Sunday Night Snippets – Euro Saab 9-4x prices

After a city-load of rain the last week, it was nice to have a pearler of a weekend. I hope you’ve had a great one, too.


Congratulations have to go out to occasional SU commenter, ‘Sappy’, who just won a trip with Saab to the Ice Hotel.

Sappy recently purchased a new Saab in the UK and entered via a draw open to new owners. His wife’s not too keen on the idea, so I think he might be holding a raffle to see which one of his mates goes along.



Following are a few slides from Saab in Belgium, detailing prices for the vehicles and the options available. Click to enlarge.

Belgian Saab 9-4x Pricing

Belgian Saab 9-4x Options

If anyone wants the full info for the Belgian release of the Saab 9-4x, click here.

I’m hoping to bring you some of the first European impressions of the vehicle from Jorrit, a regular here at SU, who went to take a look at the 9-4x in Brussels over the weekend.


This is pretty cool.

If you’ve got a 2008-2011 Saab 9-3 that isn’t an Aero and you’d like to add a little bit of Aero flair, Saab USA Parts (site sponsor) has a kit for Aero foglamp surrounds.

We have taken the standard black foglight housings and painted the centers black with a silver edge to give the same affect that the Aero style has.

Each kit is painted to order, so you might have to allow 7-10 days for them to be shipped.


I got a note from Kurt at telling me that the official Saab facebook page was edging very close to 60,000 members.

Right now, it’s at 59,398.

If you’re registered on facebook but haven’t hooked up with Saab there, then maybe a “Like” is something you could consider. They have occasional competitions and all sorts of other stuff there, and you can even have your car posted as their profile picture for the week.

Saab on Facebook.


Another image from the Saab showcase outside the Detroit Auto Show.

From Flickr.

Saab Hirsch Detroit

73 thoughts on “Sunday Night Snippets – Euro Saab 9-4x prices”

  1. Small note… There are currently 2 pictures for the 9-4X prices. You could either combine them in to one picture, or clearly separate them from each other.

    It took a while (seriously! 🙂 ) before I realized that the price of the car was there as well (not just options) as the image with the car prices is so small and similar looking as the image with options.

  2. I bet 1 € that in a few hours we will have people writing here about how expensive the 9-4X is and so on. I just conclude it’s the price for the Belgium market and I have no idea how it will be in the others – as the tax level is so different between countries.

    • Exactly, this is the Belgian market only.

      60K is about what I would have expected for a European release. We all know it’s not going to sell a lot there (cue the diesel comments).

  3. I guess the 9-4X will sell ok here. Enough to see them on occation out and about.

    A price in the range of a BMW X3 or an Audi A5 is a good one I guess with similar equipment.

    Sappy… You Have to change her mind! Who could resist this:
    Huh? If she goes along, she will have the experiance of a lifetime! EVERYTHING is beautiful up there.


    • To put the price of the 9-4x into context.
      (and without looking at which extras are included or not)
      Th 9-4x is 500 € more expensive than the Q5 and 1500 € more expensive than the X3, otoh it is 1000-2000 € less expensive than the SRX.
      Remainder: I don’t know what is included and what is not, so it is difficult to say if thos prizes are comparable or not.

        • Nikolay,
          it is not an easy or fair comparison, but in Belgium you can get a XC90 Momentum D5 AWD geartronic (200hp) for 49.670 €. Which is about the same price as the Saab 9-4x Linear.

          Nonetheless I think many people will prefer to take the Volvo because it is a Diesel and you have the 3rd row option.

  4. I’m looking forward to the Swedish prices when available and see how they stack up against the Volvo XC60. I wonder if the 9-4X will be available as a FWD base model also?

  5. Sappy: I think you should try to convince your wife to tag along. I suspect there are quite a few interesting activities for your wife to partake in. And if you’re lucky, you’ll spot the aurora borealis!

    In any case, congratulations!

    • Sappy,
      Going to the Ice hotel really should be regarded as a life-time experience.
      To pay for this trip yourself and do the activities would cost a few thousand Pounds.
      There are few things that MasterCard just can buy.

      This is one of them and one shouldn’t be so uncertain as to pass up on this adventure.

      • JohnA,

        strangely enough (even I was surprised), that wasn’t me! 🙂 I’m much less polite and coherent when commenting shoddy journalism.

        We’re about three different Runes leaving comments on Swade’s blog. I’m sure mr Frilstad is one of us, but not me specifically.

