Sweduction Days in Belgium

Saab Belgium are preparing for the Brussels Motor Show later this week.

Last year they turned pink with the I Love Saab campaign. This year they’re turning blue, with “Sweduction Days” (take out the “w” and you’ll get the idea).

As with ‘I Love Saab’, they’ve prepared some badges for the campaign…..

They’ve also prepared a website with the same theme, available in a couple of funny languages at www.sweductiondays.be


From a web guy’s point of view, it’s great to see this new website written in something other than Flash. It actually works with Google translate so those of you who, like me, don’t speak LOTE, can play around in there and get a reasonable idea of what’s going on.

Well done again, Saab Belgium!

And have fun at the Brussels Motor Show, with the first European appearance of the production Saab 9-4x.

10 thoughts on “Sweduction Days in Belgium”

  1. Saab Belgium seems to run a pretty tight ship. These good looking campaigns and best selling country after SE/UK/US, beating much larger countries like Germany, Spain and Italy.

    • Behermans, the importer, seems to have some interest in selling Saabs.
      Maybe they should also take care of the Dutch market.

      Actually, they do! It’s just not as evident. Hopefully that will change. – SW

      • A new marketing campaign is currently running. That, and the increased possitive news the last couple of weeks should help the brand. I stopped by a dealership earlier this week just after they had received 9 new 9-5’s. So I guess business is catching up…

  2. Saab.pt has been updated in the same manner as the Canadian site, with a list of dealers (12) and some garages. Interesting to follow what will happen in that market. The new importer (Hipogest) appears to be a major player in importing and distributing major car brands, judging from their website.

  3. Nice. One niggle about Behermans is that they could spend some of the energy on customer relations instead…

  4. Even though the website is in HTML4, it’s nice to see people moving away from Flash. HTML5 natively rendered in a browser is a far more ideal solution than the proprietary, often bug-ridden and performance-arresting archaic old Flash plugin.

    Flash = Past / HTML5 = Future

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