Chicago Autoshow

UPDATE III: Tonight there will be the “First look for Charity” taking place in Chicago. It will start at 7:00pm CST.
I’m going to bed, but here is a live-cam of the Saab booth.

UPDATE II: Saab 9-4x

UPDATE: Hirsch US début.

Today started the press days of the Chicago auto show. On Friday the show will be open to the public.

I don’t know if SaabNA is there or if a dealership of the Chicago area has stepped in, but Saab will be there in a 7.856 sq ft (~711 m²) display surface.

From the Chicago auto show site you can see that the 9-3, the 9-3X and the 9-5 will be on the booth. They will be placed between Jaguar/LR and Mini, which is not bad imho.

Here is the floor-plan.

Looking at the media schedule, it looks like Saab is making no press presentation.

If anybody is going there, feel free to send some photos. have a first set of photos of the Saab booth.

As Chris says the 9-4x is also on the booth, as well as Hirsch modified Saabs.

Here some footage from the Saab booth live cam.

yes it is a 9-4x, and yes it looks good from this angle.

48 thoughts on “Chicago Autoshow”

  1. A little off topic… Last night my wife and I were watching a hocky game and I commented to her, sadly, that every car manufactuer had a spot going. Audi,Lexus, BMW cpo, Cadi, but still, no Saab… During the next break, I was proven wrong. A very nice spot came up for the new 9-5. Not the usual spot but one talking about the Saab history and where they are going.
    I WAS IN SHOCK. I was very happy to see this fresh new commercial running.
    I thought I saw a post here stating that new commercials were on the way. It blew me away. Made me feel good to see Saab on the move in the U.S.

    • Who says it’s a mistake? You don’t know any reason why or what. I can’t imagine something is leaving the 9-4x out for no reason. At least Saab’s is joining the Autoshow again.

      • I am sure there is a perfectly good reason behind and I am glad that they are joining the show. However, in a country where such a large percentage of the light vehicle sales are through SUV/CUVs the importance of the 9-4x can not be overestimated. People are expecting it to be there and Saab run the risk of not getting the message out about the vehicle without having it present! In tah aspect, regardless of the reason behind, I imho believe it is a misstake …………

        • MrY,
          I don’t know how important this AutoShow is or if SCNA is there or some dealer from the Chicago area, as we have already seen with other auto shows.
          So before we talk about mistakes……

          • …….. well, it is of such importance that several OEMs are launching new vehicles and major line up changes and regardless of the size, there should be a 9-4x at any Autoshow in NA this year, imho at least!

            If it turns out to be a dealer that covers for Saab at this particular show, I definately do not blame the dealer in the fiorst place. Saab really need to keep the potential customers interest and “no shows” if this will be such a case are definately hurting the efforts as, as mentioned in my previous entry, the audience expects it and it will be interpreted as a sign of weakness not having it there. The competition will thrive on it!

            I am sorry if I step on anybodies toes here, but this is the nature of this ultra-competitive scene!

    • The Chicago autoshow is actually the largest and most attended in the US and 3rd largest in the world, I hate to say mistake but it’s undoubtably a missed opportunity especially considering how popular Saabs are in the Chicago area, as well as the weather. Detroit is a media event for auto industry insiders, it without a doubt gets the most press but only has around 730,000 visitors. Chicago has the largest attendance of over 1.2 million and it’s of actual buyers from around the midwest rather than journalist and auto industry people.

      • I see our fears have been eased, I don’t know why I doubt Saab’s decisions sometimes, they made a really good choice showing up at this show rather than Detroit if they had to choose one. Money well spent.

    • MrY! You are so right!

      One of the biggest misstake that I heard of, who is NOT thinking. The car is built (we seen it) therefor SaabNA must fix it. It doesn´t exist a excuse for this at all. Actually a joke if they dont show a car that going to debut in a few month.

      I´m not a rocket scientist but this is to obvious even if SCNA isn´t involved.
      JUST FIX IT no but……just fix it!

    • It would be a huge mistake to ad for something that you can’t buy yet. It will be advertised closer to release. And when they do they might remember they saw this ad with a beatiful sedan and a brand with a great history. Wow, they got a great SUV as well.

