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  1. The black one has a fair amount of damage and it is interesting to see the side airbags deployed but not the driver and front passenger airbag.

  2. That poor white 9-5. It gave itself to save its owner but i hate seeing such a beautiful car in this state!

  3. Ouch.

    What hit it? Both front wheels are exposed. I’m surprised to see how deformed the glove compartment is. Looks way worse than the EuroNCAP pictures.

    • My guess would be that it was a collision with a pick-up truck, or similar vehicle, which due to their height tends to drive up on the hoods on “normal cars”.

    • Rune,
      you can see that the front bumper beam is almost not deformed. As this is the main energy absorbing structure in a crash it is of no surprise that the cabin suffered that much.

      • What mainly confused me was that it looks like the bumper was pushed heavily to one side (exposing the driver side wheel even more).

        Anyway… Any tips of what one should check for (after repairs have been carried out), in case the front bumper beam takes a hit for the team?

        • I send you an e-mail tonight.

          Anyhow, Saab should send a couple of engineers over there, because the crash looks quite atypical. And it looks to me as if the damages were quite high for the impact, althogh I don’t know anything about that accident.

  4. This must have been a “non-standard NCAP” impact, with something hit high on the right side?
    Hope the pax & driver/owner is alright.
    If this ever happens to me, I wish I sit in a Saab!

    • It’s hard to control if it will happend to you or not. But you can control the vehicle your driving! Pls order a new 9 5! : )

  5. I’d also guess that it’s rearended a truck or large pickup, the Saab driver breaking hard causes the nose to pitch down and causes the rear of the truck to peel off the hood and fenders…
    The damage looks much more than it is, the impact probably wasn’t hard enough (in retardation force) to trigger the main airbags…..

      • Yes the driver’s airbag is out, but may have been cut away by the rescue people. In US cars the airbag system also senses if there is a front passenger or not and deploys accordingly.

  6. Lol, I noticed that after reviewing the images again, to bad you cant edit your posts….

    my bad ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. For sale?

    Who will buy that? That was obviously a crash with circumstances not quite like Euro NCAP*s testing conditions.

    It’s probably cheaper to buy a new one, every single part of a car gets G-forced out of proportion in crashes like these.

    I hope the owner is ok, I have a feeling that he might buy a Saab again, if he’s intact that is., which he should be, Saab’s are in the safety top.

    • No way this car should get back on the road again, there is just too much structural damage. Straightening it would seriously weaken crucial structures like the cabin. Someone will just buy it to part it out.

  8. All I can say is “ouch” both for the driver/ passenger and to the car! I for one would not buy it for anything…..

  9. What I have seen from pics and videos, trucks in the USA dont have protection bars to prevent cars going under the trailer like they do in Europe. (rear and sides)

  10. once repaired and on a used car lot …”Oh, yes, this one here was owned by a little old lady who only drove the car to church on Sundays…” Seriously, hope occupants were OK.

    • And if the damage doesn’t completely “buff out,” they’ll call it a dealer service department courtesy car. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I was considering a 2010 9-5 Aero on Friday that had been a courtesy car. Unfortunately no one could tell me how much time the car spent airborne. That, and I’m still enjoying my ’09 9-5 Combi.

    • This is an insurance auction, meaning that this accident has been reported as structural damage, meaning that it shows up on carfax etc, meaning that (in this case) you know what you are buying even if it does get repaired and buffed.

  11. Wow! I certainly hope the occupants were OK. These crashes always look worse than they probably are because these Saabs are designed to to crumple to absorb the energy.

    In 2006 my 1989 900 4-door, a temporary replacement for the SPG sustained very similar damage at 55 mph. I can only assume that this is probably the most severely damaged NG 95, other than official factory testing.

    It would be interesting to see if there is any data on crashed Buick La Crosses, for comparison. I am please that the factory is sending engineers to analysis and it shows how committed Saab is to safety.

    Just yesterday I was shocked to read in The Local, to see how a moose stopped a Swedish train!


  12. The full article doesn’t show on the main page, just the initial part. I’m guessing Swade has control over how much of the article shows before you click the link to view the whole thing along with comments. That’s what the ‘jump’ refers to. I’m not sure if you could think of it as ‘jumping’ to the rest of the article, but that’s how I think of it. I guess it’s like a newspaper, like how the front/main page has a bunch of headlines and a certain amount of the articles, and then most are continued on different pages within.

  13. That’s correct, 900_S

    If you’re viewing the article from the homepage – which most people do – then doing this hides all the information/photos/text that’s ‘after the jump’. Keeps the homepage a little bit tidier.

  14. With so little parts available on the 9-5 and waiting times for those parts extremely long at the moment, Some SAAB dealer or even SAAB USA should snap both of these up.

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