Saab Turbo X Euromeeting 2011

Do you have a Saab Turbo X?

Are you one of the unfortunate Sith Lords who bought the wrong car, something other than a Turbo X?

Do you not have a Saab Turbo X but lust after Saab’s modern Black Turbo?

Do you just enjoy the thought of a bunch of Saab Turbo X’s gathering in the same place?

Some Turbo X owners in France are hosting the first ever Saab Turbo X Euromeeting in May. You don’t have to own a Turbo X to go along, though obviously that’s the focus of the gathering.

They have a website (in French) and a Facebook page alrady set up for the event and invite anyone interested in the Turbo X to check out the event and come along.

The following information was sent along by Leigh M, one of the organisers.



SATURDAY 21st of May 2011 from 11am to 6pm :

-> Meeting nearby to the Lac du Der, which is one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe, offering numerous activities for children, adults, individuals & families. A private meeting area will be reserved close to the lake (50m) and close to the local lake harbour.

-> Picnic nearby to the lake (each one is invited to bring all his picnic necessary and some specialties to share with other participants)

-> Optional afternoon activities :

  • A huge choice of individual and/or family activities are possible (6 sand beaches, tree climbing resort, miniature golf, ride on the lake, etc …)
  • A 2 hours roadbook will also be available for all who whish to discover the Champagne country side and numerous points of interest.
  • Full details on the exceptional site of the Lac du Der and the many activities available here:

SATURDAY 21st of May 2011 from 6pm (optional)

Cocktail + Dinner + Overnight at the Ferme du Bocage, a beautiful farm house specializing in the breeding of ducks and production-based specialty gourmet duck (foie gras duck, etc. …) located 8 minutes only from the Lac du Der.

Children’s menu possible at 14 € / child (details to come)

-> Overnight stay in one of the two comfortable attending farm cottages. Capacity 52 single beds (22 +30) at a price of 16 € / person

• SUNDAY 22nd of May 2011 from 9am

-> Brunch / Breakfast taken together in the cottage’s common rooms


COSTS – There are 3 possibles options:

FORMULA 1: Saturday from 11am to 6pm (meeting + picnic + activities in the afternoon) :

-> Fixed fee of 15€/adult (children free)

IMPORTANT : The recreational activities available on the complex of Lac du Der remain the responsibility and charge of participants. Only the SAAB TURBO X EUROMEETING roadbook is an optional activity included in the package.

FORMULA 2: Full Weekend Lac du Der + Ferme du Bocage (cottage accommodation included):

-> Fixed fee of 60€/adult and 36€/child up as follows:

  • Dinner at La Ferme du Bocage: 33€/adult and 14€/child (children’s menu)
  • Overnight at La Ferme du Bocage : 16€/person (adult or child). (remember to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow case per person)
  • Participation fee for the aperitif before dinner and breakfast on Sunday morning: 11€/adult and 6€/child

IMPORTANT: This formula is limited to 52 people (adults and children), which corresponds to the maximum capacity of the 2 cottages of La Ferme du Bocage. First registered first served.

FORMULA 3: Weekend without full night at La Ferme du Bocage (you organize your own accommodation)
-> Fixed fee of 44€/adult and 20€/child (children’s menu)



The following deadlines for registration will apply:

• FORMULA 1: 30th of April 2011
• FORMULA 2: 31st of March 2011 (limited places available)
• FORMULA 3: 31st of March 2011 (limited places available)


Registration will be validated only if accompanied by full payment based on the number of people and the formula chosen.

No refunds will be possible once past the registration deadlines which are at the same time the cancellation deadlines for registered participants.

To register for the 2011 SAAB TURBO X EUROMEETING all you have to do is send out an e-mail at [email protected] specifying:

• Name, surname and date of birth of each participant

• The chosen formula:

-> Formula 1: Meeting and picnic on Saturday from 11am to -pm only

-> Formula 2: Meeting and picnic on Saturday from 11am to -pm + Apéritif + Dinner + Bed & Breakfast at La Ferme du Bocage.

-> Formula 3: Meeting and picnic on Saturday from 11am to 6pm + Apéritif + Dinner at La Ferme du Bocage without Bed & breakfast

•Full contact informations:

-> postal address
-> e-mail
-> mobile phone number

•Your vehicle:

-> make / model / year model
-> registration number
-> Insurance Company & insurance policy number (only vehicles insured with valid MOT are permitted)

To facilitate the organization of the event, we ask you to send us your requests as soon possible

By return email we will acknowledge your request and will confirm availability in relation to the formula chosen and the total amount to be paid before the registration deadline.

You can adjust your participation by Paypal or bank transfer. All payment process details will be specified in the email we shall send out.

8 thoughts on “Saab Turbo X Euromeeting 2011”

  1. hmm, would be nice to take a look there, although i don’t have a TX. but a 9000 (CC or CD Griffin) will do, i think..

    let’s see how to fit this into my holiday travel plans. 🙂

  2. Some owners in France would like meat ALL EUROPEAN SAAB owners.

    So no worries, all SAAB’s owners, TurboX or not, are wellcome. All the informations are in english and french in our website.

    Come with us, like austrian, italian, belgium and so on european drivers. You are welcome.

  3. That’s awesome! Should do something like this in the US. I see they got my car with her britches up as a gallery. Very cool. 🙂

    Just passed 40K miles on my X! What a car – heading out in the snow this weekend in my new Conti-Extreme DWS – yee-ha!

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