Gallery from Saab’s Independence Day

Stig Hedstrom is a Swedish photographer and he was hired by Saab to attend the Independence Day celebrations in Trollhattan through the week.

Stig emailed me earlier today and offered the following photos for use here on SU. It’s just another view of the event, another insight as to what happened there.

4 thoughts on “Gallery from Saab’s Independence Day”

  1. And it’s great to know that Tomas Ledin (The swedish artist that played during indepence day celebration) picked up his new 9-5 couple of days ago. Thanks for the support Tomas!!

  2. Steve:

    Thank you putting this up for all to see. living in northern Westchester NY, I feel like I was at the plant. Pictures and words are worth a lot… Thank you again, for all that you have provided to us all. Very appreciated. It looks like eveyone had a great time. What a difference a year can make. Saab up….

  3. Amazing scenes compared to 18 months ago. Thanks to everyone who has pulled Saab back from the brink of oblivion. Still can’t get over all the cake though…….although it does look quite delicious.

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