Saab smaller market sales data – December 2010


It’s sales data time again. Thanks to BoeBoe for many of them in comments and others via email.



December: 66 (+0,81% vs 61 from 2009)

Full year 2010: 390 (-1,51% vs 396 from 2009)

Thanks Alan!



December: 131 (+70,13%)

Full year 2010: 2010: 788 (-37,71%)

There were 68,551 Saabs registered in Germany on January 1st 2010 (-3.34%, market share 0,16%, total amount of registered cars in Germany: 41,737,627) in comparison to January 1st 2009 (70,920, market share 0,17%).



Dec 2010 – 5

Year 2010 – 56 (70 in 2009)



November – 2 (3 in 2009)
December – TBA
Jan-Nov 2010 – 12 (22 in 2009)

Thanks Marko!



December: 76 (26) +192%
Year: 390 (420) -7%



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 2 vs 53 (-96,23%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 2 vs 777 (-99,74%)



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 0 vs 33 (-100%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 197 vs 368 (-46,47%)



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 107 vs 51 (+109,80%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 628 vs 714 (-12,04%)



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 110 vs 101 (+8,91%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 574 vs 1.585 (-63,79%)



From Cardoso, via email….

Hi, Swade,

I send you the Spanish sales of Saab of December. This month Saab sold 119 cars in Spain (there were 115 in December 2009).

The final sales for 2010 were 755 cars (1.577 in 2009).

Nevertheless, the figures are growing pretty good in the last few months here in my country. If my memory doesn’t fail, 36 cars were sold in August, 63 in September, 69 in October, 81 in November and, finally, 119 in December.



From Carlo, via email….

Sales in Dec 2010 were 99 (Dec 09: 127; -22%)

Total Sales in 2010 were 633 (total 2009: 1891; -52%)

My guess is that 99 would definitely be the highest monthly total for 2010 in Italy. Even if the total number for the year is down, the trend is on the way back up.



From BoeBoe, via comments:

December (’10 vs ’09)
9-3 6 vs 2 (+200%)
9-5 2 vs 3 (-33,33%)
Total 8 vs 5 (+60%)

2010 vs 2009
9-3 339 vs 422 (-19,67%)
9-5 191 vs 96 (+98,96%)
9-7X 0 vs 3 (-100%)
Total 530 vs 521 (+1,72%)

That’s still alarmingly low for the Dutch market.



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 69 vs 50 (+38%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 1.090 vs 1.259 (-13,42%)



December (’10 vs ’09)
Total 8 vs 7 (+14,29%)

2010 vs 2009
Total 31 vs 121 (-74,38%)



Dec 2010: 42

Full year 2010: 199 (371 in 2009)


I’ll add more countries as they come in.

90 thoughts on “Saab smaller market sales data – December 2010”

  1. The thing that “worries” me is that when you compare the numbers of December in these small countries they are not better in 2010 than in 2009.

    We all know that in 2009 “the world” thought that Saab “was dead” (some people still do), so it is not hard to understand why sales in December 2009 were very low. But I don’t understand why they aren’t much much higher in December 2010.

    – We have the new 9-5
    – New clean diesels in Europe
    – The world is realising that Saab is still alive
    – There has been a lot of attention

    Why is it so difficult to do it much better 12 months later?

    • Because there is a delay in the movement upwards?

      Buying a car is not buying a new cell phone. It’s a big investment and if the air is filled with news that GM is going to sell Saab or close it down it does not just go away from people’s minds right after the deal with Spyker was sold.

      Also, Saab has said that the production was going smootly first in the 3rd quarter of 2010. So yes, there is a delay in everything. And as Saab is selling cars on orders and not to build stock, there is of course a shortage in cars available for dealers all over the world. And I would also say that Saab had to focus on their major markets before smaller markets where given a slot in the production que, making these smaller markets being filled with new cars later than the big three (UK, US, Sweden).

      And what you say about Saab being still alive and the world realising it. Well – we have been aware of it, but I am not still sure that everybody else who is going to buy a car is that – and if they were there is still the uncertainty about Saab’s future that for some might seem uncertain.

      • You just have to look at the Wall Street Journal (Life & Style section for last week) in which a Saab owner asks in their ask the motorist section whether its safe to buy a 95 or what alternative should he be looking at, as its a risk to buy one (I can’t understand why). Although I don’t agree 100% with the response, the journalist said that if you like Saab’s you weren’t going to be able to find a similar car elsewhere.

