Saabnut uses own Saab ad to attract test drive

What have you done with your ads from the Saab advertising competition? Did you just file them away, never to be looked at again? Or did you show them around a little more?

David C has done something with his submissions that’s pretty cool. He recently went to have a look at the new Saab 9-5, examples of which have just started to trickle in to Portugal, where he lives. I’ll let him tell the rest…..

Along with my 9-3 there was another car in this journey, driven by a colleague of mine, a co-worker, who traveled with is family. Being a Saab enthusiast, it isn’t hard for me to talk about the cars, particularly when someone is looking for a new ride and asks my opinion 🙂

Curiously enough, I never thought the ads I submitted for the contest could ever be used, but guess what. A few weeks ago I showed him the ads I made and today we were visiting a Saab dealer. How cool is that?

They loved the cars, numbers were spoken, so lets wait and see.

It’s rare that an ad alone will sell a car. But what it does is spark a bit more interest and if it’s really effective, provoke some kind of action.

In this case, the ads combined with the personal points of interest resulted in a test drive experience. It’ll be interesting to see what the outcome will be.

These are David’s ads (click):

8 thoughts on “Saabnut uses own Saab ad to attract test drive”

    • Good reading… Love this line at the bottom:

      “For GM’s part would have been a better deal to the liquidation of Saab. […] But the attention around the company was enormous, not only in Sweden but also in the United States. “

      Yeah… Sometimes I still can’t believe it, but it seems all the rallying and convoys and this great site, really made a differecne…

  1. I think it is a wonderful initiative from David C even if no paper has been signed yet. One step at the time.. 😉

    • Thanks. You would be surprised about how many people aren’t aware of SAAB’s ressurrection arround here, or simply don’t know nothing about the new product range.
      But I Things will get better ! Regards.

  2. What about organizing a private “pamphlet flashmob”? All of us print out a couple of those ads from the SU ad contest and discretely spread them “everywhere”: Your office, coffe shops, and other public places.

    • And I have a small secret project I perhaps will do when the snow gets away (otherwise it will spoil the flyers), but that is to stick a flyer on some windshields of Saabs that are parked with just some simple words saying something like “Hey, that’s a nice Saab you’ve got there – if you are more interested about what Saab is doing then you should check out

      Perhaps I’ll do it when it’s still winter outside, as I do not know if I can wait that long…

      😉 😉

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