SU Site Statistics – December 2010

We’re in a new month so I’ll take this weekend opportunity to share the site statistics from December 2010.

SU served 467,222 pages during December 2010, to 67,261 unique visitors. A slower month, thanks to the Christmas break, which really was a break this year.

Seeing we’re at year’s end, why not a small sample of annual numbers as well?

Saabs United served 7,551,995 page views for the whole of 2010. These pages were served to 784,589 individual visitors. Not too shabby, eh?


The top 20 cities visiting Saabs United during December were as follows:

Munich, Berlin and Amsterdam were all in the 25, but just didn’t make it into the top 20.

Much is made of the potential contained in the so-called “BRIC” countries. Visitation here isn’t quite pointing to the same thing, but Russia’s good at 5,821 pages and China’s growing with 1,313 pages (Taiwanese Saab fans viewed just over 2,000 pages for the month). India and Brazil were both around the 400 page mark, so there aren’t many people looking for Saab information there…. yet 🙂


Here are some new stats for you….

19.7% of visits to SU in December were people visiting just once.

28.6% of visits to SU in December were the 200th (or more) visit for the person concerned.


The top 3 individual pages viewed in December 2010 (aside from the home page) were as follows:


That’s it for this month.

And here we go again for the start of 2011!!

15 thoughts on “SU Site Statistics – December 2010”

  1. Interesting to note that Luton comes in at number 20. It is the home of Vauxhall, but no longer for Saab GB (which is based in Cranfield now). I wonder if Saab still has a few fans within the “devil’s lair”?

    • The way that the site tracks these things is by IP address. It is quite possible that if Saab GB is using the same ISP that they continue to use an IP that corresponds to a former location.

      PS – I got a snicker see Luton on the list. For those of us in the US, Luton doesn’t come up much. The most memorable mentions of Luton are from Monty Python.

    • I don’t think that the ISP:s is spliting our contry in the same areas as the public geografical ones.
      Every city often comes as one entity and the surronding areas is excluded. Just like Bromma is a part of Stockholm, but is an entity regarding too ISP and there domains.

      I’m a pretty freqvent visitor, but I use several plattforms to come here. 6-7 differnet spaning from Android phone, win XP and win 7 to Linux ubuntu. I guess some of those is acounted for 200 visits…eash…. 😉

      • It depends on the ISP. Some register IP-blocks per city, some per regio, some per country. Reporting on city-level is far from accurate.

  2. Congratulations to Swade and a fantastic site. It must be great for SAAB having a website like this.

    Would anyone know if other car brands, like BMW, Audi, Volvo etc has such good sites as Saabsunited?

  3. I’d be curious to see where Lincoln, NE was at in the list of cities. Makes me wonder if I’m the only one from Nebraska visiting this site on a consistent basis.

    I’m one of those people that reads and very rarely posts btw. I’m on here at least a couple times a day checking in on any news. Keep up the great work Swade.

    • I live in Minneapolis, although I grew up in Omaha. I’d be curious about Nebraska viewership as well. The first weekend after I got my 2010 9-5 I drove down to Lincoln for a football game, and got a few curious looks on I-80 on the way in.

    • 240 visits from 5 cities in Nebraska (avg 1.78 pages per visit).

      Omaha – 136
      Lincoln – 53
      Mullen – 46
      La Vista – 4
      Elkhorn – 1

      • Appreciate you posting those stats. Makes me wonder what’s up with Mullen as it’s a small town of about 500 people in the middle of the state.

  4. It would be very interesting if you could add a column to the first table that depicts number of vists per inhabitant in each city, that would be sort of a measure of the relative interest.

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