        • Yes, and that is just what I think is still present. People seem uncertain to buy cars from a manufacturer that was almost closed. People who are not interested in the motor industry do not know everything about the status for Saab, like we do here.

    • “But I don’t understand why they aren’t much much higher in December 2010.”

      I would say that car sale is 80% about emotion and image and 20% about technical product. Saab’s brand image was totally wrecked but sales are slowly improving as human brain forgets the bad days. During pre-crisis, Saab simply had more emotion based casual buyers than nobody guessed.

      Car sales in Finland:
      2010: 199
      2009: 371

  2. Don’t forget in December 2009 there would have been a lot of enthusiasts buying saabs to show their support :).

    • Pat,
      I don’t think there were just enthusiasts, but also people that know about the qualities of the cars and where hopping for a big deal on the last Saabs.

      Furthermore in December the cars registered were more likely bought two months ago where the K’egg deal was almost done.

      The contract for my car was signed in Dec. 2009, the car was build end January or beginning of February and delivered in March.

      So the numbers of last December do not represent the status of Saab in Dec. 2009.

      I’ve checked the preliminary data from Austria, and the numbers are lower than in November, where in 2009 the December registration numbers where higher than the November 2009.

      • I read lots of comments on Saab news whenever I can read it, so Dutch, German, French and English comments. Maybe someone can explain me (while guality of the cars is being mentioned here) why Saab in the US and UK markets are considered to be unreliable, while in other markets they’re known to be very good.
        I know there were some black sludge and T7 issues back in the early 2000’s, but that wasn’t concentrated to countries.

        • I don’t understand it either – my US spec ’07 9-5 Aero Dame Edna SC and ’09 9-3 Aero XWD SC have been virtually refill gas, change oil and go. Indeed they have been among the best marques I’ve owned and I’ve owned mostly Saabs, but Audis, VWs, Porsches, M-Bs, BMWs. These are fantastically good cars. Even that awful Consumer Reports has recommended post 2004 Saabs in the past based on their service history.

          • In New Zealand anything with the Saab name attached is labeled “Avoid like the plague” or “not recommended” .

            We have a buyers guide called Dog and Lemon. They give any excuse to put Saab down and in addition only give its safety an “ok”

  3. I think that the Dutch salesnumbers for the 9-5 will grow when the estate version has been launched. Robert.

    • They won;’t if they don’t do anything about pricing. We’re about to choose a new leasecar now and were looking for the Saab 9-5. In the lease configurator both the Mercedes Benz E and Audi A6 were about 7% cheaper on leasing and like 1000 euro cheaper for taxes then the closest 9-5. This is the reason Saab doesn’t do well in the Netherlands. They should come up with a lease-only configuration and lower prices, else the Dutch market stays this low.
      Same thing with the 9-3. There’s even more distinction in leaseprices a month between the 9-3 and the Mercedes C/Audi A4. This is more then 10%. If Victor complains in Saabberichten about the Dutch market, he should investigate this too and do something about it. Get Lease-Only (fleet) configurations, like the big brands do! Lower prices for fleet-owners, etc. Just complaining is worthless.

      • I agree Robert!
        VM should se to that the leasecar deals getting competetiv to its oponents. “Pull down his pants and ensure that the market lifts” The potential is reachable if Saab pricing is the same but if its higher it would be harder to make it lift to a greater level. If VM want to make money in Holland a good way is to sell cars at a fair price not to high even if the profit would be less/car. Am I right or what.

  4. Belgium
    December (’10 vs ’09)
    Total 69 vs 50 (+38%)

    2010 vs 2009
    Total 1.090 vs 1.259 (-13,42%)

    December (’10 vs ’09)
    Total 8 vs 7 (+14,29%)

    2010 vs 2009
    Total 31 vs 121 (-74,38%)

  5. in my idea the problem is the competition. people reading SU are Saab enthusiasts and as such pretty biased like me, love can blind you can’t it? Truth of the the matter is that non saab afficionados also have to be persuaded to buy a saab and that’s exactly where the trouble starts. The 95ng competes head on with audi’s new A6, same pricerange but choice of almost 25 different engines. better build-quality better interior better fit/finish. another premium brand is bmw with the new 5, 6cylinder for same price as saab 4. or mercedes E class with again huge range of engines and options to choose at same pricing. The 93 has been around for years and in spite of beeing still attractive, the germans and lexus drive circles around it, they just deliver better engineering for your money. until the new 93 comes along hopefully next year Saab will remain in trouble.

