5 Saaby things you can do with Google Chrome

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted; it’s been too long, really.  So, I’m going to keep it light and leave the heavy lifting to Swade and RedJ for now.

I love the internet.  Almost as much as Saab.  Almost.  I’ve also noted on these pages that I am a real fan of the Chrome web browser from Google.  Previously, if you’d asked me why, I would have answered, “Chrome is fast and it takes fewer clicks to navigate.”  Simple.  Those things are still true, but now Google has opened the Chrome Web Store, which is much like an App Store for the iPhone and Android.  Instead, of course, it contains plug-ins and extensions specifically for the Google Chrome browser.  It’s another clear reason to prefer Chrome.

As you may guess, the applications and extensions in the Chrome Web Store are information aggregation applications for the most part — bringing you information in different ways than before.  Harnessing these little applications for your own fun and profit is surprisingly easy and rewarding.

We’ll take a look after the jump….

#1.  Make your browser look Saab-savvy and act Saab-savvy.

First, let’s cover the basics.  After you’ve downloaded Google Chrome, you’ll want to make it look like a Saab enthusiast uses it.  That’s easy — just hop on over to Google Chrome SAAB Theme tab and install one of the free wallpapers adapted to the Google Chrome “new tab” background.

Next, you’ll want to put the bookmarks for SaabsUnited and your other favorite Saab sites (mine is SaabCentral) on the main bookmark bar at the top of the “new tab”.  Simply visit your favorite pages and click the star in the browser bar and select “bookmarks bar” as the folder for your Saab sites and you’re done.

Doesn’t that look good?  Notice there are two ways to open a new browser window to your favorite sites with a single click — along the top bar and in the middle of the screen using the “recently closed” or “most visited” icons.


2.  Find a new (to you) Saab on Craigslist with fewer mouse clicks.

And, when I say “fewer mouse clicks”, I mean HUGE savings.  Something like 10:1.

If you, like me, live in a provincial city, it can be difficult finding the Saab of your dreams (or budget) in your town.  (As you may recall, I bought my 1991 convertible in Minnesota, about 900 miles [1440 km] from my home.)  So what’s a Saabisti to do using Craigslist?  That’s right:  you click through individually to the auto listings in various locations across your region in your quest for Saab nirvana.  For me, that was about eight different cities that are within about 200 miles (320 km) by car.

No more!  Scoot on over to the free Craigslist Peek extension for Google Chrome, and you may now search on multiple cities and see results simultaneously and you may filter your search to eliminate certain keywords, too! As if that weren’t enough, this little tool also allows you to display the photos embedded in each ad on one page for much easier browsing!  No more clicking through on every ad to decide if it’s worth looking at, just scan down the page!!

As you can see in this screen shot, I’ve aggregated a few cities onto the single page and I’ve selected to see a 300 characters from the description and the photos from each ad on a single page.  If the photos are too small, just click and they will grow to full size.  Click again and they reduce back to the list view.

Pretty nifty, huh?  I can now simply scroll down a single browser window to view ads and photos from several cities at once.  (This is also fabulous for parts searches, by the way.)

There is no limit to the number of cities that you can include, but be warned:  the speed for the initial load is as if you opened each city’s Craigslist category in a unique browser window, so long searches can take several seconds.  Nothing  compared to the click-click-click of the manual method.  What a time saver!


3.  Display essential data about your prospective Craigslist Saab purchase.

So you’ve used Craigslist Peek to find a great “new” Saab.  How do you know if it’s priced right?  Are there outstanding recalls?  Are there other Saabs like this anywhere else?

You, my friend, need Craigslist Car buy sell research utility.  This little gem will sit quietly, waiting for you to click on a Craigslist advertisement.  Once you display the ad, the research utility reads the make, model and year and goes out to other sites and other pages within Craigslist to find pertinent information about your prospective purchase.  Check it:

Voila! You automatically have pricing information AND a list of similar ads on Craigslist.  Easy as pie to compare.  There is also a tool for displaying similar cars on Cars.com just beneath these lists.

Recall data on the model.  Always handy.  Again, this is automatic.

Impressive.  No clicks required.  It’s just there.  Every time.


4.  Keep up with Saab events by reading Swedish news like a pro.

Frankly that statement is a little exaggerated, but you can read the Swedish press as automatically translated to English by using the free Quickrr Translator for Google Chrome.  Naturally, the result is not exactly fluid prose, but the translation at least gives you English words and phrases to work with.

Once again, the best part is that it’s automatic. Once installed, the extension waits for a website in another language and then translates it before you could even figure out what language it’s in.

You could also use it to translate other great websites like Saabhuy.  I love technology!


5.  Track Saab content at your favorite web sites.

OK, so this isn’t all that new.  RSS readers have been doing this for quite a while now, but NewsSquares makes the whole thing a little easier to evaluate at a glance.  You can also receive notifications of new content every few minutes, every hour, every day, etc.


Little brother FeedSquares looks at things a little more on a granular level, serving up the recent updates and times for each site.


So, that’s it.  Five Saaby things you can do with Google Chrome.  I think you’ve got some downloading to do!  Happy surfing!

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I didn’t see anything there about making the Chrome browser itself look Saaby. I use Firefox and my browser is all Saabed up! If you use Firefox just google Firefox Personas, when you get there search keyword Saab. There’s at least a dozen to choose from.


Point #1 featured the Chrome Saab Theme…… but granted, it’s not as prevalent as the Firefox personas.


Oops. I thought that was just a wallpaper. I read through it too fast. (red face)

Ted Y

Thanks Eggs. I’ve used Chrome for a long time, but I’m too lazy to figure this stuff out. I just wait till someone like you does all the work for me. Works every time. 🙂

Beren Erchamion

I just don’t see why chrome..another browser…personally I prefer to fight the evil of redmond with all guns blazing from firefox. Plus as a developer Firebug is unmatched – hands down the best tool for a web developer.


This isn’t as much an invitation to change as much as it is making more of Chrome if you choose to use it.

Chrome is more or less Firefox with a new user interface and easy-to-use APIs, anyway. Firefox-friendly applications/plug-ins run in Chrome.


Beren, have you pressed F12 in IE lately? I used to use Firebug, but Developer Tools in IE suits me just fine and doesn’t nag me about having to update it every time the browser is upgraded… (Upgrading FF used to be a chore, but maybe that has improved lately)

I’m not a full time HTML jockey though, so my needs are probably quite basic. 🙂


after more heavy use of firefox, it started to make troubles – slowness, troubles with yt videos, stopping and “thinking” about something etc. I switched to chrome and problems dissapeared and it’s faster even when chromes has terrible bookmarking. there is one thing about chrome : they are trying to bring “apps” (like iPhone apps or Android apps) to the browser on a PC/notebook through the store. Some of the apps are just (HTML5) links, some are real apps. Other browsers dont have it or (apple) have their own. Another evil stuff ? I don’t know, but it makes it… Read more »


Only one thing is missing! SaabsUnited.com needs a pretty graphic for the link in the bookmark bar. Google has the fancy lower case “g” but all SaabUnited.com has is a plain picture of paper.

Maybe a little SU graphic. Anything but a plain piece of paper!


i stilll use Opera


Eggs! 😀

I’m a big fan of Chrome. It’s very similar to Firefox, just better, in my opinion. Looks better and functions better–but really, they’re fairly similar. Thanks for the Chrome tips!


My Opera looks Saaby itself :)))

Jason Powell

Love the craigslist app. Saves a ton of time clicking on the garbage ads or spam. Thanks for posting this one.

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