USA Hirsch dealer listing

Hirsch recently loaded up the dealer listing for the United States on their website. As you can see, it’s a small selection of dealers, but most of the Saab-populated areas should find themselves with some coverage.

The Hirsch website’s listing seems to be sorted by the name of the town the dealership exists in. I’ve organised this one by state, which hopefully might give you a quicker reference.

UPDATE: Whilst this list does appear on the Hirsch website, since posting it here, I’ve been advised that it’s a preliminary listing and may not be a complete representation of dealers that will carry Hirsch products. More may opt-in in the near future.

Also note that Hirsch products won’t be available in the US until the second quarter of the 2011.

Thanks to Sapan for the tip.


Continental Motors, 617 South Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA-92054, Phone +1 760 722-1868

Mitchell Saab, 384 Hopmeadow Street, CT 06070-Simsbury, Phone +1 860 408-6065

Meyer Garage, 2687-480th Street, IA 50455-McIntire, Phone +1 641 737-2239

Charles River Saab, 570 Arsenal Street, MA 02472-Watertown, Phone +1 617 923-9230

Shaw Saab, 22 Pond Street, 22 Pond Street, MA 02061-Norwell, Phone +1 781 982-7222

128 Sales Inc., 614 North Avenue, MA 01880-Wakefield, Phone +1 781 224-3700

Hyannis Saab, 600 Yarmouth, MA 02601-Hyannis, Phone +1 508 760-2700

Pioneer Valley Sales & Service, P.O. Box 254, MA 01373-South Deerfield, Phone +1 413 665-2140

Stetson Auto Sales, 1174 Eastern Road Route 131, ME 04864-Warren, Phone +1 207 273-2345

O’Connor Saab of Augusta, 268 State Street, ME 04330-Augusta, Phone +1 207 622-6336

Saab of Troy, 1819 Maplelawn, MI 48084-Troy, Phone +1 248 205-1333

Trio Motors, Inc., P.O. Box 190178, MI 48519-Burton, Phone +1 810 742-7250

Morries’s Cadillac – Saab, 7400 Wayzata Boulevard, MN 55426-Minneapolis, Phone +1 952 544-0096

Dana Saab, 2046 Grand Avenue, MT 59102-Billings, Phone +1 406 656-7654

New Jersey
Reinertsen Motors Inc., 295 Route #53, NJ 07834-Denville, Phone +1 973 627-0616

New York
Sports Car Centre of Syracuse, Ltd., 3105 Erie Blvd. East, NY 13214-Syracuse, Phone +1 315 446-5010

Checkpoint Foreign Car S&S Inc., 487 Kenmore Avenue, NY 14223-Buffalo, Phone +1 716 836-2033

Brownell Motors, Inc., P.O. Box 413, NY 12524-Fishkill, Phone +1 845 831-3000

Kunkle Motors, RR 1, P.O. Box 386, PA 18612-Dallas, Phone +1 570 675-1546

International Motors Ltd., 540 S. Washington Street, VA 22046-Falls Church, Phone +1 703 534 0770

P J’s Auto Village, 2073 Williston Road, VT 05403-South Burlington, Phone +1 802 862-0875

38 thoughts on “USA Hirsch dealer listing”

  1. One dealer for all of California? That seems a little ridiculous. But I’m sure (or hope) more dealers will be certified once the Hirsch rollout starts happening. I’m thrilled about the availability in the States.

    • I’m guessing some dealers will probably do some good online business with this as well given the distribution between states.

      • Shaw Saab, 22 Pond Street, 22 Pond Street, MA 02061-Norwell, Phone +1 781 982-7222

        I just made a small purchase from Saab USA Parts, so maybe I can do this by mail?

        Or, how about a remote performance upgrade via Onstar?

    • @Zac
      More like one for all of West Coast.
      I suppose Montana would contribute to the ‘coast, but you know what I mean.

    • Don’t feel bad…there are NONE for New York City and Long Island…and there are about 12 MILLION people living in this area…and a LOT of SAABs. Let’s hope that changes.

      But then again…there are very few SAAB dealers to begin with in this area…and the ONE in Suffolk County (pop. 1.6 mil) and one of the two in Nassau County (pop. 1.5 mil) I wouldn’t do business with anyway. There is one in Western Nassau County who are great…but not YET listed for Hirsch…and then ONE for New York City (pop. 8.5 mil).

  2. Call your dealer in Texas and encourage them to opt-in. It’s their choice.

    I’ve just heard that this list may not be complete at this point. it seems Hirsch might have published it a little bit early. It’s a good start, but good to know that there will likely be more.

  3. WOOOO!!!

    Go MITCHELL!!!

    (they’re my favorite CT dealer: their Subaru dealer is the only one that takes car of our car… Nice people, too!)

  4. The other day we had a conference call with Saab USA. A ton of awesome news was shared. One being the new Hirsch performance parts program which should start in Q2.

    Interestingly, we were told dealers were partisipating on their own decision and to do so we needed to purchase a tool to download software. No problem for us here, yet I wonder how the new list has appeared and we here have yet to be able to confirm our interest and involvement??

    Nevertheless.. New Salem Saab and Albany Speed Shop are light years ahead of most dealers as we have an in house speed shop including a full chassis dyno. So although we are currently absent from the list of dealers who will handle the Hirsch line up, New Salem Saab and Albany Speed Shop are definately going to handle these and many other upgrades.
    See more information about my “other” life at Albany Speed Shop

    In fact we are currently finsihing up the issue with the L:H system to increase boost and AFR on these cars which formally were difficult to get past the MAP sensor… More on this later…

    New Salem Saab – 50 years with Saab and the all new Albany Speed Shop will be the premier Saab performance facility in upstate NY…..PROMISE..