    • Yes, we are biased in a way, but also – prices changes depending on market. With the standard options on the 9-5.. then add those non-standard things on the BMW or the Mercedes and the prices on those goes up… do not forget that.. 😉

    • Bert just two points,
      The new A6 will be offered only with 4 engines not 25. Maybe you can get a 6cyl Beemer for the price of a Saab 4, but it doesn’t perform better only because it has more cylinders.

      I really don’t understand people that call themselves Saab enthusiast, but think every other product is better. I know that Saab doesn’t have no google street-view gizmos, but you don’t have to pay extra for the sun radiation sensor for your AC. Which of both do I need the most ??

    • “The 95ng competes head on with audi’s new A6, same pricerange but choice of almost 25 different engines. better build-quality better interior better fit/finish.”

      According to….? Well, not according to quite a few journalists.

      And looking at Swedish figures and equipment for the base 184 hp E-klasse compared to a standard 220hp 9-5 I stoped comparing when the E-klasse was +100.000 more than the 9-5…


    • Saab Canada did not have any stock in November. The first deliveries in almost two years took place in mid-December.
      The new Saab organization did not inherit any remaining unsold stock from GM Canada, as far as I know (you see the odd “used” 2009 Saab with no KM on it being sold by GM dealerships), so they really are starting from zero.

  6. I don’t know what the sales data is for the U.S. market but the inventories of the dealerships have been stocked and the Saab advertising in the major newspapers is increasing in frequency. This is a positive change from 2009 when the deals (up to $8500. US dollars off) being advertised were driven by the possible liquidation of Saab. The new 9-5 has received pretty good reviews in the U.S. and it will take time for the sour taste of GM stewardship to disappear. At least here in the U.S. you are seeing the Saab name appearing more and more. That is a return to normalcy.

  7. We have to consider the global crisis to understand these bad sales data. 2011 should be better, due to 9-5 sells and the news 9-4X.

  8. I would expect a sharp rise in sales numbers in January 2011 in the Netherlands, it’s customary here to register new cars in January because when you sell the car later, you can advertise it as being ‘a year younger’. What a difference -even- a day makes….

    Moreover, there are quite a few people here who have ordered a new 9-5 during 2010 but are still waiting for it to be delivered. I believe cars are only considered sold here after having been delivered and registered to the new owner.


  9. Italy

    Sales in Dec 2010 were 99 (Dec 09: 127; -22%)

    Total Sales in 2010 were 633 (total 2009: 1891; -52%)

    This must be wrong, 633 against 1891 is less than 52 %,,,,, Can I hope it´s down 52% from 1891, meaning about 900 cars sold in italy 2010 ?

    ANother question, how far are we from the 30 000 cars? I I add all the cars here and sweden I get;

    That is 11885. Another 18115 cars is neeeded from other market. Where may they come from?

    • With the number for the markets I have here in front of me I the numbers I’m up to for 2010 is a total of 25.416 cars. But then remember that I do lack information from some markets (as the UK and others).

      • Saab are selling in 50+ markets around the world (many will obviously be quite small). I don’t know how many you’re tracking, C-H, but 30,000 looks pretty attainable if you’ve been able to track 25K+

        • I try to keep track of 16 markets:

          The Netherlands

          These are the ones I think are the largest – but please correct me if I’ve missed some. 😉

      • Carl-Henrik
        What I have sums up to 23.723 cars in 12 countries, but for some countries the December numbers are still missing.
        My numbers are as follows
        Sweden 8647
        UK 5148
        US 5445
        Belgium 1090
        Spain 755
        Germany 657
        Italy 633
        Holland 530
        Switzerland 521
        Finland 199
        Austria 98
        Portugal 31

        The ones in italics are only jan-Nov, and the Austrian numbers are only preliminary ( they only include registrations till the 20th of December)

      • I have also tried to calculate this figure.
        Canada escapes me (se my question about why zero official SAAB registrations in Canada above!) but I have included estimates for UK (5 800?) etc. My estimate on these figures is 27 000 SAAB, plus maybe some hundreds for minor Asian markets

