Saab Support Convoy re-enactments

How many of you are considering some sort of formal remembrance of the Saab Support Convoys?

The bulk of convoys were held on January 17, 2010, with more following on the weekends after (and one held earlier on January 7, in Detroit).

These gatherings, held in around 60 locations around the world, were an unprecedented show of support for a car company. Many were covered by news services for days afterwards, leading to a three-week campaign where the impending sale of Saab was in the news – an instrumental part in keeping the spotlight on GM.

I’ve received notice that there will be a couple of countries working to remember the convoys with a similar gathering this year.


UPDATE: Sydney

This drive starts at the Porter’s Scenic Lookout at Dural.

We then drive up the Old Northern Road to Wiseman’s Ferry; we can stop at the lookout just before descending into the valley for a photo opportunity. Then proceeding to the shop near the actual ferry for an ice cream or coffee etc. The shop is fairly basic but it has a nice view to the river and the ferry. From there we cross the Hawkesbury River on the ferry and have a winding drive alongside for several kilometres passing through the hamlet of Spencer before climbing out of the valley and up to Mangrove Mountain. Turn left, heading north for a couple of kilometres before turning right and driving down into the Yarramalong Valley to the Yarramalong Manor for lunch.

After lunch we head back down the Yarramalong valley towards Wyong and back on the F3. For anyone who wants to they can break off the freeway at Calga and come back on the Old Pacific Hwy for more driving fun!

Full details here.


Czech Republic

Saab Underground in the Czech Republic will be leading a gathering this Sunday.

We at SAABunderground decided to recall the exciting and important moments we experienced last year, when nothing was sure yet and we rallied in the chilly and windy January weather for our beloved car brand. Thus, this Sunday we’ll be meeting again, to celebrate SAAB and the people and community and fun that is always connected with it.

Good luck to all the Czeck Saabnuts this weekend. Please send pictures!



The Saab Turbo Club of Poland will also be getting together on Sunday, to remember last year’s convoy with a drive in Warszawa.

Anyone interested in attending can contact me and I’ll put you in touch, if necessary.


Are any more of you considering celebrating last year’s Saab Support Convoys?

Please let me know and I’ll be happy to add your event to this post.

14 thoughts on “Saab Support Convoy re-enactments”

  1. Out of curiosity, is there anyway of fining out roughly how many people participated in the convoys?

  2. Detroit the first convoy organised by Ryan from Saab History was actually January 5th, i think the numbers were roughly 30 cars and 50 people, with a strong media presence but it was the first and on very short notice.

    The Saab spirit was amazing…..Eggs n Grits couldn’t make it but offered to sponsor a supporter to drive there, Peter Gilbert Mr Million was there, as were dealers and an assortment of other Saab affectionardos.

  3. Anyone in the Montreal area interested in re-enacting the 1st Canadian Convoy? I’d still have to show up with my other Swedish branded car, but could bring a picture of my (still disabled) 9000 🙂

  4. Just spent about 4 hours digging out after a snow storm hit North Eastern US. Guess why I’d like to see the commemoration day moved by a couple of months?

    • Yeah, I think that’s why there hasn’t been a big deal made out of commemorating convoys on a large scale.

      I believe Saab will do something in February, so I hope it gets better for all you northerners by then, lest there be an opportunity for people to join in regionally.

      • And though I am in the US and we are just getting done with the aftermath of ice and snow here, let’s not forget the Aussies. From what I have seen on the news…..raging fire in the west and floods in another part. You guys are getting your share of tragic natural events!

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