Geneva invitation hints at four premieres for Saab

Last month I wrote a post spelling out the new Saabs we can expect to see in 2011 and at which show we might see them.

I’m not sure how right I was, but by the looks of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show invitation, there might not be a lot left for later on in the year. Geneva’s going to be HUGE!

If the imagery on the invitation is deliberate – and one would have to think it is – then we will see four vehicle debuts at the Geneva Motor Show:

UPDATE: I’m a cock.

Just look up the freaking web address on the image, which I completely overlooked because I was too excited playing detective. It spells out which model is which. At least I got them right.


These invitations were sent out in the last day or so and this one was forwarded to me by the guys at (who sell the best Saab scale models you’ll ever see – I’ve just ordered a 900 Turbo and a 99Turbo to add to my collection and will pick them up in Geneva).

Ok, so what are we looking at here?

I believe the draping is deliberately constructed to give us a hint as to what we’re looking at. Obviously, showing some color and vehicle feature is part of the ploy.

Closest to ‘camera’ we have the Saab 9-5 wagon. No prizes there.

Furthest from camera we have the Saab Design Concept that they’ll unveil there to show the general direction that Saab Design will take under Jason Castriota. That car’s completely unknown, hence the drapery hiding absolutely everything.

That leaves two other cars in the middle.

My guess is that the second car, in a shade of what looks to be almost an orange-red color, is the Saab 9-3 Independence Edition convertible. The color of that vehicle is ‘Sunset Red’ and that orangey-red color looks very sunsettish to me.

I predicted a NY Auto Show debut for that one as it’s expected to go on sale in May. Given that Independence Day is this month, however, maybe it’s pointless holding the vehicle beyond Geneva.

The third vehicle?

Possibly the Griffin Edition Saab 9-3 that we might see MY2011.5?

I don’t know, but it’ll sure be one hell of an interesting show.

26 thoughts on “Geneva invitation hints at four premieres for Saab”

    • Shhhhh. He got it right without even checking the site. Swade don’t need no website to check that πŸ˜›

      • But now we know that the 9-3 Griffin and the 9-3 Conv Independence Edition will be presented on the February 23, the first anniversary of Saab-Spyker.


        • Yay! That’s pretty cool. It’s great that February 23 now means something to Saab. Maybe they could call it the 9-23.3 or 9-2.23 πŸ˜› All silliness aside….

          I screenshot the concept. Look at that hatch! Wow, sexy beast. It’s so Saab, I’m in love.

          • I may have reacted too quickly. It appears the photoshop is exactly the same just stretched to fit over the Griffin models. You can note the exact same folds in the sheet. Since neither the 9-3 SS or 9-3 Convertible have hatchback shapes that would look like that, I’m guessing that the shape is true to the concept’s shape (Swade please confirm, you’ve seen it), and then they simply photoshopped it over the Griffins. Just speculation.

          • Jeff, I think you are seeing a little bit too much on those pictures. I don’t think that any of them are real photos, but CGI’s.

          • As RedJ says, it’s just CGI drapery. Not mean to read too much into it other than the first one’s a wagon and the second one’s a reddish orange in color.

            I’m not sure there’s any significance to the red used in the third one, unless it’s a new color for the 9-3 range.

            I’m also a little confused as to why the Griffins in these images don’t have the same foglight surrounds as the Griffin we saw in THN the other day, but maybe they just don’t want to give away that detail in the image.

          • I agree that the drape on the Griffin editions is CGI, that’s what I said originally. What I’m wondering is how much the shape of the sheet (on all 3, it’s the same CGI sheet) is close to the profile of the concept car. It’s so absolutely different from any shape we’ve seen in 10+ years since the OG 9-3, that one has to speculate it’s deliberately the shape of the concept. That is all πŸ™‚

          • I reserve jusdgement-it could look like a dog-it is howerver the right shape…I just hope she looks as good as the 900 of old and can compete with the Audi Sport back type vehicles we are seeing more of today. This is Saabs home ground-I am getting very excited, I may have to pop along to see for myself!!

  1. The Griffin edition is offered in colors besides java, correct? Third could be Griffin in that case since it too looks red.

    That concept has a remarkably low stance. So sexy.

  2. Oops.

    I was too excited by the visuals to actually look at the writing. POst updated accordingly. I’ll grab my hat and coat and leave for the day…..

    Well, at least I got them all without checking. I’ll hang my hat on that and admit my dickheadedness on the other.

  3. When I clicked on the 93 Cabriolet picture at the far right, it depicted a shot from about 25 feet down at a NG 95. To my amazement the angles of the rear roof and the front windshield looked so reminiscent of my SPG. The aerodynamic angles being so much in conformity remind me why so may jet fighters look similar, i.e., Gripen, Rafale and Typhoon.

  4. Trust me this is a great idea. Having so many announcements at one show is bound to generate some interest, and the interest generated should be enough to stay high until the next big announcement. Good work Saab.

  5. This is so exciting and makes my day… my week!

    and that 9-5 SportCombi is sweet! I think that could fill our need for a hatch (as well as whatever else Saab has coming with a hatch).

    Awesome! Thank you Swade and all for sharing this.

  6. Does the Independence Edition convertible also receive those minor exterior updates as the My 11.5?

    Thanks, Daniel

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