Hirsch release 180hp upgrade for Saab 9-5 TiD

If you’ve got the single turbo 160hp version of the new Saab 9-5 diesel, then Hirsch have just released the upgrade to bring some extra boost into your life.

180HP Performance upgrade for the Saab 9-5 2.0 TiD with automatic and manual transmission.

The enormous development and testing effort invested by Hirsch Performance in diesel engine calibration is delivering results.

The high torque of 400Nm is available from remarkably low rpm’s. The harmonius power delivery and wide rpm band provide larger reserves when overtaking and markedly improved performance for the 2.0TiD with variable geometry turbocharger. The fuel consumption remains very low, and the emissions are Euro 5 – certified.

Extensive testing in test benches and on the road ensure the high quality and durability that is expected of a Hirsch Performance product.

Available for installation at your Saab dealership now!

There some extra data here (UK market used).

15 thoughts on “Hirsch release 180hp upgrade for Saab 9-5 TiD”

  1. Arild, I think this one’s for you. We all know what 50 Nm more will do and comparing figures it consumes only 0.3 L/100 km more (combined).
    Do they still have the deal where you can try the upgrade for a few days for free and only pay if you want to keep it?

    • RS, the 10 days test deal is afaik still available.
      What I would like to know is, do you still pay the taxes based on the CO2 values of the stock car or are your taxes adapted to the new higher values?

      All the new Euro5 compatible Hirsch updates have higher CO2 values than the stock car, and in some countries the taxes can make a big step upwards if you exceed a certain value.

      Maybe this would make an update unattractive for some people.

      • I believe that in Norway, the answer is almost ‘yeah’. You are supposed to report your recently added horsies.

        But… How can they tell? http://www.autopower.no/?id=tuning&page=mac suggests that the government have no practical way of detecting a chip-tuned car. They can only scare people into submission.

        OTOH, http://www.tv2underholdning.no/broom/trimmet-bilen-naa-blir-du-tatt-3043029.html reports that they have actually caught someone. Adding 50 bhp to a 211 bhp car means the government want 147000 NOK in extra taxes.

        The first article mentions the testing equipment in question, and it is only found at one location in Norway.

        You specifically asked about CO2, but that is only part (one third?) of the equation in Norway. It is the horsies that kills (your wallet). Horsies + weight + CO2.

        • My question was not Norway specific, but it is interesting to know about that also. 🙂

          I thought about Ireland,for instance, it seems that if your car surpasses a magic number, your taxes gets twice and more as high.

          BTW, the update for your engine is now listed as coming soon 😉

          • Finally!

            But recent maintainence on the 9000 has taken its toll on my bank account. I suspect I’ll get a nice refund on my taxes in the summer, so if the Hirsch update is ready then… Good timing. 🙂

    • I started to think about a Hirsch upgrade even before I got my car (My two previous Saabs both had a Hirsch upgrade). But as it turned out I am very happy with the stock performance at the moment . But I will reconsider when the snow and ice have melted away! 🙂

  2. Guess it is 50% off this weekend in the UK. Why not the whole world?

    Seams like the “celebrations” at least not in Sweden has been poorly organized. Some dealers have nothing going on. Guess many dealers now are selling other brands besides SAAB. Could they have lost focus??? It is understandable since they like to sell cars and make their living as well. Going into a dealership selling white and grey Saab cars and in another part of the same building selling passionate Alfa Romeos in bright red. Just wished Saab would have chosen the Alfa Romeo saying “Without a heart we are just machines”.
    Selling unique/niche/boutique cars the brand must go to the heart and emotions must be evoked.
    It is time to revitalize the core of Saab, with Jason C at design, Vladimirs interest in sports and rally&racing, a SAAB&Spyker outfit in Coventry the heartland of racing and competition. Vladimir owning the rights for WRC to 2020. What can possibly go wrong? Nothing.

    • When I was at the dealer’s two days ago, I whised him a happy birthday. He had this puzzled look in his eyes. I had to remind him it was the one year independence celebration!

    • Seams like the “celebrations” at least not in Sweden has been poorly organized. Some dealers have nothing going on

      Sweden and GB are the only two i noticed.
      I hate to think that those two are the only ones. (but i fear it is so).

      Here in NL we have seen/heard nothing besides a newsletter. 🙁

    • Yep, it’s really bad – I haven’t noticed any activities at the Saab-resellers in Stockholm _at all_. Not even a magazine-ad about the Griffins or about the green 9-3SC.

      • I think It is just around the corner, they proberbly start a campagne any day. Maybe they do a “outgoing 9-3 low price ad” and on the side the new one. I had anyway and in the subway, pictures of the TTiD SC. Bam Bam Bam………and were about to reach the 4:th place in sales in SWE (hopefully).

        The only thing thing that can stop Saab sales now is?……..I don´t think there is anything right now , it looks GOOD!

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