Some final small market Saab sales for 2010

A few good people have sent through sales data for their local markets.



Sales in December – 14 (vs 16 in 2009)

Eight of these were 9-5s and six of them were 9-3s.

Saab sold more than Lexus (8) and were only two cars behind Jaguar (16), but lightyears behind Alfa (186), Subaru (171) and Volvo (238). I don’t think there are too many markets outside of Italy where Alfa Romeo outsell Subaru.

For the full year….

Saab 9-5 – 34 sold (vs 13 in 2009) +161,5 %
Saab 9-3 – 68 sold (vs 222 in 2009) -69,37 %

Total: 102 sold (vs 235 in 2009) -56,6 %

I’m further told that Saab have sold 3 Saab 9-5s in Austria in the first days of 2011. There were only 4 of these sold in the first two months of 2009, so it’s a great start to the year.

For those who think about such things……. there were 15 Cadillac SRX’s sold in Austria in the last four months of 2010 (Cadillac only started Austrian sales in September). There is room for some 9-4x’s there.

Thanks to Andee for the numbers!



There were no Saabs sold in Slovenia in December, unfortunately.

Sales for the year reached just 12 vehicles, after they sold 26 cars in 2009.

I think the words “the only way is up” are appropriate here.

Thanks to Marco (who sent along a bunch of charts wrt to market share as well, but let’s just say it’s very, very small).

31 thoughts on “Some final small market Saab sales for 2010”

  1. Interesting there were more 9-5s sold in austria in december than 9-3s.

    Any news on Australia? Did we make double digits?

    • SAAB is still in it’s historical and uncomfortable position of having only one recent model to offer. The difference with the past is that the situation will change as soon as 2011, with the 9-4x and more importantly, in 2012 with the 9-3. Until then, except for the new 119 g diesel, the 9-3 is going to suffer big time. As an example, my neighbour has one (two SAABs on the same parking is rare in Canada !) and his lease expires soon. He will buy his own car back cause he can’t imagine leasing the same car for the third time. The good part is that he likes it enough to buy it so he is staying in the Family.

  2. I’m from Chile and, although I don’t have any official information, a Saab salesman in Santiago told me they have 12 9-5 ordered and scheduled to arrive later this month. Let’s hope they sell a good number of Saabs this year in Chile… I will be looking for a used new generation 9-5 :D.

    • Great! I have high beliefs in emerging markets like this. I think the return on market investments are much higher on emerging markets like Latin America, Russia and China compared to the overripe markets USA and West Europe.

  3. Saab aught to look at what Ovlov is doing in Austria?
    Maybe Saab also aught to think about starting marketing like this… “Want to buy a Chinese car? Well, then buy the Other brand of Swedish origin… Saab is owned by Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker…Two clog people united” 🙂

    Sorry Chinese Saab nuts…


    • For example Ovlovs total sales in Austria were 3097 cars 0.9 % market share

      Total car sales 328.563 -2010
      vw is leader with 55041 cars the last year (16.8%)

  4. What about Greece? Would be interesting to compare the mediteranean countries. I heard that even with the crisis they are still doing ok there.

  5. I think the key element is this. Even if they are small numbers it is wonderful that Saab still has a presence. Small sales or not, its still rubber on the road and eye candy for those who see.

  6. Just another good reason to buy Saab over Volvo..
    Volvo: “China to be our second home market”

    For a long time i was hoping that Saab would become an independent company again and honestly, i think we take for granted that a really cool Dutch company took it over. It is really the most amazing thing that could have happened, because it could have easily been some Chinese or Indian company who bought Saab. I wouldn’t think twice before buying a Saab if i needed to, but i bought a new one in 08 under GM. I wen’t to check out the 9-5 yesterday and let me say…The interior is alot better in person than in pics, the quality is on par with Audi and it even smells like an Audi!
    I had a thing for Volvo when it was Swedish, even when Ford owned it, they kept it 100% Swedish. Now it is dead to me.

