58 thoughts on “US Saab 9-5 TV spot”

    • OMG they sound good!
      I think we can get a clue to Saabs racing succeses at 3:11 and 5:13 in that documentary! 🙂

  1. Very nice to see some new Saab TV commercials! I like this one and it is probably suitable in the US to tell potential customers about Saab’s history. 🙂

  2. This new Saab marketing wave is miles above what was being done lately under GM (and quite perfect in my view most of the time).
    I’m really happy about it!! 🙂 Proud, even.

  3. Very Strong. I think this would be a good candidate for one of those ads where they run a longer version at the launch and then later edit it down to a 30 sec spot like this. Two thumbs up!

  4. How many folks here have watched it more than once? I even posted it to my facebook page so my friends can see it!

  5. Goodbye nightmare GM ads and hello new independent Saab ads.

    I would give it 8 out 10 stars, it didn’t have any raw sounds otherwise perfect for the purpose that is was intented to communicate:
    1. what Saab is
    2. continuity of the company (we are alive)
    3. new product (9-5)

  6. I wish that Saabusa.com had been revamped before this ad referred potential customers there. They cant even “build” the new models. Soon, hopefully!

    • I would imagen that factory orders are extremely marginal in the USA so cant see the lacking of build-up as a major problem there.

      • You’re probably correct about factory orders in the US market. However these “build your own” configurators have other good purposes. If I’m interested in a car, I will frequently do a “build your own” so I can see it with my color choices and to learn about the available options and packages. Finally, most configurators will price up the car with your selected options. In my experience these are quite useful marketing features.

    • Now that’s what I’d call a SAAB ad! Well done.
      I sure hope they have at least the dealer information up to date.

  7. I agree with everyone here… Overall, given the roughly 30 seconds, it’s very strong.

    Brief yet evocative video clips that manage to give an amazingly complete “feel” for the Saab heritage in such a quick span, a bit of humor (“it moves a bit fast”), a decent voiceover (although a voice with a bit more presence would have been better), shots of some iconic Saabs many might have previously owned, and all culminating (purposefully) into some nice views of the new 9-5 (although I wish they had an additional second for a panoramic interior shot too).

    Great start. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Saab USA in the future.

  8. Definitely a huge improvement over what we’ve been seeing in the past few years. That speedometer shot at 0:16 is going well over the speed limit 😛

  9. Like the ad but, then again, I’m not the target. Not sure if it will drive people to dealers, or the web page. No sure it sold value.

    More current models, feature and benefits, and safety would have been nice.

    • Hi CJ 🙂

      I believe this ad was more about letting the general public know that Saab is still alive, but I could be wrong. However, I do agree that on their next ads, they need to sell value.

    • @ CJ, good to see you around again….

      Surely you’ll agree it does raise awareness that Saab is alive, kicking and has a few more cards to play. Too many people think the Saab Plant in THN is nothing but tumbleweeds and buzzards.

      Perhaps the next series will target value, safety, individuality.

      either way, it’s a winner….

    • I hear you, but I think a “feel good brand builder” is what Saab needs every once and a while to make people feel like they are buying into more than just a transportation appliance. I think these are arguably more important than individual elements selling the car… This says much more about Saab than the “naughty” Volvo ads said about their brand, for instance.

  10. OK spot but would have preferred a Swedish accented voice-over. I am convinced that nationalism must play a greater role in post GM marketing.

    • I’m inclined to agree – like the add though…nice teaser of flashbacks and strong visual of the current 9-5. I expect future adds will build on this….

  11. Huge improvement…but then again,Huge improvement over what? The “Origami Ad”. To say it’s an improvement over what proceeded it is to state the obvious.If they are going to commit to 30sec. spots I hope they’ll spend some money on placement.The most fantastic ad imaginable that shows up on a show Like “Top Shot” on the History channel at 10:00 P.M. on a Sunday night is a waste of time ,money and effort!…..And Yes that is exactly where I saw Saab ads placed last year.The ad is GOOD! Now..as they say in Real Estate: LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION!