  5. Great start, I definitely think your a right though Swade, more to come, while there are some obvious choices here (boston) there are a lot of odd places added and others totally missing. No Chicago but Iowa? No NYC area but Syracuse? No San Francisco Bay area? It’s a great start though, keep posting them as we hear about more.

    • I thought it odd that there’s no Hirsch in Chicago, but Meyer Garage is the oldest Saab dealer west of the Mississippi River. I’m not at all surprised they’re one of the initial dealers.

  6. Last time I checked Canada was part of North America (Mexico too).

    Would one of the dealers from North of the 49th care to comment. Better,why not a comment from Saab…..

    Also: Couldn’t help but notice “from Q2 …” as the owner of a company who also does his billing on a quarterly basis that makes April. In the meantime….anybody who is remotely interested in a performance version (such that we can offer…) under “warranty coverage” would be ill-advised to buy a car before then, no?

    And so the stockpile grows…

    I would suggest Saab North America to make a statement about Canada quickly….otherwise they will have a fire-sale on your hands…. as there is no leasing on the horizon (correct me, Dealers, if you have a gang-buster offer ready for February 1… ) and no factory sanctioned performance option (til Summer?).

    There is no sugar-coating to be done here…

    • On the same thought train:

      Presuming no plans for Hirsch presence in Canada (or even so)…if, say, I travel to Checkpoint Saab, Buffalo (the closet American dealer for anybody in Toronto and surrounds) will the Checkpoint Folk install the software on my new 9-5 (surely yes)…more imporantly, will I be entitled to full North American wide warranty coverage in the (presumably unlikely) event that my Hirsch tune causes something to fail?

      • I’ve emailed your question to SaabCNA. Hopefully we’ll get an answer.

        My presumption is that because they’re different markets, even if they might be predominantly based on the same things, the answer will be no.

        Hopefully I’m wrong. But they’re separate countries and what applies for one doesn’t necessarily apply for the other, despite the shared land mass. I’ll post here as soon as I get the answer. If it’s a positive answer I’ll post it on the front page.

        • if it’s a negative answer can the good folk who are regulars and buyers of Saab product be allowed to comment?

  7. Unless there is an enhancement to the current programs by SaabUSA, my understanding is the current offers will remain until the end of February as outline on the Saab USA website.

    BTW in the call we saw parts of the new world based platform for the all new Saab website. They did a fantastic job! I don’t remember the launch date right now but it’s soon also.

    All of the agenda items outlined systamatically further detach us from GM and address many of the recently discussed topics on this very forum.

    As you all know, I am pro Saab to the core and although dealership operations are difficult (aside from one snowstorm after another and now temps in the morning of -20 and highs in the sogle digits) Victor and his team are setting the stage for the perfect game. The perfect storm brought us VIctor and the perfect game plan is taking shape. I have the belief that Saab is about to awaken the eyes of the most cynical anti-Saab people world wide. I for one cannot wait for this to continue to unfold. Right now we are witnessing the miracle of birth.

    Swade has done this time and time again. Chart the pace Saab us growing. Not from a sales point of veiw but a foundation point of veiw. It would appear to me as though VM is rapidly building a extremely strong foundation with all of the associations and cooperative ventures and aliances we continent to read about..

    I think of it as a solid root structure makes the best fruit. Victors game face is on… To me there is no doubt about it.

  8. So North-westerners (not the people in the Northwest territory in Minnesota) have to depend on the relatives and families in Scandinavia to have the send the stuff?
    As I remember every other family in Portland OR, and Seattle was related to Sweden or Norway.

  9. $1350 for an ECU remapping. That is crazy. I wonder if the price will come down once they realize no one is doing the upgrade? I’d think about half that price would be fair for a 30HP bump.

    • Well, people buy their tuning so why would they lower their prices? You get factory warranty, so it’s not only about the horse powers.

  10. I’ve talked with both Saab Cars NA and Hirsch about this. This is not a complete list of dealers.

    Shortly, there will be communications to ALL Saab dealers about becoming an authorized dealer in some capacity.

    My guess is that this list was not supposed to get published quite yet.

    Stay tuned,

    AJ Murphy
    Just Saab

  11. Patience is needed here……..Id be interested in seeing just home many people griping about no Hirsch at thier dealer will actually buy it if and when it arrives?

  12. Can we get clarification on those of us who bought a Saab 9-5 ALREADY not having this opportunity? We bought ours Jan 3.

    • Chris,
      It’s my understanding from the press release that you have 60 days from date of purchase.

      The advantage to Hirsch Performance parts is they are installed at authorized Saab dealers, do
      not affect the warranty or emission system performance of the vehicle and are high quality systems designed
      especially for Saab cars. Installation of the Hirsch Performance parts within 60 days of sale of the new vehicle will
      give the consumer the same warranty as a new vehicle, an advantage for our customers.”

      My suggestion is you tell your dealer you are interested and as soon as they get on-board as a dealer, have the upgrade installed.
      I’m not sure what would happen if the roll-out date is past the 60-day mark. At least having the inquiry into your dealer would document your interest.

      • That’s good advice.

        However, while 60 days makes sense for new purchasers, if I’m Saab/Hirsch, I extend that for existing purchasers under a certain mileage.

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