  6. Well… I think we should just accept Sappy’s wife opinion to stay home… By the way… People say that I am an excellent travel partner and I would love to see the ice hotel one day **HINT** 😉

  7. Somebody at Saab must have been overexcitedly falling over their toes to publish the price list, as there are Flemish leftovers in the obviously Francophone list as pictured above… Does Saab need a proofreading department?

    Along the same lines, I am afraid – I am quite sure there is one Sappy who won the trip to the Ice Hotel. I guess this is fully understandable though, I get excited about posting on SaabsUnited as well, and oftentimes I can’t make out what I actually meant later on 😀

    • On a more serious note – what’s the point of the non-Premium Linear??? Will EUR 4K make any difference in that segment? Does anybody ever yearn for a “stripper” car @ EUR 50K? Perhaps there is a tax or other legal incentive for cars under EUR 50K in Belgium that I don’t know of, but otherwise, I really don’t understand the logics behind that.

      Wouldn’t it have made more sense to call the “Premium Linear” Vector, btw? Especially at that price point…

      PS. Just to give perspective to the readers not acquainted with the price tiers in Belgium/EU, the 9-5, which is an expensive car for all means and purposes, STARTS @ EUR 36K, and EUR 50K is Aero 2.0T XWD territory. The 9-4X will surely need to be marketed as a really upscale vehicle, so why “Linear” and non-Nav versions at all?

      • For many people doing price comparisons, they don’t spec the cars similarly, so in that case it will surely help to have a model in the pricelist which isn’t specced with all the bells and whistles?

    • You’re right about the language: The “electric preheater” remained in flemish and i don’t think the walloon people like that 🙂 but I don’t know where this picture comes from… Is it really an official brochure or just some draft paper?

  8. Some might want 9-4 for pulling heavy loads and for “family” use, for them 4k is a large sum of money and they do not need *bling bling* equipment.

    • I am not buying that – there are vehicles such as the Nissan Pathfinder MUCH better suited for such use available at least EUR 10K cheaper. And the Pathfinder is not a downmarket vehicle in Europe.

      I am quite sure those Linears WILL sell (after all, I personally know people who relieved dealers of non-navigation Linears), but the externality of turning away buyers looking for exclusivity and class might not be offset. If the Saab cost +50% over the Pathfinder being VASTLY superior, it would have made sense (i.e. this is what the Aero is). But now the Saab costs +EUR 10K over the Pathfinder et al and doesn’t really offer much more other than the Saab badge to the casual buyer.

      • For Saab loyalist in Europe, it’s not about Saab or Nissan, it’s about “can I afford Saab or not”.

        Wealthy casual shoppers are in the USA market and that’s why USA market is so important for Saab.

      • My bet is that they should assume a limited amount of sold cars since the mainstream want diesels and that’s not an option anyway. It will only be people who really like Saab or fall in love the exterior styling of the 9-4x who buy this car. In both cases, a Nissan price is totally irrelevant. Then it seems logic to price it around the Q5! So yes, being Belgian and knowing the status of Saab there, this pricing makes sense to me.

  9. Swedish Teknikens värld has published an interview with Jan Åke Jonsson on their web page.
    Not much new info there, but they do mention that the rumors say that in addition to a design concept, Saab will also present some new technology at the Geneva Motor show in March. Also there is a picture of JÅJ behind his desk at his office and they write that his office is very ordinary and modest. The curtains are from the 1980s! I really like the modest and down to earth impression we get of JÅJ 🙂

  10. The original Aero foglamp surrounds began to peel off after only one year on my ’09 9-3, being replaced by warranty. Anyone else with the same problem? I am now looking suspiciously at the hood emblem expecting something. 🙂

  11. Well, comparing the price of Ireland and Belgium’s higher CO2 9-5’s, I suspect the 9-4X will probably be about €6000-7000 more in Ireland, which would start the car at around €55,000.

    But. Volvo have in the last weeks knocked almost €10,000 off the starting price of the XC90, so that its base price is €51,995 – but that’s for a diesel 2.4D ‘D3’, former D5 unit. The XC60 starts at €42,995. So, if it comes to Ireland, I think Saab Ireland would adjust the price – my guess is €47,500. 🙂

  12. about the 9-4X….. This is not “Belgian” related but funny none the less and wanted to share.

    The other day while daydreaming at work, I was looking at the 9-4x via I was changing the wheels along with colors and I found that I really like it in Crystal Red.