  2. I will be there! I’m hoping that the 9-4x was erroneously left off the list and that it will actually be there. I’m not holding my breath though; my understanding is that there aren’t enough 9-4x’s to be able to have one make an appearance at every auto show and I’m sure it’s not cheap to transport a vehicle to all different parts of the world. Oh well, we shall see what happens. At the very least, I’ll get to see the 9-5 Turbo4. =)

  3. Saab NA is doing the Chicgo Auto Show. It is my understanding they will have 4 93’s 1 95 Aero, the 94X as well as some Hirsch vehicles. They have the full auto show display Goethe show. It will be great for everyone to see the 94X and get some more exposure to the 95 Sedan. This will be great for Saab in the Chicago Market. Everyone thinking about a 94X should go to the show. Local dealers have free and discounted auto show tickets.

  4. “They will be placed between Jaguar/LR and Mini, which is not bad imho.”

    ANYthing is better than being wedged between Saturn and HUMMER [rolls eyes]

    Saab UP !

  5. Traditionally Saab has had a pretty nice display in Chicago, this shouldn’t be any different. Glad to see Hirsch right on the show floor as a recognized tuning effort. I’d love to see them on the showroom floors of dealers too.

    • That’s never off topic!

      I take it one step further: When Saab will show the NG 9-3 the first time at a motor show thy can do it like this: First this song live with Oh Laura, then all darkness and just the words “I am released” in bright white on the background. Then up with the curtain and in rolls the NG 9-3. Now that is what I would call an entry. 😉

  6. Hirsch dash and quad exhaust is damn nice. I wanna hear it! Why it is not in production yet?
    Hope we will also see stage2 for 9-5NG with that exhaust, bigger intercooler, improved air intake if need and about 355HP and 450Nm after hirsching ecu up.

    Stage3 with significant power increase and with deeper hardware mods would be dream.

    And give me that forged rims in 18 inch design.

  7. I will be driving down there on Friday because I want my son to see the new Saab 95 for the first time. I want to be present when he experiences it. Then from February 26th to March 6 there is the Milwaukee Auto Show.

    I know that 2 dealerships will be showing their Saabs there.

  8. To top the new update, I heard a SAAB COMMERCIAL on the radio on my way home from work a little while ago and at the end it said to go “see the all new 9-4x crossover on display at the Chicago Auto Show!!

    • That’s outstanding news. I was able to take a short test drive of the 9-5 during the Make-A- Wish promotion and I’m really looking forward to to seeing the 9-4x in person. I’m hoping that some of the product specialist that I’ve talked in years past return to the Saab display. It was very strange to see them working the Cadillac stand last year. Throw in the Hirsch debut and I will be spending quite a bit of time with Saab. My daily commute takes me past McCormick Place and seeing the transport trucks gathering outside has been driving me crazy. I’m sure that someone will post photos before I get to the show next week but I’ll have my camera and will post if needed.

  9. I’ve read that the 2012 9-5 will get updated interior materials. I believe the the 9-5 SportCombi recently driven already had those improvements. Anyone have pictures? I ask because I wonder… If the changes have been finalized, why not release the 9-4x with the improved materials? Of all the pictures I’ve seen of the interior, it looks like it uses the same materials as the 9-5.

    I’m asking because I’m seriously interested in purchasing the 9-4x. I was even thinking of placing a pre-order, but I decided to wait because of this issue.

    • On the dashboard material matter…

      If it’s really a deciding factor, you can easily go to a custom car or audio shop and have them fit whatever material you like stretched over the top of the dash, or for that matter spray it a cool piano black, silver, white or something. Certainly wouldn’t be a huge expense and if that’s the only thing holding you back, it’s a pretty simple fix. A few hundred bucks.

      • Jeff,

        I suppose you’re right. Chances are that Hirsch will come out with a super nice option as well. But why launch a brand new vehicle only to have to change the interior immediately to match your other vehicles? I could also be wrong. Perhaps the 9-4x will be launched with new materials.

        Either way, I would love to see the updated 9-5 interior.

    • Well I do think t there might be a small “problem” there, as the 9-4X isn’t produced in Trollhättan, and I’m not so sure about it’s the same sub-contractors that delivers parts for the models built in Trollhättan and the 9-4X produced by GM in Mexico.

  10. Interesting to see the 9-4X from above.
    I am living on the 5th floor in Copenhagen and have noticed that Saabs cars (not at least the 9-3NG) are normally among the very best looking (also) from above. One off the reasons for that is the corresponding curves in the front and in the windscreen. Much more consequent then f.ex the Bimmers.

  11. I was watching the WGN news last night. It is broadcast all over the country. I thought I saw a 9-4 during an interview about the auto show. One thing I know I did see was the large SAAB sign in the background during the interview. If anyone around the country saw the interview, there is no doubt that Saab is back. The interview was a couple of minutes and the Saab sign was in the background the whole time. That’s a free commercial.

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