Thursday Night Snippets – Gomez edition

Get myself arrested is one of my favourite tunes of all time and I’m pretty sure you’ll be singing it after watching this video from the Brussels Motor Show.

It’s not often that Victor Muller is upstaged in a video, but I think it’s fair to say it’s happened here. It’s in Dutch, but don’t let that stop you.

The video also features the wonderful Sofie from Saab, which is a surprise as she’s usually a behind-the-scenes type. Wonderful to see her out and about as she does so much hard work there in Belgium.


Speaking of VM, Saabworld has come across a great story about his little dinghy, which you can hire if you’ve got some spare change and want to drift around the Caribbean during the winter.

Click here for more pictures of The Highlander (there can be only one VM, right).


And whilst we’re covering VM and extravagant things, let’s move sideways to Spyker. It seems the rumours were true: they’re ditching the Audi powerplant for a 6.2litre LS9 engine out of the Corvette for the C8 Aileron Spyder.

Grunty, with craftsmanship.


Congratulations to Till72, another one of our regulars here at SU, who’ll be off to the Ice Hotel at Saab Germany’s invitation for the Saab Ice Experience.

Rumour has it that another occasional SU contributor might be heading up there, too.

Add those to Sappy who won a trip from SaabGB last week and it’s going to be a regular SU party up there!


It’s interesting that reader opinions seem to be divided over which engine should be the one to power the Saab 9-5 SportCombi in the US.

It’s a no-win situation for SCNA if you ask me.


Luke Lewis, the guy who organised the reportedly resplendent autumnal drive through Connecticut back in November is planning another one.

This time it’s a trek around Rhode Island, on Saturday, March 12th.

Interested parties should check out the Facebook page for the event.


A Saab Support Convoy memory from Denmark. January 2011.

Thanks to Hans T

16 thoughts on “Thursday Night Snippets – Gomez edition”

  1. About the Ice Hotel… I wish I was the one being rumored!

    About the 9-5SC engine. Seems to me people are too critical about Saab considering this time last year they were just about DOA. Give it some time, let the kinks work out, be happy to even have a Saab to buy! If you don’t buy a Saab because it is missing an option here or there, then maybe you’re not really a Saab enthusiast, IMHO. (the legitimate diesel arguement excluded for non US folks)
    I’m very positive Saab can build more combinations of driveline, but when does it become economical for Saab to deal with the changeover to accomodate a few people who demand this or that?

    Some of the arguements just boggles my mind, the small things that just don’t matter to me but are deal breakers to others. To each his own, I can still read a map and compass.

    • It’s really tough for Saab in the US where dealers sell mostly from stock. Here in Germany we mostly order our cars the way we like them and wait for delivery. So it’s easy for Saab to build on demand. For the US they must predict which engine and trim they can sell most and limit deliveries to those models. May work for VW et al but Saab buyers are a bunch of individualists. Doesn’t make it easier. Having to pass every model through emission tests is another problem.

      I hope Saab can be more profitable soon and is then able to offer more trims and versions in all markets. But for now they just have to make the best out of it.

      • I agree, Id love to custom order my Saab built to MY specs, but it simply is not going to happen ( for now) . But it’s pretty much the same for GM, Ford, Chrysler… most dealers will not custom order and would rather sell off the lot or trade dealer to dealer for something “close” to what the customer wanted.

    • I think, in the US, the V6 is needed to get customer attention and get the 9-5 on the short list (as some potential buyers won’t even consider it unless it has a V6), but you need the 2.0T to close the deal. I.e., both are needed.

  2. From a well known automotive publication, their confidential section (which encourages those in the know to submit snippets) the following is mentioned:

    There’s a bizarre element to Subaru’s sales success in the US (it outsold VW last year). Plenty of US buyers apparently think they are buying a snow-friendly Swedish go-anywhere car, not a Japanese one. The impression was reinforced when GM temporarily linked Subaru with Saab a few years back.”

    If only there was a way that Saab can tap into this blissful ignorance!

    There is nothing ignorant or even bizarre in the zeal with which Subaru are taking the safety issue. In comparison to Saab, Subaru appears to be taking the proverbial sledge hammer to a nut scenario but I am left deeply impressed by their efforts so far. The link below shows the concerns US rescue crews have with regards to increasing use of Ultra High Strength Steels (UHSS) in cars.

    This is an area where the Swedes lead –the Saab 9000 was apparently the first in the world with its side impact protection forged out of ‘Boron 02’ a material whose strength is only exceeded by Titanium.

    Anyway, Subaru have incorporated no less than 8 layers of this ‘UHSS stuff’ into the B pillar alone including what looks like a solid rod. Incredible! (take scroll down too)

  3. Another thing that chaps my backside…. a local unnamed dealer has 18 MY 2011 Saabs on the lot and all of them are a shade of grey or black…. no red, no white, no blue, no variety.

    One other dealer ( the one I go to ) does have a 9-5 in Oak, Blue and a few in white.

  4. Dumb girls in latex at auto shows! Thanks God that Sofie shows that there also smart woman associated with cars.

  5. Luke is like THEEE Saab guy in New England. He deserves a cookie. I’m not sure that Rhode Island has anything like Mount Washington to offer this time, but I’m still going 🙂

    How is it that I have never heard of Sofie before?

    Putting that LS9 V8 into the new Spyker is going to be nothing short of a match made in heaven 🙂 That may be the worlds best/most versatile V8 for applications like this. It really is the best GM contribution to the automotive world!

  6. That video from the Belgium show is the second time I’ve heard Victor speaking in Dutch (and at length). After hearing him speak so eloquently in English for so so long, it is such a different experience when hearing him in his native tongue.

    Regarding his beautifully restored yacht, we need to find out when and where in New England it is headed for. I hope it’s Newport, RI! If you didn’t read the related articles, let it be known that Victor spent millions to restore the yacht to its original condition using materials, parts and systems orignal to circa 1967.

    The story also tells us that Victor will be in St. Petersburg at the end of March for the Grand Prix.

    This was a fun and informative snippets post!

    • Yeah, let’s scrape $50k together and take the yacht for spin!

      I feel that Victor is saying a bit more when he is speaking in Dutch. When speaking in English he immediately goes into PR mode, basically always saying the same things. That’s a bit of a pity because he is a really nice and open person.

  7. 74Stingray,
    I agree I was looking for a red or white 9-3 with a 6 speed manual, comfort pkg and they were very hard to find. (JMK had a white one)
    90% of the 9-3s within 300 miles of me were autos (lazy Americans!) and the few 6 speeds were black or gray (boring)
    I found a couple of red ones but they all were no heated seats! Why Saab would ship any cars to the Northern US w/o heated seats is beyond me?? Every Saab that I’ve bought since 1984 has had “bunwarmers”.
    It is to hard to find the car you want to buy!!

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