    This morning, over coffee I drooled once again and called for my wife to join me in my “room” so I could show her something (keep it clean fellas)…

    Anyway as she walked into the room she said “Ill bet this is something Saab related”…(why would she say that?) I showed her the short video of the 9-4x and to my joy she said she really liked it, especially the front and rear end design. Then I showed her the 360 view of the 9-4x in Crystal Red… I have never heard her get so excited over any sort of car. The oohs and aaahs were as if I handed her a $1000 gift card to hobby lobby to buy yarn.

    But there is a evil side….as a unintentional insult she said ” It’s so much nicer than the Soul”!!! Horrified at that comment all I could fumble out was ” you bet your a__ it is and how dare you even compare them?” Forgive my wife for she is stuck on the “cuteness” of the Kia Soul due to their silly but clever rodent (hamster) influenced commercials.

    whew!!! thank goodness for the 9-4x for as long as they (and the 9-3x) are being made, I’ll never have to see a Kia in my driveway. You can roll with this, or you can roll with that.

    • So.. how many months until you’ll be having that Chrystal Red 9-4X on your driveway after a drive to the shop spending $1000 on the hobby yarn? (And don’t worry – all yarn will fit inside the trunk.. 😉 )

    • i love the “Ill bet this is somethimg Saab related” remark, I get that ALL the time. But then again I have to listen to what Steve Jobs at Apple has been up to today (and EVERY DAY) so we’re about even.

      Mrs 74stingray, we all forgive you. 🙂

      BTW thats a heckuva lot of €.

  13. Just thinking about something completely different than what this article is about, but I’ve heard about a designer called Ellie Saab. Wouldn’t it be nice if the 2012 Saab 2 years anniversary of independency special edition of 367 cars would be called: “2 years anniversary special edition Saab 9-5 SC by E.Saab”?! Just a thought 😀

  14. At the european launch in Brussels I wish they could already announce a date when a (cheaper) diesel engine will be available for the 9-4x ( hello Saab ??). – There won’t be one. That’s why they didn’t announce it – SW
    Now I’m afraid a lot of potential Saab-novice buyers will be disappointed and never look back again. Missed opportunity imho. Strange strategy from Saab (reminds me a bit of the GM era).
    And for Belgium: no diesel, no deal. (only exceptions are high premium Cayennes)

    • Yep, as Swade said – it will never be a diesel. My only thought about that is that the 9-4X is manufactured in Mexico in a GM plant, and if GM don’t give the SRX a diesel – then the 9-4X will not have one.

      The only option for adding a diesel according to me is when Saab move the production to Trollhättan and base the model on another platform (that is some time in the future with unknown date).

      Agreed. I believe the future of the Saab 9-4x involves a new-generation vehicle, built in Trollhattan on Pheonix. A diesel will most likely become available at the time and the 9-4x will then become a world vehicle in the real sense of the phrase – SW

      • The 9-4x is mainly intended for the US market, that’s why it doesn’t need a diesel version. Moving 9-4x production is very unlikely because it is much cheaper to manufacture it in Mexico and then sell it in the US than it would be to ship it from Sweden to the US.
        The 9-4x is a given horse (all expenses paid by GM!), stop whining about the lack of diesel engines, missing options, etc., etc. Each 9-4x sold (in the US) is pure profit for Saab, giving them the chance to finance the next line of Saabs.

  15. Crikey, I’m famous.

    Well after two days of discussion, internet research and many YouTube videos of the Ice Hotel and Adventure watched, my wife is coming.

    I have had many and varied offers from family, friends and colleagues, including a couple of ladies much younger than me from work (good for the ego) but as you all rightly say it’s the trip of a lifetime so how could she refuse.

    She also picked up the SAAB magazine which had offered the prize and discovered an article on the new 9-4, her next few words filled me with dread……….that’s nice, how much is it, when will it be for sale, it’s much nicer than an X5.

    I plan on a new 9-5 Sportwagon to replace my 9-3 Sportwagon in a few years. The 9-4 just doesn’t do it for me, if I wanted a proper 4×4 then a 30yr old lightweight Land Rover would be my choice and I’ve yet to find a more luxurious, comfortable and utterly reliable softroader than the 8yr old RX300 I use once in a while.

    My current vehicles are a 2010 9-3 1.8t Convertible with TX pack in metallic Jet Black and parchment interior plus a 2007 9-3 1.8t Sportwagon in metallic Chilli Red again with the parchment in case anyone thinks ‘Sappy’ is a cunning SAAB marketing ploy.

    SAAB Arctic Adventure here we come.