  12. Saab owners enjoy a uniquely intimate relationship with their beloved company. Beyond mere product loyalty, it is the sort of affection most brands can only dream of, as if each and every customer feels personally vested with the success of the organization. It’s what compelled thousands of Saab drivers worldwide to protest GM’s dreadful stewardship of the company. And to it Saab owes its very existence today.

  13. Love teh British accent. For some reason, in the US, Brit accent is conceived as ‘clever’. Which certainly helps our cleverly design Saabs.

  14. Specifics? Why should one buy this over a BMW, Audi or Mercedes? Because Saab perfected the turbo? Because it’s the most advanced Saab ever? Give the consumer a REASON! I know of at least 5 people in my office who have purchased cars in for above $50K over the past year and they all chose German makes. I don’t think you’re going to take market share by making vague historical references. Talk about the HUD, talk about the fuel economy, talk about safety talk about anything that this car does well that would make someone want it!!!

    • Have you seen BMW’s current ads running for the X3? A bunch of people going on some kind of adventure and no specifics about the car of any kind. What about Audi? Good bye “old” luxury? What does that even mean?

      There’s always going to be brand image ads in the premium car segment. That’s a large factor in determining which cars people want to buy in that class.

    • Maybe they should end the ad with “to find out what we’ve done for you lately, drop by and try our freshly redesigned 9-5”.

      OTOH, I think it is already implied. The ad appeals to me as a Saab enthusiast, but I think it might peak some outsiders’ interest as well.

  15. If the target was to state that SAAB is still alive and build the brand then I like it. I especially like the plug for “independent-minded”.


  16. Nice commercial. But in my opinion too much feel good for current Saab fans, and too little beef for non Saab-ers. Same story with the print ads. I’m afraid the new campaign works well for Saab diehards, but fails to attract new ones…

    • Victor Muller has many times said that he doesn’t want new customers, he only wants the old ones back… So maybe what you are saying is completely true, but with purpose.

  17. That packs a lot of swash-buckling, action-packed, knee-slapping, hysterically historical, fun and frolic into 30 seconds. I think that the average consumer would notice this. And Saab has a great history. Use it! I give it four pistons at TDC!

  18. I think the ad really hits the soft spot linking Saab history (especially the achievements in motorsport the general public knows nothing about) to the present that Saab is still here. You can only summarize so much in 30-seconds.

    British accent: Nitpicking too much? I wouldn’t even mind Jeremy Clarkson doing a Saab ad. “The new Saab 9-5. It’s explosive.” *Cue line of German competition being blown to bits.*

  19. I am not believing my eyes! This is so good, so good. This made may day after having worked on three 99 Turbo engines in the SUHRT garage.

    Film contents: Featuring
    J 21 Fighter aircraft
    92 Prototype
    96 2 stroker Sedan
    96 Rally V4´s a few of them
    96 Rally car Safari rally Erik Carlsson
    9000 in windtunnel (with the smoke-stick developed by a guy at my work, Göran Lorinder)
    99 Turbo Sedan Rally
    99 Turbo CombiCoupe (Frankfurt car show 1976, crashed by a polish journo and later rebuilt)
    SK 60 SAAB jet trainer
    Prototype next gen. Convertible
    Saab Formula Junior
    Sonett 1

    Quite a cast! THANK YOU SAAB!

  20. I think it’s good and I see some sense behind it.
    First you let people know you’re still alive and give them a taste of the history of the brand, after that you can fill upp with more current lineup specific comercials where you…”aim to sell”

    This add isn’t so much about selling as building brand image and recognition….

  21. I think it is brilliant, an absolutely great ad!
    Also, remember no ad stands alone, this will only be one of more coming, each wil be pointing out a particular side of Saabs – hopefully more specific “capable” arguments will come…
    Good Job! I say…

  22. Just saw the ad live on TeeWee. ESPN Halftime report. NCAA Mens Basketball Louisville v. Georgetown.

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