TTELA cover the Saab signing anniversary

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TTELA have honored the 12-month anniversary of Spyker signing to purchase Saab with a Victor Muller interview. They cover the purchase, Vladimir Antonov, the business plan and the cult of personality.

Some Googletrans snippets:


A real cliffhanger is a worn out sports cliché, but when it comes to negotiations that preceded the fight between Spyker Saab and GM, it is an entirely accurate description. When TTELA reaches Saab Chairman Victor Muller to talk about what happened is he – as usual – on the road, he is in London to meet with Vladimir Antonov.

– We were about to give up safely ten times, the deal was indeed stone dead several times during the negotiation with GM, said Muller.

– But we did not give up. I have often quoted Winston Churchill: “When you go through hell – just carry on.”


(About Antonov)

– The way he was treated by the media with all the rumors and accusations is really shameful. He was innocent all along, which of course the reports also revealed! There he made for Saab should not be underestimated – it had not been a Saab business without him. He was with all the time from GM’s announcement to close 18 December to deal Jan. 26.

– He has a genuine empathetic approach to Saab. There should be a statue of him erected in Trollhättan.


– We have a huge product offensive, it is [the best] way to convince skeptics……

Muller emphasizes that there are not just negative stories to tell about Saab. On the contrary – the new 9-5 model, BMW-co, 9-4X, cleaner engines and new 9-5 station wagon …


When asked how he sees himself on constantly at the center of the Swedish and Dutch media he says.

– Yes, last I saw they commented on how I was dressed. It is not good when it gets too much focus on one person, the important thing is Saab. We need to tone it down.

– In Holland, I became the synonym of Spyker, which was not good. Just look what happens when a person is too much associated with a company. Steve Jobs’s a fantastic person, but when he gets sick falling stock price for Apple, a company with tens of thousands of employees. It’s not healthy.

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6 thoughts on “TTELA cover the Saab signing anniversary”

  1. There´s also an interresting article on Brunius views regarding the start up of the subtractors.

    “Han berättar att det var med stor möda som företaget fick igång leveranserna av nya 9–5 före och efter sommarsemestern.
    – Det jobbet vi gjort är egentligen helt obegripligt. En fantastisk arbetsinsats från alla sidor.”
    “The work weve done is completely unbelieveble. An amazing work effort from all parts.”

      • Interesting comment, don´t you think!
        I´m mot sure I really believe that´s the truth, but sure hope so.

        Anyway, it´s going to be a most exciting year and I pray to God it´s going to be successful one.

  2. – Vi har en oerhörd produktoffensiv, det är ett sätt att övertyga skeptikerna. Konceptet för nya 9–3:an visas ju nu på Genèvemässan.
    – We have a huge product offensive, it is a way to convince sceptics. The concept for the new 9-3 will be shown just said at the Geneva Fair.

    I thought the concept they wanted to show this year was not meant to be coupled to any particular car, something like the Aero X, but those are VM words.

    I get a little bit confused reading this article. When talking about Antonov, VM says one should erect an statue of Antonov in THN, on the other side he says that is not good to concentrate on persons, like is the case with Steve Jobs and Apple, and how is happening now with him.

    • 1)I think he meant that the next-gen 9-3 will take cues from the geneva-concept, and hence it’s “a concept for the new 9-3”. I tihnk it’s been stated quite clearly that the concept will not be THE new 9-3.

      2) About Antonov I think he meant that instead of insulting him in the press they should thank him as Saab without him wouldn’t exist, and to exemplify this he just metaphorically suggested building a statue of him. I doubt Muller would want Antonov to be to Saab what Jobs is for Apple. You have to read between the lines 😉

  3. Do the dealers know about Saab independence day? Had my 04 9-3 in for GMPP warranty work on a mirror motor and mentioned it was a good day to be there, Saab independence day. They just said “What?” They didn’t know about the upcoming advertising blitz either, they’ve heard nothing. Maybe if they knew, they could have included that in their weekly newspaper ad. Oh well.
    I’m kind of glad the 03-04 years weren’t so reliable as the current models. Gives me an excuse to visit the dealer once in awhile. Plus, all the free car washes make it worthwhile. 🙂

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