Saab on Swedish adventure TV – “Landskampen”

Landskampen is a TV show pitting Swedish and Norwegian winter sports stars against one another in a series of challenges.

You Scandinavian types can watch the show over at TV3. The website wouldn’t show me the video down here in Australia, but fortunately a friend named Niclas managed to grab a clip so I could show you the product placement Saab has managed to wiggle into the production.

It’s reminiscent of Saab’s placement on the Swedish leg of The Amazing Race.

Here’s the video. The Saabs look great and the Norwegians look a little too happy with themselves 🙂 :



Thanks to Niclas for the clip.

3 thoughts on “Saab on Swedish adventure TV – “Landskampen””

  1. They seem to be in the right environment!

    Saab must’ve gained quite some publicity from the Swedish Beck and Wallander motion pictures, Wallander himself always drives an 9-3 Sedan.

  2. In the last movie I saw with Wallander his 9-3 sedan got blown into to pieces! I almost started to cry! But a few scenes later he drove away in a 9-3x instead.

  3. Nice product placement. The roof top carriers look right at home on those Saabs. Damn I’m getting old ( or my tastes are improving) because when I see a 9-3 Combi, especially with a roof rack, I get excited.

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