Erik Carlsson attends SOC meeting

I did cover a little of the SOC meeting at Stratford just over a week or so ago, but I got these additional photos in and couldn’t resist giving it some more air time.

Erik Carlsson, that’s Mr Saab to you, lives in England now and is still quite active in Saab circles. A few weeks ago he was down in France waving off competitors in the Monte Carlo re-enactment rally. Occasionally he gets out and about with the Saab Owners Club GB as well.

Mr Saab attended the Winter Getaway at Stratford and one of his good mates, Mike P, who’s also one of my good mates over there in blighty, sent through the following about the weekend.


I have attached a few pics from the SOC of GB Winter Weekend event in Stratford upon Avon that Hilary & I organised for the Club.

The event was a great success especially as Erik & his cousin, Brit Marie, joined us on Saturday, staying overnight & going home on Sunday afternoon.

At dinner on Saturday Erik told many stories of his rallying successes which were just fantastic, as usual. He also presented the Erik Carlsson best car award to Mike Thompson for his lovely red bullnose stroker & the farthest travelled award to Norbert Sossadzin & Barbel Kostal who came all the way from Bremen in Germany.

On Sunday morning, before we took him & Brit Marie on a tour of the Cotswolds area, he joined us for the group photos & mingled with his “followers” & their cars

We were so honoured to have our hero, Mr. Saab, with us on this great occasion. Many of our members who attended described it as “priceless”.

He also said that he enjoyed it very much & that he is looking forward to the next one.

Best wishes to you both,

Mike & Hilary

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11 thoughts on “Erik Carlsson attends SOC meeting”

  1. Nice! Erik is a superb ambassador for Saab and we hope has the stamina to continue to be so for many years to come.

    Hope to see you again sometime soon Mr P.


  2. Just wondering, that NG9-5 on pic 8of12, is that a personalised licenced plate? A9MCP, I wonder what that means…

    • Well I can´t that one together…

      All I see is the blue 99 5Speed standing next to a nice looking 9-5. I am now tempted to go about buying a 99!!! If I can find one in ok condition and with the terrible but quite easy to fix automatic gearbox.


    • MCP are my initials. My wife bought me the plate back in the 80’s & it has been on every car that I have owned since. The 9 was based on the assumption that it was likely that every Saab in the future would start with 9. Not a bad guess, then!
      She says that it fits me well as something to do with male chauvinist pigs but I have no idea what she is on about.

  3. I agree, it was a very nice weekend, we enjoyed it a lot and will be looking forward to the next one. Eric was a great laugh. Well done Mike and Hilary.

    • Is that you furtherst to the left Robin in the group photo?

      And Robin… Eventhough I know you love your Aero.. Is it not time to change your Gravatar?
      Nooo, I will not change mine to a picture of my new “car” 😉

      Since you get heaps of mail Robin, I´ll try and get your attention through this superb forum: Robin: Mail is here.. Wooh.

      Seems like a great event. Why is there not things like this in Sweden? Or is there? If someone from Svenska Saab klubben is reading this please fill me in.


  4. Unless Swade is going to be in attendance, I plan on winning next year’s ‘farthest travelled ‘ Award!

    Kudos to Mike, Hilary and others. And is that my copy of ‘Mr. Saab’ you’re clutching, Mike?

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