  16. OK… Enough of the usual fluff about hirsch performance parts (even if they look great on that gorgeous 2011 9-5), lets talk about my recent putrid new dealer experience at a local Southern California SAAB dealer (will go nameless) on my new (yes new) 2010 SAAB 9-5. On my most recent oil service and window switch failure (mid December) the dealer accidently added tranny fluid to the oil reservoir and tried to cover it up by not admitting fault and dodging my phone calls after calling to check the status of the repair (oh yeah I forgot tell you that the car broke down on the way home coughing up white smoke) on the 10 freeway.

    Whilst I was stuck on the side of the freeway (for three hours waiting until SAAB roadside assistance towed my car back to the dealer) I was having to deal with a incompetent, rude, and disaffected service advisor.. (and after calling SAAB Cust Service and still after 23 days no return call)

    I have finally hired an attorney and stopped making payments on the vehicle. And after 6 SAABS (since 1986) and six SoCal dealer experiences I can honestly tell you that none of them have been satisfactory or enjoyable.

    Yeah, now that I have everyones’ head out of the clouds I have to tell you that the State of SAAB here in Southern California is horrid and I am not the only one who is about to jump ship and purchase an Infiniti G 37.

    Why do you think Walter Wong is soo busy? If I could take my 2010 9-5 to Walter I would!!!

    Pissed Off and Not Going to Take It Anymore…. Enough is enough… Victor are you listening hombre?

    • Please SCNA take care of your costumer, even if (wuza9-5lover) have a dealer and bla bla. Take it to a higher level, so step in and solv his problem pronto!

      Remember: A customer is always right even if he is wrong. It may cost Saab money they don´t want to spend but in the long run it´s the only strategy that´s work.

      A yelling customer is a nightmare (I know) and that´s a price on that I do not think Saab needs right now. If it handles the right way both will be satysfied and we have a Win/win situation.

      This statement is in general and even I have broken it depending on situation. The deal is that we don´t know the whole story but a good “organisation” can handel this in the best way. Amen!

      This is thing you can argue about for hours, should I even send this one????
      Well of course, I have over 20 years of experience and I know witch way I beleve in.

    • I can assure you that your incident has been brought to the attention of the head honchos there in Royal Oak. I had a few things to pass on that have crossed my desk in the last month or so. Yours was (some unfortunate) icing on the cake.

      Personally speaking, I’m sorry about your experience and I hope a satisfactory resolution can come about some time soon.

    • The most disturbing thing about this…
      “(and after calling SAAB Cust Service and still after 23 days no return call) ”
      Yes, cars break. Dealership employees can drop the ball but not getting a return call from Saab Customer Assist after 23 days is unthinkable.
      This is a $50k + car, people. We have to start acting like a company that sells $50k + vehicles!

  17. Sappy,
    Congratulations on your prize, try and tell your wife that it is a great idea to go, she will totally enjoy it. My wife hates the cold but enjoyed our win a few years ago. If you want to get in touch I can tell you more but it is a great trip and you will love every moment of it.
    Click on my name above for a few photo’s.

  18. Does anyone know how large the luggage area without the rear seats installed are? Would a crate the size of 140cm long, 110 cm tall and 90 cm wide fit? I fear not, but in the slight chance that it could, the 9-4X could be sold with green plates in Norway which would make the car much more affordable and perhaps generate a few sales.

  19. Tomas, Cool down. Has he contacted scna? Scna isn’t in this forum looking for angry customers! Of course I feel sorry for him but this kind of stuff happens daily with other brand aswell!! Its people doing the service and that means things can go wrong! He should write to SAAB HQ and they will probably take care of it but then again probably not since he already opened lawsuite and its up to the lawyers now.

    • You´r right! The thing is really the way customer get treated (body language) from distracted personal. It can piss me of, and that´s an mentality thing that should not happend in the first place. Everything broke down, even Saabs of course.

      Now locking forward to 9,3 SC 11,5 180hp/119gCO. A good year I hope!

      • When something goes wrong with one of our cars, my wife thinks its the end of the world, sell the car, it’s a lemon.. name it.

        Think about how many things must “click” perfectly when the key is turned ( or button pushed)… stuff happens, thats why they have a service department. Its a shame this happened they way it did. No excuse for the tech to add tranny fluid to a crankcase… silly.

        SCNA really needs to work on the customer / roadside service and deal with the right companies. When my combi broke down last year, it took two hours before a tow truck even called me. Then once the tow driver called, he refused to wait at the gate so I could gain him access to get my car. The jerk took off saying he had too many other tow jobs and didn’t have time to go through security for the base.

