Vladimir Antonov in SVD.se news today

It’s January 26, the first anniversary of Spyker signing the agreement to buy Saab from GM.

SVD.se are celebrating the anniversary by having a punt. They’re betting the anniversary brings about some news about Saab’s ownership structure. Antonov hinted that there could be some news in this regard and he pointed to January 26 as a notable date where something might come about. As a consequence, SVD.se are covering Vladimir Antonov in depth today.

Article 1 – Saab needs Russian money

You know the drill – sales are down and Saab are under pressure so having Antonov on board could be the financial tonic that Saab needs.

This is the introduction article, inviting readers to take a closer look at Spyker Cars and Antonov himself.

Article 2 – Ownership structure of Spyker Cars

SVD.se look at the ownership structure of Spyker, trying to connect various dots and place Antonov in the shadows where they can’t put a name to an ownership figure.

For his part, Antonov says….

Neither I nor any of my companies have involvement in the Spyker/Saab. Unfortunately.

That’s a Googletrans and by involvement, I think it’s referring to ownership.

SVD.se tie him to investment funds that lend or otherwise financially back the formal big-stake owners, namely:

  • Gemini investment fund – ownership unknown – 11.9%
  • Tenaci – 51% owned by Victor Muller, 49% by un-named shareholder – 27%
  • Dorwing Solution – owned by a Brendan O’Toole, who owns the company that manufactures for Spyker in England – 7%
  • Mubadala – Abu Dhabi investment company – 22%

SVD.se imply financial connections between the first three of those groups.

Article 3 – Profile of Vladimir Antonov

The final article is a timeline-style profile of Antonov’s career. It’s unfortunate that they leave off his 2010 tilt at the Midnight Sun Rally with the SUHRT (though they do have a photo of him and his car in the second article) πŸ™‚


Will there be any news today?

I don’t know for sure, but from brief contacts I’ve made today, I’m not expecting anything. Not from Saab’s side, at least.

What Mr Antonov decides to say is completely up to him.

12 thoughts on “Vladimir Antonov in SVD.se news today”

  1. I think SvD.se have been really sloppy not finding a “coupling” between Mubadala Investment and Mr. Antonov πŸ˜‰

    • As far as I know Mubadala is an investment company owned by Abu Dhabi. Tenaci however has been restructured just before the Saab take-over last year, so there’s a big chance Antonov is (directly) involved in this company.

  2. I think this articles is as always from Jonas really boring and a big guessing work from him! He often dont go to the source and when he does he doesnt belive them and make up doom stories!! Read the 2 stories on ttela.se today instead!! Really good and informative and also without speculation!!

  3. We don’t know whether there will be a change of Saab’s ownership structure in the near future that embraces a direct involvement of Vladimir Antonov. However, regardless whether Saab would need more money to back up the current business plan, or whether this would open up funds for other projects like the small Saab 9-2, it would contribute to calming down the rumours regarding Saab’s current financial situation and future prospects of survival. If not that much in Sweden, I guess that the anticipated insecurity of the company’s future continues to be a real hinder to re-establishing the brand in other major markets. The expectation that Saab will be alive even in a couple of years from now is of crucial importance for company car sales, which are of crucial importance for carmakers like Saab.

    In my view, it is striking how precise the Koenigsegg group forecasted the possibilities to deliver on the current business plan and the risks involved given the unclear Saab sale situation at that time. They saw that the time line for closing the deal was crucial for achieving the upset goals regarding production and sales. Indeed, regarding sales Saab are behind their business plan nearly exacly the time that went between Koenigseggs drop-out and the re-start of the company under Spyker ownership. This must be a real problem too. Even if Saab will not run out of money due to successful implementation of other parts of the business plan or due to clever management of expenses, I guess the money is needed.

    A more direct involvement of Antonov could help to stabilise the company not least in the public perception. But they would even in more substantial terms come out of the current “be successfull immediately or die” situation. So if a more direct involvement of Antonov in terms of ownership is on the way, this is really good news.

    • More extensive involvement in Saab/Spyker by mr. Antonov could be good even if he doesn’t participate directly as a shareholder. It would already suffice to calm down the excitement around Saab’s middle- and longer-term solvabilty if A.’s banks were to guarantee the business and financial obligations Saab/Spyker enter into.


    • I think it is difficult to postulate what would have happened in case Koenigsegg had stayed.

      One significant event that could have been easily avoided (had K stayed): The liquidation. So had they stayed, production might have continued as normal.

  4. I think that the articles are quite fair. Mostly facts. Some speculations but at the same time reporting on what speculations are based on (Conversbank/Snoras links to Spyker shareholders that clam to have no connections what so ever). I think that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mubadala connection is interesting. How are these guys looking at Saabs potential? Not much digging/reporting done there. They have a guy on the Spyker board (Maurizio La Noce – CEO of Mubadala Oil & Gas + Executive Director for the Energy & Industry Unit). Not neglecting the importance of Antonovs backing, I think that the average Swede is less afraid of Arab investors spending oil cash since they are used to Norwegians who spend their free money spraying out of the North Sea buying Swedish companies relieved that they will at least not run out of dough and keep jobs.

  5. I really dont understand what it was Mr Antonov has supposedly done that upset GM so much but I really do think its time to bring this man into the fold as he seems genuinely interested in Saab. The media in the West tends to think Russian + $$$$ = Crook and I think its about time that rubbish stopped.

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