DI.se poll on the future of Saab

No, this isn’t a poll for you to vote in. It’s already been run.

DI.se asked just over 1,000 people what they thought the future might hold for Saab.

The question:

  • Do you think the car company Saab will remain as a major automotive manufacturer in Sweden in three years time?

The possible answers:

  • Yes, Saab will remain with the same owners.
  • Yes, Saab will remain but with different owners.
  • No.
  • I don’t know

I’m pleased to relay that the outcome was quite positive for Saab. Here they are.

The answers (on the left of the table) are in the same order as the dot points above.

Kvinna and Man divide the results between female and male respondents. The number ranges to the right of those are age brackets.

60% of respondents pick one of the ‘Yes’ answers, though nearly 45% of respondents think the ownership will change within three years. Add another 17% who are unsure and you’ve got just over 75% of respondents not saying “No”.

It seems that Saab’s ongoing advertising and ability to meet a sweetspot in the Swedish market is helping to rebuild some trust in the brand’s longevity, which is great news.

All we need to do is build the same faith in other major markets.

Thanks Micke!

8 thoughts on “DI.se poll on the future of Saab”

  1. Well you can always read such poll in many ways, positive or negative but I think it shows where the market share limit is in Sweden. Person who thinks that Saab goes bust is very unlikely shopper of Saab cars.

  2. They should re run that vote after new 9-3 release and 9-5 being improved + SC + 9-4x.

    VM had enough time to improve 9-5 for MY12. So we will see first steps of ownership work. After news about interior improvements, SC with 119g and Hirsch upgrades it will work for sure.

    Main goal of advertisement company should be aimed to passive safety. 2 tones and 5 meters of Swedish metal should be shown as safety feature.

  3. Would be interesting to know which different owner people had in mind. Perhaps it indicates a wish for a Saab company on its own, without Spyker.

    • “Perhaps it indicates a wish for a Saab company on its own, without Spyker.”

      No it’s about running out of money, current business plan failing etc..that forces to change ownership structure.

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