        SAAB has three major markets Sweden 8 647, US 5 445 and UK 5 800 (my est?), together about 20 000 SAAB, then Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain sell between 500 -1000 SAAB, and then we have all small remaining markets selling today 1 – 500 SAAB

        SAAB is a popular niche brand i many countries, but sell unfortunately in most of these countries in very small volumes

        • Please drop my comment above time
          January 5, 2011 at 7:45 am

          Red J has much better and detailed comment above mine . 🙂

        • Yep, I have those numbers as well in a spread sheet in front of me right now. The UK numbers for December will be presented in a week or two, then we also should have numbers from the “major” small markets… 😉

  10. Good news!
    Ward was wrong!
    Saab sold 1074 cars in US December 2010 compared to 868 December 2009
    January-December 2010 5445 cars
    January-December 2009 8680 cars

  11. Finland
    December: 42 (17) +147%
    Year: 199 (371) -46%

    December: 76 (26) +192%
    Year: 390 (420) -7%

    9-3: 48 in December, 246 in 2010 (336)
    9-5: 28 in December, 144 in 2010 (84)

    • Do you in any way think you could supply me with the number per month for both 2009 and 2010 for Norway?

        • Norway 2010 (2009)

          jan 19 (32)
          feb 19 (34)
          mar 13 (27)
          apr 15 (24)
          may 14 (31)
          jun 17 (22)
          jul 24 (28)
          aug 12 (22)
          sep 11 (16)
          oct 17 (54)
          nov 37 (25)
          dec 48 (21)

          jan 1 (4)
          feb 4 (14)
          mar 1 (7)
          apr 2 (8)
          may 0 (11)
          jun 2 (8)
          jul 10 (5)
          aug 21 (2)
          sep 12 (5)
          oct 30 (8)
          nov 33 (7)
          dec 28 (5)

          jan 20 (36)
          feb 23 (48)
          mar 14 (34)
          apr 17 (32)
          may 14 (42)
          jun 19 (30)
          jul 34 (33)
          aug 33 (24)
          sep 23 (21)
          oct 47 (62)
          nov 70 (32)
          dec 76 (26)

  12. Canada
    December (’10 vs ’09)
    Total 2 vs 53 (-96,23%)

    2010 vs 2009
    Total 2 vs 777 (-99,74%)

    December (’10 vs ’09)
    Total 0 vs 33 (-100%)

    2010 vs 2009
    Total 197 vs 368 (-46,47%)

    December (’10 vs ’09)
    Total 107 vs 51 (+109,80%)

    2010 vs 2009
    Total 628 vs 714 (-12,04%)

    December (’10 vs ’09)
    Total 110 vs 101 (+8,91%)

    2010 vs 2009
    Total 574 vs 1.585 (-63,79%)

  13. I cant remember was this the original topic where I posted those 2010, 2009 Finland figures but they are yearly if somebody got them confused.

    Like Niklas already said, actual December 2010 is 42 cars in Finland.

  14. Looking forward to the numbers from exactly a year after the production restarted. Those would be (even) more telling.

  15. I’m sure the car sales will soon be like turbo boost!!!
    Nothing……nothing………a theeeennn…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I don’t remember if this had been mentioned here on SU yet, but here is another measure of Saab brand perception in the USA, according to a December poll conducted by Consumer Reports. I know a lot of folks here do not care for CU’s auto reviews and opinions, but this survey was just to measure brand perception, which they say includes awareness, perceived qualities, etc. In the section that explains how the poll was conducted, it seems pretty fair. Rather than give participants a list of car brands, they asked people about various qualities of cars and car companies an then asked people to mention brands they thought exemplified those qualities. Saab was in the bottom 10, but that may not be based negatives as much as just general lack of awareness of Saab, its survival and what products they currently have (or will have soon). As we have discussed here, there is much work left to do to rebuild the brand perception.

    Ford leads in the factors that matter most to car shoppers

    • Here is the direct link to the report:

      Now, first I have to say that Consumer Reports shouldn’t have never, ever published this report. CR used to be about objectively reporting about products to the consumer. This report is about PERCEPTION, in short ‘how do you feel about a product while even you have no idea what it is’. This, imho, is the ultimate bullshit production, it reeks after CR trying to save money by not testing things properly while still producing reports.

      However, Saab in the US has to deal with this negative perception. Just compare Saab and Volvo. Volvo went pretty much through the same process as Saab but still comes out in the top 10 of best perceived cars, while Saab ends up as one of the 10 worst perceived brands.

