Saabs at the Montreal Auto Show

The Montreal International Auto Show is on from the 14th to the 23rd January (which means it’s on right now) and Saab ARE present at the show.

They have six cars at the show. 2 x 9-5, 1 x 9-3x, 1 x 9-3 SS, 1 x 9-3 Aero XWD, 1 x 9-3 SC. Unfortunately, there are no 9-4x’s on display (the black car is in Detroit and the silver on is in Brussels).

Simon M attended yesterday and sent through the following photos:

Montreal Show Saab

Montreal Show Saab

Montreal Show Saab

Below is Jean-Philippe Garcia, one of the reps on hand, from Saab Laval.


The Saab display wasn’t too far from the GM show, but kept some slightly more highbrow company with Rolls Royce located next door. Vehicles were locked, but representatives were on hand to unlock them for people who asked.

Apparently a lot of the visitors were pleasantly surprised to see Saab at the show and the representatives on hand were getting to answer a lot of questions.

If you’re in Montreal but haven’t got a glimpse of the new 9-5 or 9-3x yet, then you’ve got until the 23rd to see them at the motor show.

25 thoughts on “Saabs at the Montreal Auto Show”

  1. I was surprised and happy to see some Saab cars at the show. But disappointed that is was one of the dealer that brought the cars, and not Saab directly. These were from their showroom, they will be sold after the show, this is why doors were lock. But they were glad to unlock the doors for us.I hope Saab will have a better presence next year in Canada.

    • agree should have been supplied by Saab not the dealer .. correct me if I am wrong since I havenΓ¨t attended show yet but the 2 9-5 s are base models no aero.. I think that is another mistake

    • The Montreal show is organized by the Montreal Automobile Dealers Association and, as I recall, although they get some corporate help on displays and vehicles and the occasional unveiling, it is always dealers (in some rotation they agree on within brands) who provide most of the vehicles on the floor. Rather than being disappointed that SCNA is itself not the exhibitor, it is reassuring to see life at the dealer level. This is a well attended show and many dealers offer discounts on entry or even free passes to serious customers.


    • Well, they are one of the European weels and I am happy to see that they are bringing those to America (Canada). Personally I think those are cooler and stands out more than those regular weels on the 9-3. We have those weel on our Glacier silver 9-3 SC here in Sweden πŸ™‚

  2. Really nice to see some Canadian SAAB activities, even it was a ‘greyish’ one. What about having a laser red SAAB amongst all the black&white SAABs on displays. Our exisiting 9-5 is grey, as the previous one, and a black one before that, and a white one before that…….. We have decided for a red SAAB next time! A collegue of mine received his brand new Audi A4 wagon lately. It’s in red, and it really stands out from the crowd in our ‘greyish’ office garage.

    Oh well, we’re talking about peronal taste – I know πŸ™‚

    Have a nice weekend, folks! Let’s colour the world πŸ™‚

    Cheers from Norway
    Always on the longest road home when out there with my SAAB. Always!

    • A red 9-5 aero is the most impressive Saab car you can buy at the moment (IMO) ! But they use this Scandinavian/polar color theme (blueish green, grey, white) so red wouldn’t really fit in that nice and clean layout.

  3. This is great! I woke up this morning planning to log into the ‘Salon de l’auto de Montreal’ web site to see if Saab are present, but went to SU first, and got my answer!

    I’ll now definitely be attending the show. Thanks Simon M and Swade !

  4. Really good they are presenting the line-up in Canada. Considering the climate and the distances, this should be one of SAAB’s major markets with sales of + 10 000 cars per year

  5. Went to the show last night and spoke to the main salesman for Gravel on the South Shore (Andre Melancon), he told me Hirsch would be available in Canada in the next few weeks!

    • Seb C,

      I think the next few weeks would be a real strech. As soon as I heard about Hirsch coming to the US, I sent off emails to Hirsch and then to Saab to get some answers about Canada. Mainly, I wanted to see if my dealer could be an installer/supplier of such products and to see what I would have to do to get it. Below is the response I got directly from Saab regarding Hirsch in Canada.


      Thanks for inquiring about Hirsch. We believe it has some possibilities to add excitement to the Saab brand.

      We are looking at what is required to sell the performance upgrade equipment in Canada. We have to understand what is required in Canada for emissions before we jump in. But Canada is on the radar for the Hirsch Performance Products.

      Stay tuned.

      So, yes I do too feel that Hirsch is coming, but a couple of weeks I think not. Don’t even think it will be up and running in the US by then. Very exciting though to think of warranty approved upgrades and all that Hirsch has to offer. For everyone in BC that is interested in updates when this does happen, follow our facebook page or follow us on twitter as I will be updating our customers when I know something, or you can just follow saabsunited as I try to keep Swade in the loop with whats happening out here.


        • Of coarse Ken, wouldn’t forget you guys. I didn’t want to say anything yet because there really isn’t any yes or no answer yet. If I read between the lines though, I’d say it’s coming.

          • Thx ! And thx for the SCWC post too.

            “But Canada is on the radar for the Hirsch Performance Products.”

            Well keep us locked in your radar, Hirsch, and fire away when ready !!

  6. Thanks for that info Jason, perhaps I should have known to take this with a grain of salt after I was explained that the 2.0T in the current 9-3 isn’t an Ecotec but rather of the same family as the 2.3 from the previous 9-5.

    • 2.0T in current 9-3 is the GM L850 engin, the previous 9-5 hade de old swedich engin they not related.

      • I know but the guy responsible for one of the only two dealers in the Montreal area did not, which is both surprising and troubling.

  7. A little off-topic, but somebody at Saab needs to look at the Washington DC Auto Show website ASAP. I was happy to see that Saab will have a presence at his show. However, under Saab “featured vehicles” it has the OG 9-5 instead of showcasing the new one. The show starts in two weeks, and this is such an obvious opportunity to highlight the new 9-5 in a major Saab market area.

    • This is not the only mistake. πŸ˜‰
      The 9-3 SC does also look somehow strange.
      And what is a Saab 9-3 Convertable ?

      At least, looking at the floor-plan, Saab isn’t in between GM Brands but in another hall between jaguar, BMW and Infinity. πŸ™‚

      • @ Red J, your comment

        The 9-3 SC does also look somehow strange.

        caught my eye….. so I just had to look.

        ummm… well… they got the 9-3x right.

        the 9-3 Convert-able…. we can make that one work….able to convert non saabers into saabers

      • To be fair, it appears that this entire website was put together with no input from the any brand’s respective PR departments. I looked at some other brands and found the entire site is riddled with errors. The most blatant is the Mazda2, which lists information for the european Demio! It seems they are recycling information from the 2008 and 2009 auto show. For example, they list the Honda Element (which is now discontinued) while leaving out the Honda Fit (which is one of their best selling models).

  8. It’s going to be a long and bumpy road to recovery in Canada but anything is better than nothing, which is exactly where we were a few short months ago. When I checked for the Toronto show a few weeks ago, they still had no exhibitors list. SAAB HAS to be there, in whichever form. Of course, a 9-4x would be splendid. People buy these types of vehicles by the tons in Canada. Until I see the 9-4x in person, my favorite for now is the Audi Q5.

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