Saab Germany XWD Days

It looks like Saab Germany are jumping in and sharing the XWD Days first advertised by Saab Austria.

German customers are invited to fill up the 11-13 February slot, and have another bunch of dates open from the 16th to the 18th.

The program is the same, with skidoo, cottage accommodation and lots of XWD driving. The price is the same, too, at 249Euro per person.

Get to it!

5 thoughts on “Saab Germany XWD Days”

  1. A great example of cross-border Saab cooperation.

    Great stuff and a great offer. WOuld love to go but can’t ๐Ÿ™

  2. Here, Here!

    Now this is Smart Marketing!

    Play to our Strength: Unbeatable capabilities in the Snow!

    Affordable too, I’d say. Mercedes — and Porsche– offer Winter Driving Academies here in Southern Ontario. Wide press coverage in the Toronto Star (greatest circulation in Canada) of latest Merc outing. For about $800 under the guise of ‘improving winter driving skills’… but equally a way to expose current owners and prospects to the latest and greatest.

    Their’s might have a slightly different slant (I’m not sure the Saab one is a Driving School per se…) but what a great avenue exposing people to our unmatched winter capabilities. Well worth subsidizing!

    Enough of this Tennis tournament and Cricket sponsorship stuff…

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