Sonett wallpapers – outstanding

Here’s my desktop, as of a few hours ago….

This is one of a series of desktop wallpapers published by Motor Trend, all featuring the various generations of Saab Sonett.

The cars look great and the image quality is outstanding.

Highly recommended, especially if your computer is in need of a change.

Thanks to David W for the tip!

7 thoughts on “Sonett wallpapers – outstanding”

  1. The sonett collection of SCNA in action, doing what they are supposed to do — generate excitement about Saab. What fun it must be to drive the Sonett I , or any of them for that matter, these are like new cars.

  2. Most of all I like the koenigsegg.docx file on the desktop Steven.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Saab “94” or Sonett I is magnificent!


  3. Nice shot, always good to see the collection proudly displayed! Brings back memories of Bob Sinclair literally driving the stock steel wheels off the silver Sonnet II @ Lime Rock ( had to borrow some alloy soccerballs from a friend for the weekend) and the girl who mooned me while I was “exercising” old #2 (as I called the orange sport when it was in my care) back in ’89…..Great cars!

  4. Nice shot … sitting in a aircraft hangar…. might be just too close to the “born from jets”slogan for some people to appreciate ๐Ÿ™‚ but I sure do!

  5. Great stuff
    Hey SWADE check out, there is a very genuine 25,000 mile Orange for sale at $5500!!!!
    Very tempting if you wanted a Sonett!!

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