    • I don´t agree with you on that one, about abandoning Volvo because of a Chinese ownership. As long as they understand and respect not to interfere with Jacoby & Co´s work and decisions in Sweden it ´s ok by me. Then they are smart.
      But then I think the Volvo design until today have become almost like VW. Almost as clinically free of emotional design as VW. They don´t stir up anything in me.
      Especially V50 and S40. The new S60, V60 and XC60 is a good start of something new, but the head light arrangements doesn´t appeal to me really. The S80 and XC90 are a bit boring and tiresome I think.
      V70 is potent. And the former S60 in black looks real good, especially when driven by Superintendent Detective Barnaby in Midsomer murders.

  7. Sales figures in Greece

    The number of new cars sold in Greece fell 47 percent in 2010 from a year earlier as taxes rose and wages fell. The number of automobiles sold fell to 141,499 from 265,800. Car sales dropped by 71,995 vehicles, or almost 63 percent, to 42,968 in the second half.

    Saab sold 13 cars in December 2010.
    1 9-5
    3 9-3 X
    9 9-3

    In December only 3 660 cars was sold in Greece. Only 13 cars represents 0,36 % of the market

    In 2010 SAAB sold 232 cars.
    222 9-3
    3 9-3 X
    2 9-3 cabrio
    5 9-5

    The market share was 0,16 %.

    In 2009 SAAB sold 768 cars in Greece
    723 9-3
    19 9-3 cabrio
    10 9-5
    16 9-7 X

    Looking at the figures the 9-3 is very dominant in the Greece market and I suspect that is also the case for the Spanish and Italian markets. Market share 2009 was 0,29 %.

    Even if the figures for December looks bad it follows the same pattern as in other markets. Saab is regaining marketshares!


    • When looking on the month-to-month numbers for Saab in Greece I would not say that the numbers follow the onwes of Spain or Italy, but on the other hand the situation in Greece has been worse than in Italy and Spain. When Greece continue to develop in the right direction, then sales will start to increase.

  8. In a way, I was shocked to learn that SAAB sold only two cars in Canada in December (and probably for the whole year?), but on the other hand, SAAB Canada has done nothing as far as I know to spread the good news. The Web site is not even running on its own yet. I have seen no advertising whatsoever and our local dealer in Québec City hasn’t done any mailings, even though he has the client list of his old competitor who was kind enough to give it to him… No official launch of the 9-5 as far as I know. I sure hope they are planning to hit the Canadian auto shows. Granted, December and January are not the best months for the car industry.

  9. SAAB is listed as present at the Montreal Int. Auto Show but not Québec, which is jammed pack with limited space available. Toronto doesn’t have exhibitor list yet. I’m sure they will be there if they are in Toronto. Don’t know about the eastern and western shows.

  10. good thing is , in the moment a billboard campaign of saab is going on in austria. so something happens. would be nice to reach 2008 or 2009 sales this year.

    but there is a little bit a dealer problem in austria.
    for example ovlov is distributed by the denzel group – premium dealerships, also premium brands.

    saab dealerships can´t compete really with this ambiente. and of course many are primary opel dealerships

  11. some numbers from Romania:

    2010 – registered 24 saabs (don’t know the split between 9-3 and 9-5)
    2009 – 64

    december 2010 – 2 new Saabs + 24 second hand Saabs

    In 2010 in Romina were :
    – 94.500 new cars (- 18,5% from 2009)
    – 210.000 second hend cars, new to Romania roads (vast majority are from Germany)

    • Thanks God, that Denmark is not the 4th market with only 360 cars.
      In Belgium more than 1000 cars were sold, Germany Italy and Spain sold about 600 cars, and there are some other with more than 300 cars sold in 2010.
      But 360 in sum, 60 in November and 150 in December, seems like the Danes have waken up. 🙂

      • In actual sales just for the month of December – then Denmark is number 4 on the list (as Germany sold 131, Spain 119, and France 110 in December). 😉

      • Not for all of 2010 but in December. I can only see that the United States, UK and Sweden have sold more than 150 cars in December

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