        This was not SCNA’s fault, but I did tell Saab customer care they should stop using that tow company for their service. The dealer I bought my SC from dispatched a flatbed within 15 minutes of my call and my SC was fixed three hours after getting towed ( coil packs). For that my service manager got a bottle of wine and a hearty handshake for taking care of my car in a timely manner. My small gesture of thanks gained me a heavily discounted oil change and free tire rotation. I’d like to think I have a good, personal friendship with my service manager.

        Not pointing any fingers at initial posting, just making a comment.
        A cool head with a well thought out argument will get farther than a incoherent, rude, yelling customer. Sadly, most people go the yelling route.

          • Oh, i agree to that, but in the end, it still does not get anything accomplished other than more bad blood. I’m not suggesting be a push over, but dont be a jerk either.

          • Ah yeah I know, and you’re right – was just a bit annoyed/disappointed to hear this story. Saab, or Saab dealers rather, just cannot afford any avoidable mistakes right now if they are going to earn back people’s trust. The mistake was, not the wrong fluid, but the treatment after. That really, really gets me.

          • Social skills are the most superior “way” to succeed and that meens in both direction. Think about it and you know I´m right.
            Yell at me and you actually think that you get any benefit out of me?
            Be nice to me and you get advantages. Why, cos your worth it (wasn´t that a commercial, by the way).

            Humans are responsive and you be treated by the way you treat others. At least you get ahead and won´t lose on it. 74stingray is a proof I´m right. So the atitude of “I payed $50 000 and treat me like a king atitude” is of course not the right approach if you are “street smart” a smile is everything or a bottle of wine.

  20. Is this happening every time you call them? If not then we shouldnt draw conclusions about this specific case that apparently went wrong! That happens from time to time even for more expensive cars that the support chain fails! Its just humans behind it!!

  21. A quick status report on my poisoned 9-5 (with tranny fluid). I spoke to SCNA again this morning (early) and I was told that the engine is salvageable (albeit a new head require replacement).

    The dealer called me soon after apologizing (the owner) and is giving me a camaro SS (holden, right swade) for the next couple of days while my car is being fixed.

    Swade, did you have anything to do with their immediate response?
    I love you (and my wife thinks you are a rock star).

    • It looks like happy end !! 😉
      I don’t know it for sure, but I have the impression that many Saab honchos (as Swade says) read this site.

      • Absolutely, I’d be looking for something in writing saying that the car is fine and safe to drive, that they acknowledge their mistake and are giving you an extended warranty as mentioned, or even just that the existing warranty won’t be made void by this mistake. (ie. what if there is a recall in 5 years time for some engine issue, similar to the sludge, and Saab won’t honour engines that have evidence of transmission fluid in them etc.)

        • I don’t think this is a SAAB issue, poor quality car dealer service tend not to be brand specific although in my experience here in the UK.

          Audi dealers are cocks, BMW dealers are aloof, VW dealers are bland, Honda dealers are confused, Lexus dealers are excellent, Ford dealers are football hooligans.

          SAAB dealers should be helpful enthusiasts, no beards or sandals just friendly efficiency.

          • Audi dealers are cocks, BMW dealers are aloof, VW dealers are bland, Honda dealers are confused, Lexus dealers are excellent, Ford dealers are football hooligans.


  22. I wonder why the 94x is set with such a hefty price?
    I am aware of that this matter has been brought up on a numerous occations before, but here is my thaught.
    The way I understand it, Saab is “buying” the 94x from GM. I would not be surprised if the price Saab is paying GM was a pretty big issue during the closing negotiations a year ago, and mabye one that VM & JÅJ simply had to roll with GM with = hefty price per unit. That would perhaps mean that Saab hardly makes any money selling the 94x at “normal Saab pricing” wich means below the x3 and the Q5. So, instead of selling the cars with no profit they have set the price at this level, knowing sales will be slow but at least profitable.
    Atleast Saab will have a car in the segment drawing people to the dealers.

  23. I am at the corner of pch.and sunset enjoying my loaner camaro ss (silver) while carlson (my 2010 9-5 aero) is having it’s head and other top end items replaced.

    Thank you for suggesting the extended warranty on the vehicle. SCNA and the local dealer (nameless, but in SoCal) are discussing options for me. I am keeping my attorney in the loop in the event they play hard ball (as dealers tend to do).

    I also have a call into walter wong to see if he can work with scna to do my repairs (which is a long shot I know). Thanks for all the advice and support. That’s why I stay with a saab because of this wonderful community.

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