    • Very observant of you. I intend to add to data as soon as December sales are known. At that time I’ll also provide info on how many 9-3, 9-3x and 9-5 models were sold. Thank you!

    • December data for Slovenia appeared only today: no new Saabs were sold in December, so complete annual sales is 12 cars: 9-3 (8 cars), 9-3X (1 car) and 9-5 (3 cars).

    • Yes, finally Dagens Industri has to admit that Saab did reach it revised goal for 2010.
      I find it interesting that in the final quarter Saab managed to sell 11.448 cars, which I can’t help to use as a lever for a good start of 2011. 🙂

  17. I don’t now if I was a (Belgian) representative Saab driver, but after 3 Saabs (900, 9-3 and a 9-5 Estate), I now drive a BMW 530D Gran Turismo (I love hatchbacks). I think the patience of a lot of Saab drivers has come to an end. The launch of the 9-5 took a long time, the launch of the Estate is rather vague and the 9-4X has no diesels. A lot of people have already chosen for an other car, and the patient 9-5 drivers normally have already bought a new 9-5. That’s why I ‘m rather pessimistic after reading these sales numbers. I still follow Saab, but at this time I don’t sell them anymore.

    • Of course you are right in that point that several former Saab owners have moved on. And yet there are still people who tend to buy a new car, and if Saab wasn’t even sold it wouldn’t be possible to buy any. But now Saab is still there and is slowly increasing again after 2008-2009. It’s a small rise compared to other larger producers.

      I will not say that the struggle is over (I do not think any one here would say that). Now the first year is behind us, now we focus on the second.

      With almost 1/3 of all sales in 2010 done in the last quarter, I think it is a good sign to say that Saab starts 2011 in a better way than 2010.. 😉

      And yes, the BMW 5-GT is a nice car.

    • Hopefully you are not representing too much, because jumping from Saab to a 5-series GT is reason for concern. What an utterly hideous car, the GT…

  18. @Gerhard/BoeBoe, Think that was SIMI’s fault as they’re always tardy updating. Think the 3 refers to November.

    I suspect that 1 whole car is a dealer special as well 🙁 Given that they’ve had some half-page colour ads in the Sunday papers, running for months now, it’s hard to believe how bad these figures are. Obviously January is the important month in Ireland, so I’ll try and reserve judgement… The weather in December was Ireland’s worst for quite a while, and in the UK, too, so that *must* be considered.

    I’m not a fan of all this +150% stuff etc. when we are talking about some sales in their single digits, unless of course we’re all part of a feasibility study or the bank is watching these comments?!?

    anyway, number of Saab’s I saw on the road today: 0

    • I see that, in Ireland, even Alfa, Daihatsu, Jaguar, Jeep, Smart and a few others sold 0 cars in December…!

      Others with that magic 1 car sold: Volvo!

      So, seems fair enough, can’t wait to see what January brings, crunch time for Saab Ireland.

    • Just saw a 2011 registered Chevrolet not two minutes ago 😉

      I know a few people hoping to buy this year, too. Every little helps 🙂

        • sigh… what does it matter? I’m just saying that people will buy new cars.

          In 2010, Mercedes still sold over 2000 cars in Ireland, so did BMW (2493) and Audi (2723). Only a couple of years ago, Saab did the same. It’s not big numbers, but there is potential for Saab to sell at least a couple of hundred cars in Ireland. Given that their numbers are so small, every market matters.

  19. “The 93 has been around for years and in spite of beeing still attractive, the germans and lexus drive circles around it, they just deliver better engineering for your money. until the new 93 comes along hopefully next year Saab will remain in trouble.”

    I don’t agree. The 9-3 is fully competitive. I bet its safer than the current 3 series. Its better equipped, has more power for the money, and has better fuel economy than most of its competitors. Its not as flashy as its competitors and i like it.

  20. Did the 9-3 get dropped from the recommeded list in the latest Consumer Reports? What’s the scoop?


  21. What happens when Australians talk about an European Crown princess??

    Well they concentrate on the most important pieces of information. 😉

    The heavily pregnant Crown Princess of Denmark, who is due at any time, got behind the wheel of her Saab station wagon yesterday to pick up her children and pet dog from a play date with their cousins.

  22. I read the article and it is quite impressive that an “expert” can make such statements without even knowing the business plan. SImply amazing.

