Saab independence celebration – Dallas TX

There will be several groups re-living the Saab Support Convoys they held last year.

Some Saab nuts in Dallas will be gathering in a celebration of Saab’s independence.

Date: Saturday, January 22 from 01:00 PM to 4:30 PM

It’s time to gather and celebrate that SAAB lives on after just one year of a pending death sentence! This date was by far the most popular so I hope you can attend.

I thought we could meet for lunch and a mid-day margarita if you are so inclined at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop since they have good parking. (
From there it is a short drive over to White Rock Lake. There is a great spot for a photo overlooking dwntwn Dallas at the old Dreyfuss Club spot located at E Lawther Dr Dallas, TX, 75394 (East side of White Rock Lake).

Access from Lake Highlands from N Buckner Blvd

Take Tiffany Way Left from Lake Highlands down toward lakeside trail. Keep right to Dreyfus Club spot on top of the hill.

The goal of this meet is to celebrate all things SAAB and be thankful for the future. Unless it is just pouring rain please try to make it out! Please call or email with any questions!

Thanks – Daniel

If anyone in the area is interested in attending and hasn’t got the contact information, please let me know and I’ll connect you with Daniel.

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