Welcome Saab Club China

I got a note from a guy named Kai Chen today letting me know that he’s just set up a website – Saab Club China.

I know we have a few readers from China that check in here and I will never forget how pleasantly surprised I was to see the great support that came out of China during the sale of Saab.

It’s great to see a Saab club website starting up in China, a place where Chinese enthusiasts will be able to get Saab news in their native language instead of struggling along with my occasionally tortured writings.

Don’t stop visiting here, though, OK?

8 thoughts on “Welcome Saab Club China”

  1. Good looking site!,good work!:)

    Like Swade said,,dont stop visiting Saabsunited, we really Saab people from asia also:)

  2. At the internationaal Saabmeeting in 2009 in Holland there was a couple that travelled all the way from China. They first had to travel to the Chech Republic, then to Germany by train where they rented a VW to go to Holland. So you could see 450 Saabs and one VW participate. I think Saab is going to be just fine in China

  3. I remember the guy came from China at the international Saab meeting in Holland who’s name is Kai Chen.

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