  23. I don’t think Mr. Karlsson is the one to blame, he only answers what the Swedish press (TT) asks him.

    The question is, why did the Swedish press ask him, knowing that he is very sceptical towards Saab?

    Is Saab having too good results?

  24. I guess I’m confused, didn’t VM just say that they didn’t need to issue any more stock because they didn’t need the money. And yet, they don’t have the resources to mount a serious AD campaign? Instead of offering deep discounts off the sticker price, that money should go towards getting the word out that SAAB is still alive.

  25. Donno much about the other markets, but comparing the Dutch figures with the Belgians ones, there’s something wrong.

  26. Lets hope someone (SAAB) is doing some multidimensional analysis of the present situation. Just looking at blunt percentage numbers say very little. If anything at all.
    Look at
    – population figures
    – income distribution
    – market segment penetration
    – competitors sales penetration
    – knowledge of brand existence
    – dealership positions geographically
    – servicepoint networks
    – what PR activities that has worked/not worked
    – any collaborations with local Saab Communities
    – any motor-sport presence / sports / cultural activities
    – support to non-profit organizations local social involvement

    This is just a few bullets that can help us understand the sales figures better.

  27. Business headlines tonight in both Svd and DN written by TT

    Google translated

    Saab’s future questioned
    Published: January 6, 2011, 17:05. Last Modified: January 6, 2011, 17:17
    Saab Automobile reached its sales target last year. However, over time the race is run for the automaker, consider a heavy automobile expert.

    Beginning of 2010, Saab management with a sales forecast of 60 000 cars. Reality looked different. Two hefty downward revisions followed. From 45 000 in August to 30000-35000 in October. The final figure was 32 048 cars.

    According to Spyker CEO Victor Muller, was one of last year’s biggest challenges to replenish stocks at retailers around the world. Another reason for the low sales considered that the supplies did not arrive in time as desired until the third quarter.

    TT: When you can see on the Saab is a survivor in the long run or not?

    – You can not say without being able to see into the Saab’s business plan. But it is not no sustainable sales in the long run. You can not live at these levels, and Saab has not even reached the targets, responding Christer Karlsson, professor of industrial production at the Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen.

    – Saab can do right now, thanks to sales tools and such, but the current structure, they have no chance to live into the next generation of cars.

    TT: So when will the moment of truth?

    – At best, it may take up to three years. But maybe two years. Saab has no resources to develop a new product generation, it costs several billion dollars.


    • Tragic that a professor thinks that 2010’s sales numbers are what lies ahead during the coming years and that the only possibility to access new tech would be to develop everything for themselves. Even worse that such BS is published in alarming articles designed to scare people/buyers. Unfair.

    • sigh..negativ energy from a bloody professor .

      We have a new year.. new products in the line…and new energy after the x-mas holiday. Now it is time for some hard work.

      what we have to do is prove them wrong,and to say that Saab is here to stay and question is if we Saab-fans should do some brain storming on ideas of how to draw people to the show rooms.

      Trued,i know you have some entrepreneurship-power inside you:)

      • Dippen,
        Thanks for the kind words. For sure if Saab asks me I am more than willing to jump on the ship and share my knowledge, passion and energy. Just as long as they let me run the SUHRT parallel. A dream would be to evolve SUHRT into a true factory historic rally racing team.
        I am great supporter of Storytelling in Organizations/Corporate storytelling and emotional communication. Sounds strange and odd to engineers??? But I strongly believe that this is the key for Saabs survival and success. It works twofold both out to customers and towards the employed. – read more here

        Every time I speak to Saab people like Stig Blomqvist, Björn Envall, Magnus Roland, and other “significant” Saab people I hear great positive stories. Stories that are extremely valuable and makes up the brand. Stories that can inspire both todays production and sales of cars.
        I know we have at least one social-antropologist among us here at SU. I have my psychology/sociology research background. Would not be surprised if we would have our own little “task-force” here right in front of our eyes. Would be surprised if Saab has that type skill-sets in house.

    • split in cars 8 – 95 6 – 93

      more than lexus (8) and only two cars behind jaguar (16)
      but lightyears behind alfa (186) subar (171) and ovlov (238)

      • and total sales compared between 2010 and (2009)

        9-5 – 34 (13) +161,5 %
        9-3 – 68 (222) -69,37 %

        total 102 (235) -56,6 %

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