations are now open.


I only came to know about the Saab Festival in 2007, when I attended my first one. As I understood things then (and I could well be wrong on this), the Saab Festival is held every second year.

If that’s the case, then the possibility of a Saab Festival in 2011 is an interesting one. Why?

The 2007 festival should have been followed by one in 2009. In 2009, however, Saab were being held up against a wall with a knife at their throat. Money was tight and there was seemingly little to celebrate, so the 2009 festival was cancelled and replaced by a smaller “Saab Days” event, which was more of a local gig.

With Saab reborn, a Saab Festival was held in July 2010.

I think you can do the math here. If they retain what I understood to be their normal pattern, we could expect a Saab Festival again in 2012.

Then there’s this, from Saab’s Facebook page today:

Here are some video highlights from the celebration of last year Saab festival. Who’s planning to visit the Saab festival in Trollhättan, Sweden this summer?

My emphasis added.

This is fantastic news, obviously, just a little bit surprising.

There’s nothing on the Saab Festival website yet. If I find out anything further, I’ll update you all here.

The Facebook entry linked to this video from the 2010 Festival. It’s worth watching if you’ve got a minute…..


8 thoughts on “UPDATED – Saab Festival in 2011?…….NO.”

  1. Very nice if there will be a Saab Festival in Trollhättan this summer! If so, I hope I can attend this year too. 😀

    By the way, the video was nice and at 0:50 you get a small glimpse of one of SUHRT’s cars and at the end of the clip our famous blogger appears… 😉

  2. Great! First time I visited the Festival was in 1997, with the launch of the old 9-5. I was just seven years old but enjoyed it very much. Taking pictures of the 92s, 93s, Sonetts and 96s on the campsite, the museum. In 2002, with the launch of the 9-3 SportSedan I got to talk (in my underdeveloped English) with Erik Carlsson and I’m still proud of having his autograph. Last year, I drove with my parents’ 9-3 Convertible to Trollhättan: spinning around the beautiful roads of the Trollhättan area (the Hunneberg, Öresjö, Hullsjön etc, etc) was a real special experience. An experience that I’d love to repeat this summer!

  3. That would be perfect if its true. A nice possibility to take my restored ’91 900 Turbo S or my hirsched Turbo X for a spin to THN. Last Year was a perfect Festival only the weather could have been a little better on saturday. So hopefully we all will get the chance to come back to THN with our beloved cars.

  4. Just updated the article.

    Unfortunately, there’ll be no Saab Festival in Trollhattan this summer. It seems the Facebook entry was in error.

    Finland – here we come!

  5. I suggest the following poll: “Would you want to attend a Saab festival in THN, EVERY year?”.

    Three options: “He__ yeah!”, “yes” and “certainly”.

  6. 13-17th of July in Västerås 1 hours drive west of Stockholm is this years Rally to the Midnight Sun. Parallell to this is Swedish Sportscar Federation SBF/FIA 75th anniversary.
    Organizers will invite carclubs and owners of unique cars to join in for a great car week.
    Why not try to get the Swedish car clubs to join in.

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