Update – Hirsch in the US and Canada

There are a couple of updates to be posted following yesterday’s publication of a Hirsch dealer list for the United States.


People should note that Hirsch won’t be available in the US until the second quarter of 2011. A more exact date is not known. The publication of a preliminary dealer listing doesn’t mean it’s available now.

The reason why it will take until Q2 is that certain equipment is needed to do the software updates and they’re trying to secure adequate supply and distribution before things get underway.


As mentioned, the list was a preliminary list and in fairness, it was too early to place it online. It had a good list of Saab dealers, but there are more who are very likely to jump on board (it’s a dealer’s choice as to whether they opt in).

Hopefully a complete list will become available in Q2.


Questions were asked in comments to that post about availability in Canada and whether or not Canadians can go south of the border, get tuned and still be covered by warranty. From what I’ve heard, the answer is “No” to that particular scenario….. BUT……

The good news is that SCNA are currently working with Transport Canada and plan to launch Hirsch products there (no timeframe given) and of course, they’ll be covered by warranty there just like everywhere else.

4 thoughts on “Update – Hirsch in the US and Canada”

  1. Thanks for the update Swade. Good to know SCNA has not forgotten about us, their friendly neighbors to the north.

  2. exciting news to hear hirsch might come to Canada hopefully sooner than later a little off topic … Swade had post middle of Jan. with pics of Montreal autoshow mentioning cars were locked but they would open the to anyone who was interested. I attended show this past Sunday which was the last day of the show and they had 3 9-3 s fully opened and one of 2 9-5 were open and there seemed to be quite a number of people interested. The sales personnel were quite proactive to answer any questions and have people pass by dealer for a test drive. Seems promising, however I still think they should have had an aero 9-5 and a 9-4x on display

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